Monday, November 28, 2005

Championship Week

LSU vs. Georgia

Texas vs. Colorado

Virginia Tech vs. Florida State


Army vs. Navy

Let us know what you think about the games and ramble on.


tigernation said...

The Gospel According to "Shug":

In the beginning there was 16-0, and the Tigers were without form and void.

And God spoke unto "Shug", "I will make unto you great victory, of which there never has been seen the like before."

Unto "Bear" the Lord said "You have claimed to walk upon the waters of my land. Unto you I will bring defeat and ridicule."

And the Lord said. "Let there be a field goal" and there was. And the Lord saw that it was good. And they rejoiced and the score was 16-3.

But the Lord was still wrath with anger, and he said, "Let there be a blocked punt." And the score was 16-10.

And "Bear" took the Lord's name in vain, and the Lord said, "Because you cursed me, I will unroll thy tide."

And the Lord said, "Let the line part for my people to pass through." And the score was 17-16 and the Lord smiled.

And the Lord looked down upon the Earth and said, "WAR EAGLE!!!"

My Dad found this in and old drawer in his bedroom. Classic baby, classic!

shakeyour$maker said...

That`s pretty cool Nation! I call those kind of things "Keep Sakes."
I have too many Auburn Keep Sakes.

"Champion-SHIT Week"

This sucks! I hate that football season is almost completely over. It takes so long for Fall to roll around...then once it gets here, it goes by sooooo fast! Anyway, the Dawgs better be glad that Auburn didn`t make it to ATL, because it would have been an ass whoopin this time around instead of a shootout!

For some reason, I like UGA in this game. I don`t think that Georgia is better, but I do like their chances in this one. LSU has a solid D-line (not against AU and the IRON-man), but are they ready for a QB like Shockley? LSU showed again Saturday that Russell can get shakey at times...and that was against the PIGS. If he messes up at all this weekend, (and I think he will) you can bet the Dawgs will capitalize on his mistakes. I want LSU to win, but I think I have to give the nod to the pound pups!
UGA- 24 LSU-23

Texas vs. Colorado
Another bullshit Big 12 Championship matchup! What a joke of a conference! Texas wins this bullshit of a game BIG! On to the Rose Bowl!
Horns-55 Colorado-3

VT vs. FSU
Bowden could lose 4 in a I didn`t stutter! This game will remind him of last week against the Gators! Vick runs and throws all day. The Seminoles run and hide! Tribal Factor hits hard against FSU! Let the snowball of mistakes begin!
VT- 35 FSU-14

Is this the year the Bruins knock off the mighty Trojans? No sir! USC`s D sucks (WE almost beat them) but that won`t hurt them too much as Bush and Friends will score everytime they have the ball to make their next National Championship appearance.
USC-48 UCLA-28

King of Tigerland said...

Awesome. The reason the Lord calls Alabama home.

Dededeantwan would be huge. We can always use a 6'6'' Peanut. Tate and Tilley will be on campus next month. Next year welcome Parkview #4. Another in the line at Running Back U. Heck, sign 20 for grades. Sign a kicker.

LSU pass D is suspect and could be exposed by DJ and RICHt as they will only run the ball 20 times and almost 10 rushed will be DJ. How effective will the LSU blitz be? Can LSU score over 20? LSU plays to the level of their opponet but a breakout game could be in order. Nah, Jamarcusrusselcumbum turns the ball over twice in a not so close Bulldog home game. Georgia 30-20.

Buffs pull off a miracle in a repeat of 2001. Penn State goes to the Rose Bowl to be defeated by LSU as they pull off a late win in the Dome. Yeah right. Horns 48-17

Saint Bobby is in trouble. It has been a long time since the team across the field had more talent by far. Tech withstands the initial wave and pulls away 34-13 as FSU cannot move the ball against a stingy Tech D. Hokies go tribal on the Noles as I cry.

In order to make the fictional scenario of earlier work, the Bruins must win here. UCLA has one of the worst D's in the nation. Could be ugly but who knows in a rivalry game. Bush 145 UCLA 6

Auburn 167 Bye 0

King of Tigerland said...

