Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Magic 8-Ball says.............

Jamarcusrussellcumbum will be LSU's main man come kick off.

The FSU cowgirls say FSU smokes a depleted Miami team in two weeks and then goes undefeated until late in the season.

Cutcliff will work a small miracle with Eric Ainge and Tennessee will beat Georiga and take it down to the wire against Florida. They will beat Vandy this year, though.

Georgia will lose in Columbia the second week of the season and Matthew Stafford will be the QB from then on out.

USC will lose one. Cal. Notre Dame will lose two. USC and Michigan. Maybe more?

Cal will beat UTK in Neyland the first week of the season. To sum up the last two lines, Cal is the best team in the Wac 10. Cal's only loss.......a fluke to Arizona State and the two headed QB monster.

Alabama goes undefeated again........until LSU and Auburn. I keep saying it and I truly believe it. John Parker Wilson will be better than many think. Top 3rd of SEC QB's by the end of the year.

Arkansas will be gooooooooooooood. Great line, great backs, now if they can find a QB to settle on they might be really goooooooooood. If only the toe did not get hurt at 3am.

Oklahoma loses 3 and Texas goes undefeated again with a QB rotation. Adrian Peterson is sooooooo gone.

Penn State and Michigan lose two. Ohio State loses to Texas and then loses in their bowl game.

Brody, are you serious???

Nebraska wins the Big 12 North and gives Texas a scare in the CG.

Ladies, she is all yours.

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