Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Saturdays like November 12 are the reason the SEC is the GREATEST CONFERENCE EVER

Bama welcomes LSU to T-Town this weekend. They will need to score at least two offensive TD's to beat the Tigers. Can LSU move the ball on the Tide D? I think so because the only legit O they have controlled all year is Florida and they are just now starting to get in a groove. Bama got jumped in the AP Poll and leads by a slim margin in the Coaches Poll. How do they react and more importantly, do they have the firepower to react? We find out this weekend if Bama is legit without the P. Can Jamarcusrusselcumbum succeed in his home state? I'd take the under. Can Bama find a way to win without a deep threat and zero offense against LSU?

Auburn travels to Athens for the Prime Time Ron Franklin National Game of the Week in the Oldest Rivalry in the South. Can the Tiger D recover from a lackluster showing in Lexington? The Tigers should be doing tackling drills this week with a rested Dawg O aiming to shove the ball down their throats Saturday night. Can Auburn come out and repeat the aerial assault of '99? Maybe so if the Tigers can run the ball to keep the heat off 12. Georgia might come out blazing after an embarasment in JAX with a repeat of '03. Auburn has a chance if they keep 22 on the sidelines. Can DJ win a big one with a brace against a fast but hopefully embarassed Tiger D and can Cox, not just perform, but excel in a frenzied SEC stadium at night on the road?

How about Ol' Steve Spurrier? I believe this man knows a little bit about college football. Can he fight off the Gators this week in Columbia? A Holtz coached/abused team would have 6 losses instead of 6 wins today. Do you think recruiting is picking up at USC? Knowing Spurrier, he will have some tricks up his sleave against better talent from his alma mater. Can intangibles, coaching and emotion triumph superior athletes in Columbia on Saturday as the Gamecocks host Florida?

This is the most exciting weekend of the year so far in the SEC. Let us hear what you think about this weekend's action and what will go down on the best November Saturday in recent years.


King of Tigerland said...

Simeon Castille will be All SEC twice and probably All American by the time he leaves Tuscaloosa, Smaker. Darby has a decent burst but not enough against LSU's front seven. Stickman sucks. Don't think he is on the O'Brien watch list anymore. Bama has got a great chance and might just win but not by more than 6. hell, yhey might not even get 10 points. Auburn ran and threw all over LSU but couldn't seal the deal. Same with Arizona State and the haven't exactly blown away North Texas or Appy St. This will be a slugfest for the crown of worst coach in the SEC.

King of Tigerland said...

Just aired during the Bama replay on one of the three TVs at the Wilber Monk residence...........
Coach Shula says for Coca Cola, "I might be the coach of the greatest football team in the land, but I am just regular guy." as he twists off the cap of a 20oz. I beg your pardon, I know it is just a commercial but did you not have other options for the team description. Nowadays Bama equals misery and terribleness.

tigernation said...

All those Bammer fags wanted to give Auburn hell after being left out last year. Looks like Bammer is having a crow sandwich this morning. Jumped by a team with one loss. I don't think that happened to Auburn. How do you score 3 points against Missy St? Eat that crow Bammer and I hope every one of you choke!!!!!!

shakeyour$maker said...

Bama= Luckiest Team on the planet

Did anyone see Brodie almost start cryin after they did not convert the 3rd and 1 in the 4th quarter? He`s such a bitch! They suck so bad on offense it is not even funny anymore! They better thank god their D knows how to score their points!

tigernation said...

Yes ShakeShake$,

Bama IS the luckiest team on the planet...ALL SPORTS! I used to be torn between hating UGA and BAMA; but now it's not even close. I hate Bama with every fiber of my being. I would rather see UGA win the SEC than see Bama win a single freaking game! I hope every Bammer player and every Bammer fan chokes on whatever they eat for lunch today.

iluvdawgs said...

Y'all are all a bunch of freaking HOMERS!!!!

Are you kidding? UGA will KILL Allbarn and whoever else is left. If Shockley wasn't hurt vs. UF then we are going to the BCS title game...chumps!!

2005 SEC Champs get used to it
UGA 35 AU 3

tigernation said...

You guys fucking SUCK!!! Where is everybody? Got time to email but don't want to go toe to toe.

King of Tigerland said...


Where are you, sketchball??

Daddy said...

you are a freakin HOM-O!!
If Shockley......If if and buts were candy and nuts it would be christmas everyday!
First of all Florida sucks ass, almost as big a disappointment as Tennessee! Second, Shockley will not be 100% on saturday! Third, it doesnt matter anyway, because yall are gonna need alot more than Shockley against Auburn's D!
And as for Geaorgia being SEC champs.....don't make me laugh!

Dr.Feelgood said...

Crown of the worst coach?? How can you not give Shula credit?? Overrated, lucky, whatever you want to say, but Shula at this point has passed every expectation of this year and has a legitimate shot at winning out with a team that is still short scholarship players. You say we don't have talent. We are undefeated, somethings getting it done.