Is Bama going to recruit anyone outside of a junior college? F-Bomb is trying to make his living in Itawamba.

shakeyour$maker said...

He has to get some talent there very soon, and JC players are usually ready to play upon arrival. True Freshmen usually need bulking up before they are officially ready! Not a bad idea to get talent quick, but not a great idea when trying to rebuild a program. 2year players vs. 4year players....AU loves JC boys...David Irons, Rudi Johnson, Brandon Jacobs, Daniel Cobb(WTF), etc...we aren`t rebuilding like Bama...we just reload!

tigernation said...

Ok, my Championship Picks:

SEC: As long as Shockley and Russell don't turn it over this will be a close one. The Dawgs are whining in the papers about how tired they are. Gimme a fucking break. LSU just played 5 or 6 back to back. UGA just had a week off before the Auburn game. The Dawgs CONSTANTLY make excuses, before, during, and after EVERY GAME. I honeslty hope they lose, I shouldn't, but I do.

Little 12: What a Joke! I absolutely HATE the Big 12. At least we don't have to hear about Oklahoma this year. Hey, I've got a question. If Oklahoma was 9-2 would they be in the BCS? You're fucking right they would be. But not Auburn, hell no, don't put too many SEC teams up high. Wouldn't want to media to get something right for onece. Fuck this game.
Texasss 650 - Colorado 2

ACC: FSU sux worse than UF? That is some heavy duty SUCKING! This game could be UGLY!!!!
VT 45 - Free Shoes 3

PAC-10: No Defense Bowl! Why don't we put all of our good players on defense and try and score 100 every game. Jeez PAC-10, get a grip. Try stopping the other team, you do have to play both sides to win in most parts of the country.
USC 1148 - UCLA 1002

Boy, I can't wait to watch Auburn play in Orlando AGAIN!! Fuck, at least we could play someone better than freaking WISCO!!! Bowls suck, give me a playoff or give me DEATH!!!!!

tigernation said...

About Juco guys, I like how Auburn has gone to getting them one year out of juco (Prechae & Wilhite) instead of after their sophomore year. Still have 3 years left. I hope that big d-tackle Greg Smith turns out to be a good one. He is a 5 star player (or so they say) so he should help up front. Also, Bart Eddins, Cunninham (possible), and then Dolittle, Marks, and Sims are already there. Sounds like we wont miss a beat on the d-front. Just worried about linebacker. Lots of young talent but only Sears and Dede have ANY experience. I hope Blackmon (aka "Little Ball of Pain") ends up starting. I saw his little brother play against my high school and he made like 18 solo tackles. Apparently Tray is better than that, so we shall see.

King of Tigerland said...

I concur about Wilhite and P-Rod. Word is that Hawthorne is looking hard at Auburn bc he has a chance to play next year.

As we speak, AU's program is light years ahead of Bama's and the power is shifting over continuously.

Who would not want to play for Coach Price and the Tiger D line after a performance like that.

I will be faxing John Junker tomorrow.

King of Tigerland said...

The recievers should not skip a beat as maybe 4 freshmen fight for time and Trott and McKenzie will keep catching play action and running down the middle of the field.

I like Merrill Johnson at LB. Maybe Trey at Mike Dedi at Will and Sears at Sam. Bulk Tony Bell up if you need to. Auburn has more speed than the school has ever seen. Ends like Stanley and Groves will take pressure off a young middle LB and DT's. They will leave the DT in one on one in pass.

I want to play Notre Dame. Auburn as a much better D than USC. They have not seen speed like that.

DawgTime said...

You boys sound like a bunch of freaking homos. You act like Auburn is God's gift to football. Auburn is nothing but a second rate, mid-level SEC team. YOu will NEVER have the program that UGA and Bama have so stop trying to make yourselves feel important. The sooner you realize that Auburn had it's best year possible and STILL didn't get to play for the National, the better off you will be. Do you think it is a coincidence that you are left out of the Fiesta Bowl this year? Nope, Auburn will NEVER get the respect that MANY other programs around not only the nation but even the South have. Face it, you will never be LSU, UGA, or Bama no matter how many times you beat them. By the way, GOOOOOOOO DAAAAAAAWGS!!!! Have fun watching the SEC Championship from the couch you freaking BABIES!

