Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Midweek Update

I am like a kid on Christmas morning right now waiting for September 2. Are the lines out yet? Nice to see skinny Nation last weekend as well as Shakes. I love Hootas.

Auburn picked to win the SEC. The most All SEC picks. Should be an interesting season.

I have been thinking about this lately. Bama doesn't think they are getting respect. Why should they? They lost their D and QB. They look like they will consistently win 8-10 games from here on out but I garuntee they will not compete for a championship with their current leadership. Shula is in the lower tier of SEC coaches and the offensive performance from last year is proof. Hawaii will throw for over 300 yards easy.

Auburn will give up points the first game as well. Hopefully there will be turnovers caused by the blitzing and intensity of Muschamp.

Ladies, we are about to be back in business with daily posts.


tigernation said...

Rhett Bomar suspended for the year by OK.

Working a job for a private company and taking money over and above actual time worked.

I feel so bad for that Sonofabitch freaking hoo.

Guess they won't be preseason #3 like predicted by many........or maybe they will.

Daddy said...

Ok can suck it just like ND!

shakeyour$maker said...

Stoops is a bitch. I hope they lose every game....just like Bama is going to.

Daddy said...


tigernation said...

BOwling for dollars?

So does the New York Times rush to OK to do a story on the bad bad sport of college football????? HMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......probably not.

tigernation said...

Opening line for AU v. WSU is AU -15. Waaaaaay to high.

Give me WSU for 50,000. There is no way we win by more than 10.

Not trying to be negative, just stating what we all know is FACT. AU starts slow under Tubs. I hope we cover, but I'll take a 1 point win.

I bet the line moves to about -12 by kickoff

Daddy said...

The New York times is destroying America!

King of Tigerland said...

where did you get those lines, nation?

tigernation said...

I got them on "Das Bunker" on the AU rivals site.....form some sports book

tigernation said...

Tubs says that ESPN is wrong by reporting a 3 game suspension for Sears and Blackmon. He says "they don't know what they are talking about. How can they know before I have even made up my mind?"

I hate ESPN.

I hope they are not on suspension for the LSU game, that could be very bad

Daddy said...

Yeah, we may not need them for Washington and MS. But we will need that depth for LSU. I am pretty sure that TUbbs realizes that as well, and I will bet anything that they both get a two game suspension.

Dr.Feelgood said...

ESPN blows it.

Wasn't Bomar kicked out of school along with a starting guard??

I read Arky line was +9 with McFadden out.