Sunday, November 20, 2005

IRON BOWL 2005.....Domination on the Plains and other SEC Ramblings

4, 3-0, & -17..........Numbers of the Weekend as AU pounds Bama for the fourth straight time, Tubs whips Shula to run his head to head record to three wins and no losses against the turtleneck, and the negative yardage the Tide O produced in the first quarter as the game was over with 3 minutes to play in the first quarter. Domination.

LSU stomped Ole Miss America to set up a possible date in the Dome with Georgia. Does Arkansas have a prayer Friday?

Georgia stomps Kentucky to clinch the East. Should the real SEC championship be LSU vs. Auburn instead? As we speak right now, the Tigers are the two best teams in the SEC. Head and shoulders above the rest.

Pat Dye is to Bill Curry as Tommy Tubs is to Mikey Shula. Both Bama coaches are winless in three attempts vs. the Tigers. They got outcoached every time, also.

Let us hear about your take on a great Saturday of football and any interesting stories.


King of Tigerland said...

I have never seen a more thorough whippin' of a Crimson Tide team ever. Tub's whippin' boy, Curry Jr., looked more frightenend and bewildered than Stickman did. Stickman was terrified from the first offensive play of the game and told the media he knew the game was over then, also.

Could this be a more impressive Auburn defensive showing since the almost shutout of Georgia last year? Brown knocked out last year, Stickman broke this year. The Tiger D is physically manhandling the top SEC teams.

24 wins in the last 26 games is impressive.

Great weekend on the Plains and I enjoyed the company. I do know what the SEC is to. WAR EAGLE and PIG SOOOOOEY!!!

tigernation said...

Complete and total DOMINATION! No excuses, the better team won, nuff said. DIG HIS ASS UP!!!!!! You need him , Bama.

King of Tigerland said...

Twenty Questions

Will Shula follow Curry into the booth? He failed to get his team ready to play in the Iron Bowl and lost his 3rd straight to Auburn. Bama's line had a strike againts Stickman and Shula/Radar's awful playcalling.

At what exact point did Stickman admit defeat in the first quarter? He admitted he knew the game was over after the first play. After the game he guessed they weren't as good as everyone was saying they were. I guess he never talked to anyone outside of Tuscaloosa.

Can Shula not afford drycleaning? He was rumpled Saturday.

What are the odds on four more Tiger victories? 3:1

Will Tubs keep the glasses? He should as long as AU wins.

Who has a better chance to get ten wins? Tigers

Will Radar be back? No, Bama should spend the "boy genius" raise to hire an OC.

Who will be the Tide QB in the bowl?
Stickman will stary but JPW will play. A lot. He should.

Who is the best D in the state? Easy, the Tigers of Auburn

How many sacks will AU get in the bowl game? 6+

How in the world does Tubs get a team ready to play like that?

How can you accuse Tubs of being classless for holding up four when running across the field after Shula's actions after lowly Ole Miss?

Who gets SEC Player of the Year? Kenny Irons

Who gets SEC Newcomer of the Year?
Brandon Cox

How bad did 4 D lineman maul 6 blockers on Saturday?

What kind of Roid Mongrel is Britt? He should be humble after the way failed the Tide Saturday.

Darby and Irons in the All SEC backfield? Addai instead of Darby?
Irons is a lock and could be POY.

How terrified was Capps? Stickman? Shula? He looked like he had seen a ghost at the end of the game.

Did anyone else see this coming? Not this embarassing for the Tide.

Who is the best team in the SEC right now? Tigers of Auburn or LSU. AU has the better record in the decade and an undefeated season and an SEC championship. LSU has a NC and two SEC champs. I would rather see AU/LSU in the real championship game.

King of Tigerland said...


How good a coaching move was it to move Gunn in to DT on passing situations?

TJ, Gunn, Stanley, & Groves coming after a QB is just not fair. Neither is Anterrious, Travis, or Dickens.

Is Auburn the best O line in the nation? They block all the way downfield and they physically beat the hell out of Bama's awesome D.