DawgTime said...

Oh, I see. You punks don't want to answer. Just what I thought from a bunch of loser Auburn fans. They should change the name of this site to the "Auburn Women's Fairy Talk." Seriously, every topic is the same. I've got an idea. Just watch the SECCG on saturday and observe two REAL football teams. God, how in the Hell did UGA lose to little Awbarn? I am honestly surprised every time it happens. Well, since you fags are too scared to talk to me I guess I'll check back later, PUNK FAGS!!!

Daddy said...

Alabama fans and georgia fans need to quit living in the past. Its over. If you call Auburn a mid-level team then you are just a fucking idiot. Auburn is the team of the present and future, so you better get used to it. until yall can beat us, shut the fuck up! If we beat you then isnt that having a better program! When Georgia loses the SEC championship what bowl are yall going to-THe outback(Isnt that for the SEC #3 team). Thats right bitch! So go fiddle with each others cocks and talk about the glory days, when yall used to be the teams of the SEC!

Daddy said...

And i am also tired of the pussy's who cant stand gettin their little feelings hurt! I guess thats what happens when your football programs are on the decline. If you dont like what is said on this blog then get the fuck out of here, we dont want any cocksuckers on here anyway!

DawgTime said...

Oh yeah, baited that fag fish and he bit! I'll tell you what Liddle Diddy, Until you get some national respect you need to shut the EFFFF up! Where did you learn that language? Do you kiss your sister with that mouth? Who do you think you are calling yourself Daddy? Man, Auburn was freaking LUCKY to beat Georgia this year! Wait till my Dawgs are SEC Champs and then run that mouth. Don't be upset because you'll be watching the game with your Girlfriend/cousin/sister/aunt. I know how you inbred Barners do it. HA, HA, what a little punk!

tigernation said...

Alright you leghumping, flea-bitten Faggot! Come on here talking that shit and looking for a fight, well I'm your huckleberry. Lucky? 560 offensive yards ain't fucking lucky now is it. Lucky is our d-backs dropping 3 interceptions for TOUCHDOWNS! You have serious issues dude, if you think UGA has a nut hair's chance in hell of beat LSU. You actually shoud be glad that's who you're playing since Auburn probably would have put up 700 yards the secon time. Don't make me come back on here and dixh out more medicine. Now go back to your hole, you freaking LOSER!!!

Daddy said...

What kind of national respect do yall have? Yeah georgia is going to the SEC championship but georgia will lose and lose bad enough that south carolina will be in the outback bowl and you guys get to go all the way to the peach. THats pretty fucking awesome man! Yall are the shit! Everyone in the nation is talking about Georgia! Go to hell!

King of Tigerland said...

Dawgtime is over. You are probably another sidewalk alumni. Do you have a goatee and drive a red Z71, also? I hope I know who you are as you probably delusionally think it is your birthright to be SEC Champs. Just another Atlanta gay.

You are not even the 2nd best team in the conference, AU is.

As for Georgia, who the hell did they beat? A terrible Tennessee team? Escaping Arkansas and USC?

Auburn outplayed UGA that night and it is recognized by all. It is not like AU has the all time lead in the series or anything?

I am glad you posted bc I was becoming bored after the Bama and Georgia idiots went into holes after AU beat them. You are just as dilusonal and twisted as the next Pup fan.

Come back when you have a clue what filth you are spewing.

Daddy said...

Dawgnuts! Pay attention!

Did anybody watch ESPN tonight? They were talking about who was getting snubbed out of the BCS. They thought that Auburn was the number one team who deserved to be in the BCS bowls. They said Auburn was the best team in the SEC and that Kenny Irons was one of the best PLAYERS in the nation!
That sounds like a good program to me! Even sounds like people respect us! Again this proves that Georgia fans don't know the difference between there ass and a hole in the ground!
And the best part of all is that they were showing clips of Auburn whooping Georgia's ass all over the field as they discussed Auburn at length!

War Eagle Bitch!!

Daddy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Daddy said...

