Monday, December 05, 2005

Bowl Season is Upon Us

You know what the matchups are. Fire away.


Dr.Feelgood said...

I guess I will start the games. I am terribly bored at work so please respond with cat like quickness.

The Best SEC Bowl matchup:
I think the Canes pull this out in Atlanta. I am still not sold on Les Miles. He was clearly handed the most talented SEC team this year and should not have been embarrassed in the SEC Champ. game.

Biggest Who Cares SEC Bowl Game:
Tie - Auburn - Wisc. and UGA - WVU

These two games will be the ones people have on the jump button to watch bits and pieces of during other games commercial breaks. The Tigers and Bulldogs should take these two with ease.

Best game aspect to watch in SEC Bowl:
Texas Tech "O" vs Bama "D"
#2 ranked offense against #2 ranked defense. Just turn to toher games when the Tide offense comes on the field.

SEC could easily go 6-0 or 5-1 this year in bowl play, Thanks to Sugar Bowl getting last pick in the at-large and being stuck with the Big East.

Daddy said...

I agree for the most part, there are many lackluster bowl games. And Miami LSU is probably the best matchup.
It kind of sucks for the SEC, because in every match-up the SEC should dominate. However, the SEC teams know this and will probably go to the games with a little apathy. The opposing teams, however will not. They will be coming to play. I hope nobody in the SEC lets us down, because you are right dr.feelsboys the SEC SHOULD go 6-0.

tigernation said...

Dr. Feelmeupski:

I agree about the best bowl matchup and also about the whocares bowls. It just sucks that SEC fans have to deal with these shitty teams during bowl season. I guess that's the price you pay for having such a deep conference. Maybe we are all spoiled by so many great in-conference games.

I think the Bama (D) vs. Red Radier (O) will be a great matchup.

I think it these games are very unfair to SEC teams. Most are picked to blowout the other team which I understand. That being said, if you do win big then everyone says "well they were supposed to kill 'em."

If you win a close one then they say "well I guess the SEC is not as good as we thought."

If you lose "the SEC and (insert team) were over-rated just like every year."

It's a lose/lose for the SEC this year, just like most years.

The only way to beat this is to go 6-0 during teh bowl season!

GO SEC!!!!!!

King of Tigerland said...

SEC 265
Bowl Opponents 34

Daddy said...

Did anybody see the bowl lines!
Alabama is the only team that is not favored! I am not talking shit, only stating what I saw. So no panty wedgies!

Dr.Feelgood said...

we know this. we are underdogs playing the the highest ranked (other than the BCS #11 West Virginia) team of any other SEC bowl team in their own homestate.

Daddy said...

Just making sure you knew!

tigernation said...

Can't wait to take some CAAAAAAYSHH from you boys during bowl season! $20 per sounds like about $100 to $120 right now. Lets build that up. Are we betting lines, winners straight up, or what? Tie breaker?

And yes, the mighty Tahd are underdogs. Is this the first time that has ever happened? I know think I heard that they had never been picked to lose in the histoy of the program.

Daddy said...

Let's go straight up, and use the lines for the tie breaker.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Actually Tigernutfun, I will be the one recieving the moo-lah. Actually, the only two games the tide lost this year they were dogs. I believe your tauh-gers were a favorite in the season opener, and since you are the best should have easily won against the #23.

I think we should elect officers in this distinguished Debate Team. We need someone to throw water on the fire when fat jokes and black things get called. Daddy I elect you Firefighter.

Daddy said...

I accept your nomination. Only momma jokes are allowed, and you can call other people:gay, fag, dicklicker, etc.; ass, motherfucker(and all curses associated with "motherfucker" and combinations of "motherfucker"), you can tell people to "suck it" and "blow me",you can call them shit-licker, shitbag, and any other combination using "shit",.....just no racism and no fat can use "mexican" and "asian" though.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Big Eared Tommy voted his own Auburn Tigers #4 in the nation. Give me a fucking break!!

Another lobby vote.

#4 is laughable. Unbelievable

tigernation said...


#4 is pretty funny. But that is in no way a lobby vote. He just feels like his team is # 4. I don't agree but he is an arrogant ass and does stupid shit like that.

And yes, Auburn lost to Tech. But if I use "Bammer-logic" we really won. Why? Because we won the second half therefore we did not lose.

Also using "Bammer-logic" Auburn beat LSU and is therefore SEC champion.

