Tuesday, August 29, 2006

UGA Pre-Game Battle Hymn, BAMA 2003

Pretty cool I guess...if you can't think of an original fight song.


Daddy said...

You still gonna have extra sleeping bag space? I should be heading down after work on friday, and should arrive around 8.

Everyone better be ready for daddy's arrival, after the first week of work I will be ready to get down.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Get down and boogie

I am getting excited

Nearing 27 hours away from college football

shakeyour$maker said...


If there is any way you could stay at your Bro`s house...that would be awesome. We already have a bunch of folks that will be staying at the Condo. My dad is already mad at me about the number of folks that are staying in the unit...because, it is still For Sale, and he doesn`t want it to get messed up. If The Residences in downtown would have been finished....like they said it would.....none of this would be a problem...and we could accommodate everyone without a problem. I have already had to tell Nation the same thing...and I hope you both do not have hard feelings...but it is kinda out of my control at this point. If worse comes to worse, and you and Nation have no other options, then we can squeeze up like Mexicans in a Kia, and find yall a place on a bathroom floor...or in a tub. Any other weekend...we should be fine with everyone needing a place to stay...this weekend, we just have a few more guests than expected. I hope you understand.

Daddy said...

Its cool. I may have to find another place to stay, I think sam and cory are filled up to, and I would rather not squeeze in with some of the nasties that will be staying there, but I think I can find a place.