Friday, November 04, 2005

The Southern Football Forum is now your Daily Football Fix.

Here we go! The blog is up and will be accessable through the new web site. This is the Southern Football Forum we were looking for and we hope you enjoy. Let it rip!


King of Tigerland said...

Ok, here we go. Go ahead and let it rip. This is the forum provided so you guys can speak the truth.

Bamalicksbutt said...

Hell Yeah Punks!!!!!!!!!! It's on now and I hope you beeeotches are ready.

Bamalicksbutt said...

Does anybody think Bammer can beat LSU AND Auburn? I think not. Sorry, but field goals do not win you games down the stretch. Where is Seth Money and Little John?

Bamalicksbutt said...

I'm sitting here at work listening to freaking Tre Smith Fumble another freaking punt. Why don't we just bring in homeless kids and give them a uniform and let them play since we are into giving out charity to shitty players. I mean how long will Tubbs let him continue to give the other team the freaking ball? The defense stops the other team and then we fumble the punt!!! Other teams should just punt on first down and get down field 40 yards after the fumble!!!

moogamooga said...

The highlight of my weekend:
Watching the end of the Florida/Vandy game with 10 toolbag Georgia fans as their chance at a free pass into the SEC Championship ends on an overtime interception. The silence that filled the room afterwards could best be described as a moment of truth in which Georgia fans realized that they aren't too confident in their team at HOME against the TIGERS. Georgia...get Shockley ready and get Pollack and Greene on the sidelines so all the homos wearing red pants in the stands can get woodies. None of that will matter b/c in the end you will finally understand how mediocre your team and coaching staff really is.

Bamalicksbutt said...


Right on, my roommate and I were watching and he was so pumped right up until that pick. Now that you mention it, I think he was a little nervous about the impending ass whompin coming in Athens. I just hope auburn is the team handing it out!

King of Tigerland said...

The Georgia fans in the room went silent as War Damn Eagle was screamed. The Georgia next to me admitted he attended Samford. One of the others was sporting orange and blue. The one thing they all had in common was silence and a sense of fear. They see the L that may lay ahead. Every year RICHt and the Dawgs have to rely on someone else to seal the deal for them. They are metro, tattooed punks who buy all the drinks and then have the women hug him goodnight. McClover is coming for DJ. Dooley should tell RICHt to coach with some tesicular fortitude. Consistently being ranked as the worst game day coach in the SEC is not acceptable at Georgia.

OnlyDawgFanOnHere said...

Not that I disagree that AU is worriesome to us Dawg fans, but exactly who voted Mark Richt worst gameday coach in the SEC, exhibit A: Mike Shula, pick a game. exhibit B: Les Miles, how, I mean how do you have a loss with all that talent. exhibit C: Phil Fulmer, South Carolina? I mean it wasn't pretty but at least we pulled that one off. That being said, I would love more ballsy play calling, but 9 and ten win seasons repetitively isn't something I'm gonna pull an Urban and cry over. In closing 3 things:
1 yes Auburn could definitely beat us. I'll admit it the Tigers/Eagles/Plainsmen are pretty talented and fast on defense (exception: UK, I'll grant you one overlook)
2 I would have absolutely no problem with Vandy sealing us into the SEC championship. Remember, to get there AU also has to pull for some help. So give me a break on that one.
3 I did go to UGA so don't think I am a random Rick or Bubba. But, before Wilber, the only AU fan I knew very well, didn't even get into West Georgia, so don't act like y'all don't have some embarassing non-educated fans too.
Over and Out, and hoping for a good close SEC gridiron classic on Sat.

Sic 'Em

Daddy said...

Three things:

1. Auburn is alot more than pretty talented. In fact we are balls deep.

2. We need more than a little help, I think Arkansas has a better chance of beating LSU than Alabama.

3. Aren't all UGA fans random?

p.s. Florida sucks!

tigernation said...

Mark Richt is not the worst gameday coach by any means. Hell, if Tubby lets Tre Smith drop another freaking punt then he may get my vote! JK

Yes Daddy, AU is bawls deep in talent and next year will be awesome. AU might just go unbeaten again. I mean, who is gonna be good?