"Bammer-logic" meaning if Auburn doesn't miss field goals then they win= SEC Champs = National champs.

See it's easy to get lots of national titles and other bullshit when you use "Bammer-logic".

It's like a commercial! "Buy Bammer-logic today and increase your self-worth by twelve in just 6 seasons! Call now and we'll send MORAL VICTORIES at no extra charge!"

King of Tigerland said...

Dr. has my twenty since Jim played at the U.

All straigt picks with tiebreaker of the BCS lines?

King of Tigerland said...

No, fat jokes are allowed as long as they are accompanied by a picture to illustrate the point. I do admit "Kingdom after a night out in Auburn" by the Dr. was good a few months ago bc there is some humor there. Otherwise it is just plain dirty and the offender can take anger management classes and then go to hell. Ya'll might feel differently since you don't have to live with keg on legs genetics. Do you really think my calves are big by me working them out??? I wish my granddad had been a WR and not a G at Indiana.

King of Tigerland said...

If I was Georgia, I would not overlook WVU. They have some speed and I believe they will give the Pups trouble before they are worn down in the second half. Their D will hang for a while but they don't have near the talent and speed two deep as the Dogs to. Dawgs pull away late. Remember that a injury devestated FSU hung with the Dawgs(bf they pulled away late) playing their 3rd string QB and Anquan Bolden the last time UGA went to the Sugar.

Their QB, Pat Smith, is as quick as a hiccup and led Daphne to the 6A title game year bf last bf losing to the University of Hoover. Their RB might be the next best freshman RB after McFadden in the country.

Imagine if McFadden had a good knee all year. He just got scoped a few weeks ago. The Hogs are in danger of losing Mustain to Tennessee with the QB coach change(possible).

Where are the Bama D lineman on the All SEC team? I dunno if Roman would have been the Bama D back of choice. I, personally, am a Peprah fan. I guess I just like royalty better.

Good call in not giving a 55% passer the SEC POY.

King of Tigerland said...

I will admit, Ears is a bit AUdacious!

OnlyDawgFanOnHere said...

Random thought... Mustain will stay with Ar-Kansas if a certain someone becomes the new assistant coach (QBs). That certain someone...his HS coach...reportedly the frontrunner for the job. He is only shopping around in case he hates the choice.
By The Way,
By exactly how many points will AU beat Wicy? MOre or less than the Badgers score themselves...
Just a little food for thought.

Dr.Feelgood said...

It is funny to me this "Bammer Logic". If I recall you all have been using it all week to explain how Auburn is the "best" team in the SEC.

The Vaughn kick comments flowed from your mouth after the loss at LSU, and I believe Tubbs quote was as follows "we really won the game, they just scored more points."

You and everyone else loved the moral victory, when nothing has come out of my mouth about moral victories.

Another way of Auburn twisting things to make themselves feel better, Thanks Tigernutfun, but I believe we could rename it "Allbarn Logic"

tigernation said...

Dr. Feelmeupski:

Once again you make my point for me. Yes, "Allbarn" uses this type of explanation when describing a game. We have to do whaever we can to be like Bammer. If Bammer takes moral victories (ex: "we won the last 3 quarters 18-7"). Did you or did you not say this about two weeks ago? Just what I thought, it goes both ways my friend. What about this one "if we had Brodie last year we would have been so mush better. Hey, we outplayed that 13-0 Auburn team in the first half and kept them out of the National Title game."

Auburn fans aren't talking about entire seasons full of moral victories.

By the way, Auburn is the best team in the SEC. Its proven in the Coaches and AP Poll. Are these people wrong all the time? Hell no. Or only when Bammer is involved? I will say that they are not always right, but I think they got this last one pretty close.

OnlyDawgFanOnHere said...

What is with the moral victories argument...moral victories are for blind kids in the specail olympics. try using what god intended, a record. wins versus losses. for example my boys 10-2 we LOST 2 games...close, if we had DJ, if we hadn't given up fourth and doesn't matter. we LOST, could the whole state of Alabama chew on that one for a minute...ESPECIALLY Bama fans (I hate agreeing with auburn guys) quick question, who wines more... A baby being declined the Teet or the average Bama fan (in this case the teet would be the championship that somehow Bama is supposed to win every year). Let's all use real logic fuck Bama logic...look where it got them this year.
Done and Done