Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Smoke on Rocky Top......only there is no fire.

Ol' Coach Trooper Taylor, a Tennessee assistant head coach who is in charge or player development and recievers, accepts a little bit of cash for his time and the Vols must self report. Seriously, please. The normal fee from these dinner speaches range from $500-1500. Troop cashed in $3000. He is one rung under the Great Pumpkin, what does Phil get for a dinner? 10-15k? More? The media, NCAA and Tennessee(they have their fingers crossed) may say these are secondary violations. Inadvertant voilations, you may hear.

No, I call it a helluva speach. A man took what they gave him. Where does the recruiting angle come in unless he is at the home of a star recruit? No, wait, wouldn't the recruit normally get that money and not the coach? Seriously, great speach, Coach.

Funny coincidence that UTK trustee Karl Schledwitz, Fulmer's boy, from Memphis was involved. Any one remember his name on the peripherals of the Logan Young fiasco? Allegedly, Karl invited ol' Troop to dinner and would pay him an "honorarium". No specific amount, just an "I'll hook you up." Karl passed around a hat after dinner for donation and Troop walked away with 3g's. Not bad for a night of fine wining and dining.


King of Tigerland said...

Killing me....beg to be able to post and it is never used........killing me.

tigernation said...

Hey I check this site probably 10 times a day.......nobody ever posting these days.

I really don't want to talk to myself via internet when I can just talk to myself out loud or in front of the mirror.

Although I would like to dicuss the amount of poon I have been ramming this summer......as Jay Russ says...."Bill, God is just paying you back for those times you had to take Shea Parker home in college....he felt bad for your last drought!"

Rock and Roll!!

shakeyour$maker said...

What up girls? I have been extremely busy the past couple of weeks in preparation for The Residences being a completed project in the next week or so.

I have missed talking to you guys about this upcoming football season. What is everyone`s plan for the first game...arrivals for everyone, etc...?

Daddy said...

"poon I have been ramming"...very nice!

Sorry king, I have been in transition now for about a month and it is hard to get to the computer. I do like the way the blog is set up though. I like the vids.

I am hoping I get to go to the game. I dont know about work and living on a credit card sucks. I have already maxed one out. I have spent over $1200 on gas alone in the past 3 weeks trying to get moved to pensacola.

tigernation said...

Don't worry about my gameday plans.

Just know that I'll be there getting effed as soon as possible. Maybe friday but maybe saturday......i don't know yet because Kim has to find out when she gets off work.

tigernation said...

You like that daddy? The reason I say that is because it's the truth. I have never had such luck.....whoops....don't want to jinx it.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Ladies sorry, I have also been very busy these past couple of weeks. Bringing the busy construction season towards an end has kept the doctor from having the usual free time I normally have to blog.

About the posting, I signed up, but cannot figure out how to make a post. King, your guidance will get some more posts and be greatly appreciated.

I will be in Cowtown as soon as the King can pick me up from the airport and hit the road. I would love to have a nice dinner, and a couple of cold bevs shortly after the long anticipated arrival

Daddy said...

I am proud of you. Summertime can be a lucky time, just ask Dr. about the summer of the big boys.

shakeyour$maker said...

Daddy--Thursday Bowling sounds like a good f`in plan to me. What time? The earlier, the better.

less than 2 weeks from kickoff...wtf! I can`t believe it is almost that time again. How fuckin awesome. Non-stop college football for the next 4 and a half months. Auburn National Champs 2006-07.

tigernation said...


11 days 3 hours 38 minutes and 1 second....as I type

Joe T 3 named the starter at UGA....with a possiblity of Fat Stafford redshirting. After all that bullshit I read for 3 fucking months in the AJC about the "savior has come" and they are gonna redshirt him. Dawg fans and the ATL media are the worst about unfairly building up a young player...did the same thing to Danny Ware (now 3rd string).

shakeyour$maker said...

What are the morning games that first weekend? I think we will be able to pick up at least the JP game....possibly the CBS game. Will rabbit ears do the trick? Or do I need to run a 5,000 foot cable from my unit to the tailgate? J/K....that is not an option. Anyone that knows anything about this...please let me know what we will need to do to be able to get a clear color picture on the TV on Saturday.

tigernation said...

Well I really don't know about the rabbit ears...never tried it. You could probably get the CBS games in Black and White along with maybe the JP(Lincoln Financial now) game....but probably fuzzy picture with the rabbit ears. Still would be better than nothing.

I have seen people with the DirecTV dishes at the tailgates but I ain't taking mine off the top of the store...sorry.

I really think it might be a good idea to ask those other people with the big screen if we can splice their line. It would cost about 20 bucks (splitter and cable) if they would let you do it.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Daddy summer of the big boys was a great memory to bring up, havent thought about those days in awhile

Talking about on fire

Daddy said...

We have to meet with the preacher at 2, but I should be able to go bowling sometime after 3.

Anyone been watching the mock college fb season they have been doing on espn. Last I saw they had auburn 11-0 at number 3. I hope no dreams are crushed.