Before anybody corrects my grammar, I meant to say "...don't know the difference between (their) ass and a hole in the ground."

tigernation said...

I will kill you. I will come to your house and KILL you. You do not want any of me. I am 6'4" and 265 pounds. I bench press 365 and run a 4.6 forty at 30 years old. I will punish you to no end. One time I was in Athens at the Auburn - UGA game and some dude decided he wanted to talk shit. Well, I picked him up over my head and right then I realized I was on the Jumbo-Tron with this Fag over my head. I threw him on UGGA and proceded to leave with his wife and kids. I drove them home and they all made me breakfast the next morning. This was the same game that Ronnie Daniels DUNKED the goal post on you Pups ASS! Eat a fat one, and I hope you choke! Do not ever come on this blog again, I know where you live.

DawgTime said...

Let me start with Daddy:

The reason Allbarn was on ESPN was because your gay little coach cried so much at the beginning of the year. You have no more respect than UGA and certainly not as much as Bama. Just because ESPN talks about you ONE night does not constitute NATIONAL RESPECT! You are nothing but a punk, and I will never "Pay Attention" to anything you have to say, Barner!

Kingdom of Tigerland?

What the hell kind of name is that? There is no such "Kingdom" and you obviously live in a dream world. No, I do not drive a Z-71 and I have no facial hair. I have 2 degrees from UGA and make a six figure salary while working only 3 days a week. What has your AU education gotten you ? Also, there is no way Auburn "outplayed" UGA that night. It was about as even a game as possible. So that argument goes directly out the window.


You have problems. It is not funny to say "I will kill you." That is by no means warranted. This is all in fun and you took it too far. By the way, I will come on this blog whenever I damn well please.

I OWN ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!

tigernation said...

Shut Up! I know it's all in fun and if you take things so seriously then you are the one with problems. You came on here talking the trash and can't take it when it comes back at you.

Daddy, can you beleive this guy? What a punk! He thinks he knows about "Allbarn" and our fans. I'd like to give him a piece of my mind in person.

shakeyour$maker said...

CockSucking Time,

What the Hell is wrong with you man? You are arguing the fact that UGA(y) is better than Auburn, but yet Auburn beat your team....the past 2 years. Don`t start talkin that shit when you can`t beat us.....Hell, the Dawgs even got beat by the shitty as hell Florida Gators!!! You have got to be kidding me.....You have no argument at all. What a gay you must be. Did it occur to you that your beloved Dawgs could have a sweet 4 loss season? We know that they will have 3 big L`s for the year...I guess we will have to wait until the big PEACH bowl to see if they get that well-deserved 4th loss!!!! Have fun bowling in your own backyard...that would be like Auburn playing a bowl game in Columbus, GA!!! How embarrasing for you and all the rest of the UGAY`s!!! Go find you a nice cock to play with you fucking bitch!

DawgTime said...


YOU are calling ME a cocksucker? Dude, I will choke you with my big one. You know as well as I do that Auburn was LUCKY as HELL to beat UGA. Also, that's real clever putting a Y on the end of UGA to make Gay. Man, you must have had a 4.0 GPA at Allbarn. What a loser. All you can do is call names. Wait until Sunday before you talk that shit about 3 losses. And don't be surprised if UGA(Y) beats LSU by 3 touchdowns, PUNK BITCH!!!!

shakeyour$maker said...

Cocksucking Time,

LUCKY? Two in a row is lucky? UGAY had a chance to win the game. All they had to do was block the field goal...but those stupid ass Dawgs just turned around and watched the ball float through the uprights. I think it is very funny that you bring up GPA`s because it seems to me that you`ve got a lot to learn about football....Did you realize that the team with more points at the end of a game wins?? Interesting huh? Damn, this is getting to be a normal thing with both Auburn and Florida beating UGAY. I think the Auburn series is a little more even than the Florida series. The Gators absolutely own you guys! Keep living in your fantasy world asshole!

DawgTime said...


