Thursday, August 24, 2006

Redshirt Time

Enjoy the Green Dragon.
Craig Stevens, my favorite young Tiger.
It is that time of year when the youngin's are sent to the scout team. It is not a bad thing. Hell, I was even redshirted in kindergarten. A few of Auburn's young guys might get some time in. If I do remember correctly, he was my pick months ago. My crystal ball working well.

Zac Etheridge, Mike Berry & Tim Hawthorne all have a shot to see the field this fall. It is truly nice to be able to redshirt the kind of talent that Auburn is filling its program with.

Hoover USA Today #1, Greatest Alabama HS team ever?

Which Wilson will have a better season, Ross @ Hoover or JP @ Bama?
I say Ross since he allegedly has a crew behind him and Bama will have to catch some breaks to get more than half of the Buccaneer win total.

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