Keep having an Auburn circle jerk because you have had good losses this year. You WILL be 7-3, then 7-4

iluvdawgs said...

Circle Jerks are GREAT!!!!! We have them all the time here in Athens. Sometimes we even jerk UGGA off! Fuck Bama!!! We will kill yall in the SECCG, that's if you make it there.

King of Tigerland said...

Dr. Philgood,
How can you even begin think Shula is an above average coach? His specialty is offense, so where is it? He gets credit for undefeated season so far but when was the last time he had a touchdown drive? RICHt and Shula still lack as coaches for sixty minutes every Saturday. RICHt just needs some balls and he would be ok. Auburn & Bama will wind up with identical records after the regular season. Do you really think Bama can win in Auburn with their O? Missy St moved the ball on the Tide. Imagine what better athletes and one of the best tailbacks in the SEC will do to you (LSU & Auburn)? We won't even talk about what the wither Tiger D will do to Stickman. Yes, we will......break him!

captaincaveman said...

this is the greatest blog ever!

Mike said...


Why is it every year UGA has an excuse against UF. The bottom line is the game was lost as were 13 of the last 15 as well.
Also, you beat USC and Arkansas by a combined 5 points and you continue to talk trash. That is why I love living in Atlanta and hearing barking from Sept. to late Oct every year, and then you don't hear it again until Spring practice. Is Hershall Walker a junior or senior this year?

shakeyour$maker said...

Is Shockley 100% for the game this Saturday? I don`t think he will be ready for the speed Auburn`s D has...He hasn`t see anything even close to the speed of the Tiger D. McGlover, Groves, and Gunn seem to be back to their old selves after they set up shop in the UK backfield last week. As for the AU offense, I think they will be able to do what they want as long as Cox is smart with his throws on blitzes. We will be able to run for sure with the stable of backs Auburn has ready. I don`t think UGA has or will see an offense with so many weapons to go to with Irons, Lester, Aromashodu, Obomanu, Taylor, Mix, Slaughter, Cooper Wallace, Prechea,etc....how will they contain AU? This really might be a blowout if Auburn brings their A-game!

OnlyDawgFanOnHere said...

1-Learn to spell Herschel
2-DJ is and will be 100% he wanted to go against UF @ 80% 2 wks ago I think you can get from 80 to 100 in 2 weeks, comments on that? Let me know.
3-AU's D isn't the second coming...but they are good. But remember the UGA offense goes against the 2nd fastest D every day, so while AU is faster I have a hard tie believing the curve is that big.
4-If you are hoping on Cox to win this game for you than you are not as bright as Matt gives you credit for. Your RBs beter be ready to block and run. I havent watched a lot of AU ball but if those guys can't block I dont care how well they run.
5-This WLL be on of the best UGA-AU games possibly ever. Anyone that thinks his will be a blowout has fallen out of the stupid tree hit all te brances on the way down and landed hard on the big stupid roots.
See y'all on Sat.
Sic 'Em

Daddy said...


you are the best lister i have ever seen! and there is now way shockley is 100 %. He hasnt played in a few weeks so therefore he is not 100%. It doesn't matter anyway though, its gonna take a lot more than shockley!

shakeyour$maker said...

only dick sucker on here,

First of all, don`t start correcting others on mispelled words when your dumbass can`t spell either.
Second ass wipe, You are a complete fuckin moron! Nobody said AU`s D was the second coming...but they are better than UGA`s D by far. Hell, Vandy would`ve beaten the mighty Dawgs if they could`ve caught some passes!

Lastly,I know it is hard to cope with losing to UF EVERY SINGLE YEAR...but don`t just start talkin nonsense. DJ is not 100%. He will not be running at 100%...anyone with a brain, and anyone that has played sports and has been injured would know that. WHile most guys were playing sports when they were younger..you sat and played with your penis. Don`t tell me that this game won`t possibly end in a blowout....I bet you didn`t think Miami would have laid the wood to VT in Blacksburg either!
Listen little man, I know it`s going to be tough but chalk this game up as a big L for the pound pups.
Irons runs for 135
Cox throws for 250

DJ runs for negative yardage

Sic these nuts!

OnlyDawgFanOnHere said...

witnes a previous post by wilbanks on the Ifs. If Vandy....
AU coulda beat LSU If...
sorry, for posting things that make all the AU fans on here mad.
I am going strictly on what I have heard from friends still in Athens and Greg Blue personally on DJ I don't just make this shit up for Christ's sake I'm no fucking doctor.
I doubt both of your offensive numbers happens although I could see on or the other.
Lastly, sorry about my misspelling I was in and out on that pos b/c I was working I'll spellcheck everything from now on.
And you are right I didn't call a Miami blowout, pardon me on that one, but I never saw your picks say there was a hurricane brewing either, Douche.

Daddy said...


You should use common sense and realize that if someone has not played in a few weeks that they are not going to be exactly like they were before they were injured.Shockley still may have a great game, but he will be rusty, if not for the whole game at least part of it. Therefore he will not be 100% on saturday.