King of Tigerland said...


How will this affect recruiting?

Is Borges worth a million dollars? Yes.

How far can Cox take Auburn?

How bad was Bama's O line?

Auburn dominated the B gap on both sides of the ball. Coincidence they won?

tigernation said...

Dig Him UP!!!!!!!!!Dig Him UP!!!!!!!!!Dig Him UP!!!!!!!!!Dig Him UP!!!!!!!!!Dig Him UP!!!!!!!!!Dig Him UP!!!!!!!!!Dig Him UP!!!!!!!!!Dig Him UP!!!!!!!!!Dig Him UP!!!!!!!!!Dig Him UP!!!!!!!!!Dig Him UP!!!!!!!!!Dig Him UP!!!!!!!!!Dig Him UP!!!!!!!!!Dig Him UP!!!!!!!!!Dig Him UP!!!!!!!!!Dig Him UP!!!!!!!!!

Daddy said...

I just want everyone to know that I have talked to Mcfadden and the NUTT and they said not to worry, Auburn is going to the SEC Championship!

tigernation said...

Daddy, Tell them I said step it up or I'm coming to Arkansas to bust up a NUTT, and a Johnson, and a Dick. I want to get them Dawgs again. I'm not ready to see T.J. and the Williams play their last game.

Daddy said...

I will tell them. I just gave an engineering tour to some visitors from Baton Rouge, and they said that they are nervous about next week. The Hogs have nothing to lose, Houston is on the hot seat, and Mcfadden is a stud. It is very possible that Auburn will get to rub the dawgs noses in their own piss one more time!

Dr.Feelgood said...

Yes, It was embarrassing. The sacks of course, but I will go with a three quarter victory for the Tide 18-7.

No, Shula will not be like Curry. Many differences between the two. Curry was suppose to have a good team that could beat Auburn, especially in '89. Even at 9-2, with both of the offenses emotional leaders out for the season, and a #15 ranking Alabama has surpassed its preseason hype, and Shula has done one hell of a job to get a team that is still short in sholarship players to have this season.

Bama might have a new OC, but we didn't have many options on what to run Saturday.

LSU wins with ease over the Dawgs

WE almost won late Saturday night.

Daddy said...

Yes WE did!

tigernation said...

Dr. 11sacks:

Please don't do the "well we won the last 3 quarters" shit. You know as well as every half retarded 10 year old in the nation that Tubby called off the dogs. We threw 6 passes in the second half. Only Six, and Bama scored after a hail mary with 30 seconds to go. I'll go easy from here but the game was OVER after the first 7 minutes. You can have the last three quarters and the next 3. All the Tigers need is one to beat little old Bama.

shakeyour$maker said...

Shula = Curry

No doubt about that one, probabtion or not. I believe Auburn stuck it to Bama while on probation a couple of times `57 & `93. No fuckin excuses! Shula may have won a few games this year, and one big win against a way overrated UF team...but that is no reason to act like the deer in the headlights coach deserves to be awarded, especially after the two eggs he laid in the biggest games of the season. EVERYONE saw this coming except the "blind" (all Bama fans). If you want to get excited over winning the last 3 quarters...go right ahead. Shows the caliber fans and team you have. "We can`t win the whole game, just some of it" is what that says to me....and if the fuckin Bear was alive to see and hear Bama fans saying this shit, he would DIE.....AGAIN!

What the hell does Taylor Britt think he is saying? In his laughable 4 years at Bama..he and Brodie`s bitchass never beat the Tigers and now he wants to say that Auburn needs to realize that we are not close to the same caliber Alabama is? Who the hell does he think he is? Was he not the son of a bitch that laid on his back the majority of the game as TJ Jackson set up a campsite in the backfield? What a stupid, imbred, fat, stinky, pale as a ghost, masterbating, jackass redneck fucker that Britt kid is!!!

YES WE did almost win Saturday night!!!!

Dr.Feelgood said...