UGA = nope, no Shockley, No Offensive line, lose 2 corners and a safety, lose 2 d-line starters, Pope going pro

Bammer = lose 9 off the defense, lose faggot ass Brodie

Florida = as long as Urban Crier is the coach they will be beatable.

UT = Hell No, they were bad last year and they are worse this year. They will be shitty again next year. Eric Ainge...are you serious?

LSU = only real threat but JaMarcus will throw 3 picks in AU next year.

AUBURN = backfield returns, lose 2 lineman and 3 recievers (but there are plenty of those in the wings..CT, PRE-Rod, Montez, Dunn, etc...) Lose 2 d-linemen & 2 linebackers

OnlyDawgFanOnHere said...

I do believe Auburn has a shot to be the class of at least the SEC West next year. That being said, just because you memorized the AU depth chart doesn't mean any of those player will actually produce. Do you want to hear a WR depth chart, ours at UGA has some cool nicknames too. Maybe those nick names will catch a ball, but since they don' real life, don't quote your media guide. YOu had a legit argument with the backfield, which is better than expected, son't do that to yourself or other AU fans either, they don't deserve to be looked upon as ignorant because you dropped 19.95 on a media guide. I must admit though, with a name like Pre-ROD...he has to catch a few balls, just probably in his mouth.

tigernation said...
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tigernation said...

Dawg Fan:

How in the HELL is that ignorant? Not having a legit argument to back up you flame is ignorant. If you notice, I said a little something about every team's depth chart. I even said something nice about that Faggot as Coach of yours. Come back with something if you disagree. Truth is, I didn't want to spell out Prechae Rodrigues, so hence the shortened "nick name". Actually, "Pre-Rod" led the team in receiving yards last the last two weeks, so shut up, he IS catching balls. You truly show YOUR ignorance by opening your fucking mouth, ball licker! Don't be upset 'cause UGA will have a down year next year, it happens sometimes. By the way, where the fuck are all these "awesome" recruits I read UGA has every year? They don't seem to have any better players than anyone else. By the way, did you even go to UGA? I seriously doubt it. Now tuck your fucking tail and go home. Nobody wants your flea-bitten, leg humping ass on this blog.

OnlyDawgFanOnHere said...

I apologize for writing bad about PreROD a lot of catches against Kentucky is a very good thing. I think you misunderstood me though. I meant not just benchwarmers but also people that have little experience. So I guess I shouldn't expect an Auburn fan to read between the lines, that is my bad. Regardless, I had to research to verify that you had a point. Unfortunately, I had to dig through all the UK touchdowns and drives on the box score, so it took me a while. I really just wanted to point out that if you had stuck to your backfield you would have had a god enough point without mentioning players that are so far of little consequence. Lastly, I fail to see a compliment of Mark Richt in your post. Saying he isn't the worst isnt a compliment and shouldnt even have to be argued with all the coaches in the SEC West. Please research what a compliment is. And btw I have a BSFCS from UGA May 2005 you orange wearing multiple mascot havin chump.

Daddy said...

We only have one mascot, the tiger. "War eagle" is our battle cry and has become a symbol of our greatness.
However it has been announced this year that Georgia now has two mascots: the bulldog and a male fairy who gives head and they call him "Mark the head giving fairy"!

tigernation said...


Ahhh, a young buck. I see. If you took offense to me sticking up for Richt then that is your problem. I know what a compliment is and if it makes you feel better then here we go: I honestly feel that Richt is a great coach. Much better than those morons before him, Donnan & Goff. That being said, I feel he needs to run the ball out of the I and knock people off the ball more. He has the talent at running back and O-line but he seems to favor sprint draws and such. This is not a knock, it is just an observation and I think it comes from playcalling in the ACC for so long. It certainly has not hurt him that much because he has a great overall record.


Please don't embarrass YOUR fellow Dawg fans by bringing out the "But y'all have 2 mascots" argument. That is lame and ignorant. I grew up 30 minutes from Athens and most of my friends went to UGA. None of them use that cut because they understand the rivalry and tradition that these two school have TOGETHER. They have class and respect for a great program in Auburn. Yes, it is a VERY heated rivalry and my friends and I go back and forth all year long. But there are plenty of things I could say about UGA that are much better than a mascot cutdown. Did you know that the record in this rivalry the last 22 years is 14-7-1 in favor of Auburn? Good luck this weekend and I'm sure it will be great game.