Dont buy a splitter, I got about a hundred of those things.

I hope I can make it to the game. I just dont know if I can afford the gas without a paycheck in a month, and that is a busy weekend. It is going to be weird not being down there waking up a 7 o'clock and burning and reserving a spot on samford and cussing the girls to hurry up and get ready. It is just now starting to hit me that I am no longer an auburn resident and have to do real world stuff.

Daddy said...

Glory days!

tigernation said...

UGA vs Western Kentucky is the early game. How they got on TV with that opponent I'll never know....

Daddy said...

I am off to take a piss test. Wish me luck.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Daddy, you better be in AU for the game. I will personally help out on gas. If I am flying in for the wedding, you need to hang out before you tie the knot.

Also I will be around all afternoon for intense blogging

tigernation said...

Ok I'm bored as shit right now. Are there any NFL games on tonite?

Dr.Feelgood said...

There is one tomorrow night(Miami at Caroline) not sure about the TV though.

Surely one of the big networks will have it on

Dr.Feelgood said...

Went to the Redbirds game last night, $5 a ticket, and on weeknights it is never full so we walked in, went and sat second row behind first base. Good seats, sports, $5 I got really pissed at myself for only attending 3 home games, especially adding in the factor that it is about a two-block walk from my apartment.

Now getting to were I was eventually heading with this before the stream of consciencness(sp) kicked in. The weather was amazing. A slight breeze, upper 70's, made me realize that fall is starting to creep in. Even if just in the evenings, and it brought me back to the fact college football starts in one week and a day

tigernation said...

WSU preview and update... (long)
Trends in Wash State in 2005 (ignore if you don't like trends)

4-0 against teams with Sagarin Rating 73 or worse.
0-7 against teams with Sagarin Rating 58 or better.
Gave up 34+ points to every top 25 team.
Did not play a pass defense rated higher than 68th (Oregon).
Did not play a top 40 defense last year.
Did not beat a team with total defense ranked higher than 88th.
However, they scored just as much against the better defenses as they did against the worst ones.
Seemed to play to the level of their opponent. Stayed close by offense, not defense.
Pass defense was 113th last year. On top of that, both CBs graduated.

Other WSU notes:

On defense:

The DL is not built to stop the run. Starting DTs are 6-8, 299 and 6-6, 310 (Aaron Johnson). Running wide away from DE Mkristo Bruce should be successful. Running the middle should be successfull as well. Starting DE Matt Mullennix is not very impressive against the run, has never started a game, and has had knee problems. Add to that, Mullinex broke his hand last week. He'll play against AU, but won't be doing any grabbing with that hand. Biggest issue here will be a lightning fast Bruce going up against Dunlap/Palmer on passing downs. AU should motion the TE to Bruce's side each time for support (something they've done with success in the past against fast DEs). Bruce is awesome, and (IMHO) would start ahead of Groves or Gunn. DT Aaron Johnson has a strained hammy, but should be OK by the AU game. Both backup DEs are injured, and will not be 100% at gametime (but both will try to play). One has a hip flexor, the other had groin surgery and has had complications during recovery. Depth is going to be an issue if it's hot.

The LBs are short and stumpy, but are good players. Again, running wide should work better against them. One of them has pretty good speed (Davis), but the other two do not. All 3 starters are about equal in talent, maybe Scott Davis is a half notch above the other two. There is a lot of depth with very little talent drop off at LB. Probably 7 guys that can play. Only one of them (Davis at MLB) would likely start for AU, and that's only due to the suspensions. But they're not bad players.

The CBs are a disaster, and there is not a player that can cover Courtney Taylor if he's healthy. Both CBs will be making their first starts. As unimpressive as I've seen at CB, and will be beaten early and often in man-to-man packages, especially if they stack the box (which they will). On top of that, Tyron Brackenridge (one of the starters) has continued to have hamstring issues, and is missing valuable practice time.

Safeties are actually pretty solid. Both are aggressive, and would probably start at AU. Abdullah is a speedster, and in his 3rd year of starting, is like a coach on the field. Frampton is good, but is more of a hitter, and not as quick as Abdullah. More along the lines of Greg Blue of UGA fame (but not quite that good).

Overall, the defense is pretty good, other than the CBs. If they had 2 good CBs, they would be a middle of the road SEC defense. As it stands, AU should have WRs running free in the secondary all day, and should be able to run on the defense, even if they put 8 in the box.

AU should score 31.

On offense

Alex Brink is a good QB, but not great. He throws a lot of deep balls, and is more down the field than dink and dump. He takes more chances than a lot of QBs, and his interceptions are a bit high (but not catastrophic). He was aided last year by a great RB. He doesn't have the RB this year, although he does have more experience. He also has great WRs, and they will make him look better than he is. Brink would be 2nd team at AU.