Suck it Tigernation. I was not being for real myself and your 10 year old retard auburn fan cousin watched the same game.

I will refuse to hear this "caliber of fans" bullshit. You all were so impressed with the loss at LSU, and what was Tuberville's quote "We won the game, they just scored more points." I think everyone took it like the ass whipping it was Saturday. I am not impressed with even three quarters of that game. Just wanted to rile you fools up. No, no one saw this coming until Closner broke his leg. You would NOT have sacked Brodie that many times if Closner was still in the line-up.

Shake Britt was a tranfer only 2 years at Bama. His brother beat Auburn and the younger will.

I don't believe you could call LSU and egg? How is losing to the #5 team in OT an egg. I believe Coach "O"gre laid the egg against LSU

Shula is part of the family, Curry was not. Shula will stay. No board members will be secretly flying this time.

WE almost pulled it out

King of Tigerland said...

High rise ATL is interesting, I even have my own office.

How can you say Shula is a good coach after the debacle Saturday? He set the tone with his demeanor and couldn't even get Bama ready for the Iron Bowl. That falls right on Shula's small shoulders squarely and cannot be reassigned to the OC or anyone else.

First 100 yd rusher and most points all season. Looks like the Auburn O was the amazing force and the immovable object all in one.

After watching the replay, Shula and Croyle realized it was over after the first play and what is worse, they acted like it and the rest of the Tide followed.

King of Tigerland said...


Auburn has it. Irons runs with it. The D plays with it. Tubs even has some.

Shula needs to go recruit some and hire someone to coach who has some as well. He does not have any heart.

Shula has no heart and that is truly embarassing.

King of Tigerland said...

Pass Bama Pass!!!!!!!!!!

King of Tigerland said...

The Sack Game.


shakeyour$maker said...

Don`t start that "Family" shit when speaking of Alabama! It is Auburn that has the family...Bama has no clue what that word even means.

The egg Shula laid was not scoring a single point after halftime against LSU. He obviously doesn`t know what he is doing. Most teams regroup at halftime and fix problems. Bama just seems to get worse as games go on! And the comment about Closner making a difference in the number of sacks...give me a fucking break. It wouldn`t have mattered if Alabama had Orlando Pace, Willie Anderson, Marcus McNeil, Chris Samuels, and Wesley Britt...Auburn was gonna get to Stickboy no matter what! Auburn is a determined team that will not give up. Bama is a bunch of losers that give up after a quarter. What a joke of a team and a joke of a season. Looks like those flags are gonna go right back where they came from...back to the moth balls in the closet for another five years. Fuck Bama...the luckiest run of all-time is OVER! Bama`s back my ass...that team looked like a Dubose team if I ever saw one.

Shula and Curry- Only difference:
Curry actually knew what he was doing...Shula still looks lost! I love it, Bama is still where it was before probation...completely LOST!!


WE almost pulled it out with Hulkamania mustahces!

King of Tigerland said...

WE did almost win.

Actually, Bama was picked to be the "Auburn of 2005" by many. Saying this is an overachieving season is allowable but we all knew they were going to get 8-9 wins if Stickman stayed healty.

He did til he got knocked out by the Tiger D!!!

King of Tigerland said...

Did anyone notice Shake's uncle at the tailgate wearing the "swishing Bama pants" and wearing all Crimson except for the white Nikes?

tigernation said...

What the fuck is WE?

Dr.Feelgood said...

The bullshit that flows from this is unbelievable. "Family" to Auburn, name the field after a coach who coached at the rival school for as many years as he did in Auburn?

Or name a press box after the AD who embaraased the school with his flight to fire the coach who took the team 13-0 the following year?

Shula was handed the worst situation in Alabama football history. We lost two key players and lost an overtime game the week before. While yes, I am upset by not being ready I am happy with the 9-2 in season three. Big Eared Tubbs went 7-5 with an embarrassing defeat at home against the Tide.

Fuck Auburn, the town sucks, the fans are obviously the "blind" ones family my ass.

