Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Carnell Highlights


shakeyour$maker said...

I didn`t think that this highlight video was going to end. I forgot how many big plays this guy made. I wish Auburn could find his clone somewhere.

I do remember him being that good when we played Etowah in Jr. High and B-Team. The kid was a year younger than everyone on the field, but was the best one out there. He flat backed my best friend 2 times in the open field. Carnell never came around my side...but he did make several cut backs to my side, and out ran me everytime to the end zone...(Imagine That!) I do remember one play, where he broke a long run, and I had what I thought was a great angle to catch him before he scored......By the time I got to the spot where I thought we would meet heads....He was already 15 yards ahead of me, and turned around looking at me in the end zone. I think they beat us by 28. What a freak of nature!

Ask the Doctor about his game experience against Caddy. He faired a little better than I did.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Our fullback out rushed the Caddy.

Thats because the Dr. was anchoring the D-Line.

We ended Carnell's high school season in Etowah, 2001

Go yellow jackets