Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kingdom of personal Valhalla is here.

Less than 24 hours from now around 6p E, Boston College and Central Michigan tee it off.

Mascot scandal at Georgia. A bulldog used during WWII is making his rounds in old pictures showing him on the field at homecoming and macking cheerleaders. "Mr. Angel" was apparently a volunteer who became official. Now it is just a matter of convincing the UGA historians they remember.

Daily History Lesson: UGA's first mascot was a goat that they ate after losing to Auburn for the first time. Funny pic, although it is usually the other way around.

Congratulations to Daddy & $hakes. This weekend is gonna be fun. One just got engaged and one is about to seal the deal. Best wishes to both.

Absolute no joke, 100% cubic zirconia. $75 on the internet. Hmmm, I am trusting I won't see any of these, gentlemen.

Now let's get down to business with the 1st installment of the 2nd Annual Wilber Picks.

Thursday Night Picks

Boston College visits Central Michigan
BC walks into Kalamazoo and finds themselves in a fight. Talent prevails late in the game as the Catholics pull away. BC 31-17

South Carolina visits Missisippi State The Ol' Ballcoach takes his second edition into Starkville against a wildcard Bulldog team. Fur King is suspect at QB for State and may be shaky with early pressure. The Gamecock D is looking forward to it. It should be a low scoring but it is more fun to see some action. The first night of CFB may provide that. The over of 40.5 has a chance if State can put points on the board and State should cover backdoor at+6.5. 24-23 Gamecocks in a weird and close game. Good ol' SEC game to start out the slate.

Gentlemen, your thoughts.


Daddy said...

Did you get engaged?

shakeyour$maker said...

Yes...I did. I`m sorry I haven`t called you yet. I`ll call you in a little while.