Actually, UGA(y) still "owns" the overall record against UF. So put that on your wang and suck it. I'm also sure you remember that before the last two AU wins that UGA had beaten AU two in a row. So don't act like Auburn "owns" UGA. Also, I like my "fantasy world", it is a world where UGA is in the SECCG and AU is not. Shit, that is the real world, maybe you should create a "fantasy world" where Auburn gets "peoples national titles" and "peoples SEC titles" since you won't be there this year. PUNK!

tigernation said...


This UGA fan is a freaking RIOT! We all know which program is on the rise and which one will have the down year next year. Enjoy this backwards entry into the SEC Title Game 'cause it will be the last one for a while. UT, UF, SC, AU, will all beat the shit out of UGA next year. I can't wait to watch it and participate in the ass pounding next year on the plains.

Daddy said...


You will pay attention to me, because I am better than you in every way!
If you are on this blog all in fun, that is one thing. But if you really believe the stuff that you are saying, then I really feel sorry for your stupid ass! Keep it coming though, it is really fun making Georgia fans look so stupid!
You really dont have a clue(but most UrGAy fans dont)!
Remember you are on a blog that is composed primarily of Auburn Fans, so lets show a little respect for people who dominate YOU and your School and fans in every way!
By the way, I bet it hurts your pussy real bad when you get fucked by Auburn!

shakeyour$maker said...

That big PUSS he`s got probably bled like hell. I can`t imagine what his butthole did when he got ass-raped by the Florida Gators....AGAIN!!!

tigernation said...

I like to eat puss. Eat it up YUM! I love whisker biscuits with a little JELLY!

Daddy said...

I bet Dawgie's bicuit has lots of whiskers! And lots of jelly!

DawgTime said...

Stop calling me names!!!! All you guys can so is cuss and namecall. Well, I'm rubber and you're glue! No, my puss does not hurt or bleed.

tigernation said...

Boy, you are finished. We've gotten to you and all you can do is cry like a little bitch. I'm glad you're feelings are hurt. Yet another Dawg fan run off this board!

Daddy said...

We Won!! As usual!! Man, Dawgie you are a real big puss! I bet you are crying right now, while you rub your sore vagina.
I guess you have realized we are right. Thanks for the white flag. Dont feel bad though, we know that Georgia fans dont have balls enough to stand up for themselves or their shitty school(not that I blame you-there is really not anything to stick up for).
Bye-Bye Bitch!!

tigernation said...


Just thought I would spice things up a bit since none of those other fans want to participate. We need to get some other folks on here so we can DESTROY them also. Sorry if I pissed any of you off. Especially you Daddy! :)

Daddy said...

You son of a bitch! You should have kept it going though, it was pretty fun.
You were a very convincing Georgia fan!

King of Tigerland said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
tigernation said...

I went and looked at what all the Dawg fans were saying to Auburn fans to trash talk. I got some good ones off there so i thought I would fuck with y'all! Did I get y'all pissed?

Daddy said...

Naw, it brought a little excitement. I wish we would have a real person to talk shit to though.

tigernation said...

Yeah, it got little boring on my side. If you want to talk shit you should go to Lots of Bammers but not many UGAY's. We should go to that site and ask them to come here so we can attack them!

King of Tigerland said...

I thought it was one of the Gville boys and yes I was pissed and wanted revenge.

heavy D said...

Who is "shug" and when did this awful game between two embarrassing teams take place. Seems one team completely collapsed and the game fell into the hands of a wishing little bitch. Lastly about the fact that auburn continues to get the "snub" they continue to lose Tech, Oh and this is not consistent top ten ranked Virginia Tech, this is consistent hoping to receive top 25 votes Georgia Tech.

tigernation said...

Heavy D:

I know who you are! So I guess if Auburn consistently loses to Tech, and UGA lost to Auburn, then what does that mean? I'd rather lose early, with a first year starting QB and the SEC's leading rusher getting one carry; to a Tech team that beat Miami.....then lose late to an Auburn team that lost to Tech and to a UF team that plays High School ball.

tigernation said...

One more thing:

If you don't know who Shug is then I don't know what to say. His name is on Auburn's Stadium. And that game was not given away.....BLOCKED PUNTS. Kind of like that blocked punt sat. at the SECCG....right? Not given away, won!