Sunday, November 13, 2005

November 12....A Saturday to Remember

November 12 was one of the greatest days of SEC football in recent history. Gamecocks, Bayou Bengals, and the Tigers all pulled out huge victories in epic battles. Let us know what you think about the past Saturday. It was one of the greatest.


King of Tigerland said...
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shakeyour$maker said...

What a great game!!!! That might have been the greatest game I have seen...ever!!! 9 Lead changes....big plays from start to finish! It all came down to a forth and 11...........UNREAL! I don`t care about talkin trash when a game is this good! Both teams played great and both deserved to win.

tigernation said...
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Dr.Feelgood said...

Congratulations boys Nice win, Tough loss my way. Looks like things are set up for one of the greatest Iron Bowl games in quite awhile.

Look forward to this weekend

King of Tigerland said...

I agree with $maker, I just had to vent about the ref comment. It was an instant classic.

Daddy said...

How big was #81 Pope!! I bet his ween is 3 feet long(only 3 inches longer than daddy's)! Other than that F-ing giant, an incredible match-up(better than I thought). I must apologize though, I said SHockley wouldnt be 100%. I was wrong, he played a hell of a game. A great day of football all around, and I am now a full blown Spurrier fan! Tough loss Bama, but this weekend is going to be insane! Everyone coming to the plains, you better bring your uptown skips, cuz its on!

shakeyour$maker said...

Well said Daddy. I was wrong about Shockley as well. He is a great quarterback and can run just fine on his banged up knee.

As for Bama...(2nd team in two years that has not upheld their end of the bargain to come to the plains undefeated)...they played well, but the offense slacked (as usual) in the second half giving LSU the shot they needed to get the W. Bama`s D gave it everything they had, but came up inches short. It should be a great game this weekend but without the national attention like it could have had!

King of Tigerland said...

DJ and Irons will fight it out the rest of the way for SEC POY. If UGA beats LSU then he will get it. The best game I have seen live. I had to much fun the with the Georgia fans/graduates.

Where do they get 6.5 points for Saturday??

King of Tigerland said...

Pope is unreal and will make to much money to come back to UGA. Thank the heavens. DJ (best QB in SEC) and the Dawgnation are questioning the coaches like crazy here in Atlanta. To bad, Georgia/AU battle was the two best programs in the SEC since 2000 and was epic. Who would ever think that Tubs would be the best coach in the SEC since 2000?
Tough loss for the Tide, it turned out that they needed two O TD's but it won't matter one bit this weekend as it is the Iron Bowl and all bets are out the window.

Now we will see why November 19 will be the greatest Saturday on the Plains in recent years as Tide and Tigers tussle in a Top 12 matchup. Voters, wouldn't Top 10 sound better after knocking off a Top 10 team?

AU had a great win this weekend but it is now ALABAMA WEEK!!!

Tigers maul Tide 179-6 as Kenny Irons runs for 300 yards and Tristan Davis touches the ball 6 times and they are all touchdowns for the TIGERS!!!!!!! Tiger receivers never fumble again and 86,1,2,9,& 15 all catch touchdowns!!!!!! 22 outperforms '02 but never plays on punt return!!!

Stickman -78 passing yards, 7 fumbles, and 15 Tiger sacks (8 from McClover)

Darby & Johnboy -just gives the ball to the Tiger D bc he is scared of the blue jerseys and bc overcome by Tiger Envy

Demico is run over by the best O line in the country!!!!!!!!

Run the ball!!!
Run the ball!!!
Play action the end zone!!!

Iron Bowl '82
AU 23
(20)UA 22
Freshmen Bo.

OnlyDawgFanOnHere said...

Congrats to all you AU boys, your guys really showed some gumption there at the end. I really hadn't seen that yet but it was there and big. WE obviously need another corner, especially with one out. I guess Richt knows what to target the rest of the recruiting season. I agree, Pope is gone unfortunately for myself and other dawg fans. I would just like to say that it wsa a pleasure to see fans getting along after the game. I am just glad that my fellow UGA fans were not the assholes to AU fans that UT fans were to us earlier this year. Greatest game ever attended by Seth. Just wish it had turned out different.
Once again Congrats...AU now leads the series by .....2 points. amazing huh?
Seth C