I bet we are already printing up all kinds of Bullshit for the win against the tide. Perfect Season 2004 really pasted that shit all over town didnt' we??

Shula will stay and will get that W over Auburn next year.

Handlebars (WE) would have whooped Pete Carrols ass.

King of Tigerland said...

Bush beat US. Give him the Heisman.

Please consider Auburn reloaded.


No, Bama will not beat Auburn next yearOr the year after. Who has the better outlook for the forseeable future? We would love for you to extend Shula's contract. Please do. Realistically, he might make it another year or two.


You helped set an Iron Bowl record. Please remember this moment and treasure it. You showed your ignorance as you have never beat AU no matter how short your miserable career was.


Kingdom of Tigerland

9-2 both sides a good season as Auburn has so far had a better season than Alabama by reason of the Tigers kicking the Tide's ass and going to a better bowl. Is this the subject in question?

Pack warm, Alabama sidewalk alumni!

Shula is not so much part of the family as part of the Mafia. He has known the dirtiest of the last 20 years.

King of Tigerland said...

There are no 3 quarter victories so that is why Auburn lost to GT & LSU. They were both ugly.

Mess with the bull and you get the horns!

tigernation said...

All I can say to Dr. 11sacks this week is:

DIG HIS DEAD, WORM EATEN, STILL DRUNK, PLAYER PAYING, WOMANIZING, ASS UP! DIG HIS ASS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'CAUSE YOU'RE GONNA NEED HIM, or at least that Memphis connection.

Hey, Dr. 11sacks, you could fill in for good old Logan. Since you live in Memphrica!

shakeyour$maker said...


I think you are just being a little bitter about the loss.

Just because little Shula boy can`t seem to beat Auburn like his boy Bill Curry, doesn`t mean you need to make fun of the Auburn family, town, and fans. You seem so jealous to be on the losing side of things. What a shame for such a cocky school like UAT. The times have changed...Auburn is making the score a little more even, since the cheatin Bear. 4 in a row..COMPLETE DOMINATION of the state`s 3rd best football team.

Tubbs has everything moving in the right direction to keep Auburn at the top as a contender for years to come.

Shula wasn`t put in the worst situation in Bama history...Bama put his ass in that situation. When you cheat and lie for years and years...then finally get caught...
everything finally all catches up with you. Shula had great players this no excuses. Injuries happen..we didn`t have some of our players either (2 TBs Stewart and Lester, nor our starting center, Cope..but did you see Auburn fold or make an excuse?)

Cry me a river of Cotton....makes you sick when you honestly think you were going to BCS doesn`t it? Now you have to watch your archrival go to a much better bowl yet AGAIN!

Get used to these kinds of years because Auburn is only gonna get better for years to come.

It wouldn`t have mattered if Bama had handlebars as a coach either...he would`ve gotten his spanking too.

WE did almost win that shit though!

shakeyour$maker said...

I wonder if this game Saturday helped Bama`s recruiting? Maybe some OL prospects should look at Bama!!! I just want Bama to get another Brodie!!

King of Tigerland said...

Maybe another medical redshirt?

Ten days ago Bama fans were claiming it was their destiny and birthright to be playing for the NC. Reality is realized.

Why excuses like probabtion? Injuries? Blitz?....Auburn only brought a linebacker twice. The other eight was the D line and one was Travis Williams hanging at the line of scrimmage bc his assaignment was in on max protect.

Bama got whipped by a better football team, coach, and program.

Please sign Shula to a long extension.

Dr.Feelgood said...


I cannot read anymore of this Bullshit. The constant and blatant lies that some of you actually believe is saddening to me. It is the holiday season. Therefore I am going to fix a cup of coffee and turn off the computer, maybe even turn on some christmas carols and let you people have a wonderful time discussing the "perfect season" with no trophy and the "4-0" which is "evening up the rivalry".

To all a good Thanksgiving. Some of you, I will see you at the ol Saloon Wednesday evening.