Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Back in Business

Internet has finally touched down at the King's Castle. I feel like a free man. No more renegade posts from Panera in the middle of the afternoon. I know some of you may not read the postings so my new goal is to get your attention with quality journalism. Yes, it will be ripped indeed.

Yes, Jessica, it feels good to be back to. What's that, Jess? Yeah, I got a few questions as well. (example quality journalism)

Will the winner of the ND/USC game play in the NC game?

What is Stickman aka Brody's legacy at the Capstone?

Is Fulmer looking at the end? Two years? Three? I can't see that far beyond that.

I have seen a few late night football replays lately and they have made several impressions. Matthew Stafford looks like Fat Freddie Kitchens on the field. Just like him and he may be 235 instead of the listed 225. He has got a gun though. Georgia might not be as good as Bama this year. I wished they played. Alabama's offensive line problems have been going on for years. Double teams between center and the guard have been busted through since Tennessee 2003. Stickman and Pennington("That's my roomate!""He sucks bad!") didn't help either. Neither did the lack of a home run hitter in the backfield. Paris Hilton's new video is pretty cool. No matter what anybody says, I believe Clemson will still lose 3 games. Same with one of the three Florida schools. And one will be undefeated until late in the season, maybe even ACC title game and then go down in flames with one loss. Texas will walk to the Big 12 CG and even go undefeated in what may be 3 team controversy again. Imagine ND, Texas & Auburn undefeated. Or Florida, USC & Ohio State. Please, heavens, no.

Story Time

This afternoon I was sideswiped by an illegal. I checked my mirror, looked over my should and then flipped my blinker. NASCAR. Rubs up against me and tears his mirror off. He puts a dent in the Explorer. I pull over in the QT and the 3 illegals in the car get out and insist on calling the police. Are you serious? It is rush hour ATL and barely any damage. Well, to make a long story short....3 of Atlanta's finest show up in one car. They spoke enough English to know whats up. Mexican woman says she was driving and so they ask me and of course it was the guy driving and not her. Cuffs slap on the beaner real quick. Turns out he has two tickets for driving without a license and the car is not insured. They put his car on a flatbed and the woman and teenage beaner have to walk which they truly deserve. They haul him off to jail while tacking on obstruction, resist, driving w/o a license and uninsured motorist.

It could have been my fault but the office gave me my ID, insurance card & business card with my current address & cell # back to my and says, "Go tell your insurance company you were sideswiped by an uninsured motorist." (not really enough damage to exercise the deductible)

Justice have seen served. Cold.

Ladies, I shall return.


Daddy said...

Well daddy found a place to live yesterday in pensacola, but I am homeless until friday. I really dont think that I have ever been this busy before, but the end is in sight. I was watching the weather this morning and they said to expect at least one hurricane to impact this season, I am sure it will hit the day I move to Pensacola, but I guess that is what evacuation routes are for.

I am excited about living at the beach, and there is an open invitation to anyone who ever wants to come to the beach and have a free place to stay. I am serious about that, if anyone ever wants to come down just give me a holler anytime.

Ol' idiot Maurice is a true gangsta. Why in the hell would he be wearing a bullet proof vest. I hope he goes to jail for a long time.

I am not convinced that ND or USC will have anything to do with the national championship. THis is the most unpredictable college football season in a long time. The SEC is head and shoulders above any conference with no argument this year. If anyone makes it out of the SEC with no losses, they will win the NC...no one else can compete.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Congrats Daddy on settling in on a place in Pensacola. I think you should weather any storm that comes near Pensacola, because after all you will become a local, and true locals don't leave.

I think Notre Dame will not be in the NC race by the time they play USC. The inflated hype and Weis' "nothing else but a NC is good enough" talk will backfire hopefully against Ga Tech in ATL or Penn State game. They could possibly lose 3+ games (PSU,Mich State, Ga Tech, Mich,USC, and even Bobby Ross' Army are not cakewalks for ND)

Texas should waltz into the Big 12 game, but don't be surprised if a Nebraska or a Texas Tech pull a shocker this year in the weakly-quarterbacked Big 12.

SEC is up for grabs, and I think a couple of teams might make it to the NC game with one loss. I think McFadden's toe injury (if a nagging injury) ruined Arkansas chance of being a darkhorse. Toe injuries on running backs are never a good thing

Dr.Feelgood said...

Is Nation on vacation?? I need some blog action to begin soon. Work has been slow these past 2 days, and checking the blog has only brought dissappointment

King of Tigerland said...

I like it Daddy. There is nothing like the beach breeze. Are you officially alumni now? Congrats. I know it feels good to finally get that piece of paper after collegiate careers such as ours.