The WRs are the strength of this offense, particularly Jason Hill, who is one of the best WRs in the country. They have 2 other solid WRs as well, and one of the key matchups will be the slot WR (Chris Jordan) going against a shaky AU safety in man situations. Jordan hurt hsi shoulder last week, but is expected to be back for AU. I also question (dare I say it) whether David Irons can successfully man up against Jason Hill. Because Irons is so aggressive, I expect him to get beat deep at least once during the game. I think WSU will be able to find the slot WR open early and often, and will test Irons deep at least 3 times. The #2 WR (Michael Bumpus) has a strained knee, but should be OK for AU.

At RB, WSU is untested. I don't buy into the early reports about the current starter. He is not impressive, and WSU won't move the ball much on the ground when he is in the game. AU's RB issues almost exclusively stem from small, fast RBs. It's been some time since a big RB did any damage to an AU defense. WSU's starting RB is 5-8, 230. I doubt he'll get 40 yards, unless there's a busted play or something. The backup JUCO transfer (Darrell Hutsona) is much faster, and will be more of a threat when he's in the game. Hutsona is the guy I worry about.

The TE position is green, although the leading candidate (Cody Boyd) is 6-8. He's been more of a blocker, but he does have good hands, and with the attention on all the WRs, he may find himself wide open at times. The backup TE just broke his finger on Monday, and is out.

At OL, They lost 3 players off a very average OL. The best position is tackle, and AU should have a lot of success with inside stunts on passing downs. Center Kenny Alfred is a freshman, and should be easy pickings, although he has potential. Right guard Andy Roof broke his thumb last week and is out (and he was very green). Dan Rowlands (backup center) will move over to guard and cover. The middle of the line is very weak.

WSU should score 21

Scuff's prediction: 31-21.

tigernation said...

I was thinking the same thing last night DR.

We went out for my buddy's b-day and I noticed that everybody with us (about 12) all had jeans on. I made the comment that fall is upon us and to get ready for football....You could see everybody realize at the same time that we are about to hit the best time of year.

The only thing I hate is that is just goes by so fast. Everybody is busy every weekend so it just flies by....but thats ok....I'm still pumped

Dr.Feelgood said...

Yeah I wished I had on jeans, not from chilliness, but mosuitos. I was bitten numerous times on the ankles at the ballpark.

Autozone has to be one of the coolest minor league parks, set right in the middle of Downtown. The city skyline can be seen all around the stadium

Dr.Feelgood said...

Here some bold statements for thoughts......

UAB upsets Oklahoma

Notre Dame goes undefeated

Someone from Espn is actually caught blowing Brady Quinn

Arkansas beats USC

Tennessee bombs again without going to a bowl, Fulmer gets canned

Fran has another terrible season, does he stay??

Blake Mitchell actually wins the Heisman

Not that I believe these will happen, but thoughts on the possibilities and what ifs

tigernation said...

I bet that is cool. I played in 3 different minor league stadiums but I've never seen that one. I played in Greenville, Chattanooga and Albany...all pretty cool but of those the best was Greenville....would like to see the one in Memphrica though. That's cool you can walk to the park....thirsty Thursdays there?

tigernation said...

UAB upsets Oklahoma....... Very possible, would love to see that.

Notre Dame goes undefeated.......I guess it could happen but unlikely and I hope not. Could you imagine the media love they would get? It would make the USC love look silly.

Someone from Espn is actually caught blowing Brady Quinn.......already happened, it was Beano Cook.

Arkansas beats USC....not without McFadden. I might have taken that upset if he was healthy.

Tennessee bombs again without going to a bowl, Fulmer gets canned......I think Phat Phil gets another year if he bombs again. But the seat would be on fire. He has been too successful to get canned after 2 bad seasoins....but stranger things have happened.

Fran has another terrible season, does he stay??........He tries to stay but they let him go. He is an overrated coach in my opinion.

Blake Mitchell actually wins the Heisman......that is pretty funny.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Here is my percentages

1 - 13%, unlucky 13
2 - .01%
3 - 100% We already know someone is doing it
4 - A bold 20%
5 - 18%, and I am pulling hard for that 18
6 - 25%, he may have gotten to far behind the other Big 12 teams
7 - Fat 0%, it is laughable to me some people even considered him on the list.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Thoughts on West Virginia, do think they are a legit NAtional Championship team??

tigernation said...

A legit Nt Champ contender? Probably.

They really only have one tough game so it's possible for them to go 12-0 or 11-1...putting them very high in the final poll. That said, I think the fact that they don't play anybody in-conference that is worth a crap(other than Louisville) the strenght of schedule might sway some voters.....although there does seem to be a little love for them in the media.

Also, I think their 2 playmakers (QB, RB) will make some mistakes. they are still young and although they were awesome last year I just don't see them leading a National title run.

So I guess I would say yes, they could possibly do it simply because they play nobody and if all of the other highly ranked teams have 1 or 2 losses you will see WVU in the title game.

Who knows

Dr.Feelgood said...

Yeah I heard a guy the other day say if they meet anybody that can put together a strong run defense, and force Pat White to throw, they are easily beatable.

King of Tigerland said...

good analysis

I was thinking 31-34 to 14-17. I only think they get two TDs max.

King of Tigerland said...

good analysis

I was thinking 31-34 to 14-17. I only think they get two TDs max.