Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Picks for November 12

LSU @ Alabama
Florida @ South Carolina
Florida State @ Clemson
Arkansas @ Mississippi
Georgia Tech @ Virginia
Auburn @ Georgia

Let us hear what will happen Saturday?


shakeyour$maker said...

LSU vs. Bama

I do not want to cheer for Bama so that AU can make it to the SEC I won`t! Brodie gets rocked all game. With no offense Bama is no match for the bengal tigers even in shit town..I mean Tuscaloosa. D scores bama`s only td of the day.

LSU 24 Bama 10

Florida vs. SC

Spurrier shows Urban what UF football used to be and what it should be. Once they start scoring they won`t stop.

USC-35 UF-17

FSU vs. CLemson

Big Bowden bounces back from the let down against the `pack. Baby Bowden needs to start packin his shit because he will be fired by season`s end.

FSU-28 Clemson- 16

Ark. vs. Ole Miss

Finally a W for the Hogs. Ole Miss can`t stop the Ark. running attack, nor anything for that matter.

Ark. 17 Ole Miss 14

GT vs. Virginia
Who cares really?

GT-27 Virginia-20

Auburn vs. UGA

The oldest rivalry in the South will be the best game of the day. Should be very close, but I think the Tigers will edge this one out.

Auburn-24 UGA-17

Bama fans...get`re next!

tigernation said...

LSU @ Alabama: Wow, I honestly have no idea which way to go. I will say Bama has the edge due to being at home. Their defense can probably force a few Russell errors, so I'm going with the Tide.
UAT 17 - LSU 14

Florida @ South Carolina: As much as I would like to see Spurrier beat the "Old BAWL Coach", it aint gonna happen.
UF 21 - USC 17

Florida State @ Clemson: FSU rebounds and Daddy crushes little Tommy.
FSU 27 - Clemson 10

Arkansas @ Mississippi: Arky has too much in the Garage for the Rebs. Ole Miss actually has a decent defense but they just can't score.
Arky 21 - Ole Piss 7

Georgia Tech @ Virginia: I know nothing about UVA so I'm going with Tech.
GT 28- UVA 24

Auburn @ Georgia: Despite the talk of the two great defenses in this one, you might want to look for some scoring. Auburn has had trouble all year containing a QB and the Dawgs can give up a few rushing yards. The difference will be secondary play, O-line play, and turnovers. This is honestly a VERY tough pick. UGA has the edge at home but AU has a better offense than anyone the Dawgs have played up to now. Yes, even better than Boise and UT. Guess I'll just go with my heart.
AU 28- UGA 24

tigernation said...


You around?

Daddy said...

LSU vs. bama

LSU takes it. Low score and close game. bama's O is just not good enough.

LSU 13 Bama 10

Florida vs. Spurrier

This might be the best game of the day. And after this week Spurrier(SC) will be ranked.

SC 24 Florida 17

FSU vs. Clemson

Diddy is too much for son in this one.

FSU 31 Clemson 17

Hogs vs. Ole Miss

Pig Soooooie!!!
Mcfadden is the shit. Pigs finally get a much deserved win, and get ready to upset LSU next week!

Hogs 21 Ole Miss 13

GT vs. Virginia

GT 21 Virginia 3

Auburn vs. Georgia

This is going to be a great game! Shockley is the key I think. The night time is the right time for a dawg whoopin.

Auburn 24 Georgia 21

OnlyDawgFanOnHere said...

LSU @ Alabama
Bama can't score offensively. Against LSU it is doubtful they will score defensively, no matter how good they may be. I fear the beautiful run is about to come to a screeching halt Sat.
Bengal Tigers 21 Bama 9

Florida @ South Carolina
UF is gonna overlook SoCar. The question is can they pull it together and hold on. I think Spurrier puts it on his old boys.
Cocks 17 GayTurds 14

Florida State @ Clemson
Daddy can't afford to give Tommy Boy another. He won't! Clemson loses another.
FSU 28 Climpsun 10...In the TRUE Deah Valley

Arkansas @ Mississippi
McFadden 21 Ole Miss 10

Georgia Tech @ Virginia
Close game but PJ seals a Tech win with a key 4th qarter run.
GayTech 21 UVA 17

Auburn @ Georgia
I think the Dawgs have the best shot at this mostly b/c of the home field advantage. Regardless of who wins the final will be 24 21 I just hvae this gut feeling. Auburn brings IT but my boys hold down the fort. SEC East Champs One Mo Time.
UGA 24 AU Tigers/War Eagle/ Plainsmen 21

shakeyour$maker said...

I know many will be suprised by my USC vs. UF pick, but if anyone saw what Vandy did to UF Saturday, you would understand my pick. Playing in Columbia, and all the hype for the cocks...I can just see Spurrier throwing long balls every down in this one. Hell Bama`s shitty offense put up that many against UF....and we know how bad they are.

Dr.Feelgood said...

LSU at Alabama
I hate Bama, Bama Sucks, Their Fans Suck, Shula is overrated, Offense isn't good, MS State ran over, You got jumped by Miami. Suck it we are 9-0, None of your little teams are. We are capable of winning this game and watch it happen. Auburn your up next Roll Tide!!!
Alabama 14 LSU 10

Florida At South Car.
Spurrier can't top his Alma Mater. Florida will put it together.
Florida 35 USC 24

FSU at Clemson
The most overrated team in college football will let Clemson hang in there until the late third. Patsy Hutchinson (for you Snider and Gwin) spanks on little Tommy.
FSU 28 Clemson 9

Arkansas at Ole Miss
Caveman realized after the Wyo. debacle he has to win at least at home in Ole Miss. Thumbs-in Nutt loses another SEC showdown against a first time starter.
Ole Miss 21 Ark 14

Ga. Tech at Virginia
Lil' Bit Reggie has a good game, and get the win for the Ramblin Wreck
Ga. Tech 34 Virginia 20

Auburn vs. Georgia
This one will knock the Tigers out of the SEC CG, and makes LSU @ BAMA the game of the day. 7-4 will be your destiny boys.
Georgia 31 Auburn 17

King of Tigerland said...

I'm not going to cheer for Bama. I am going to expect them to win if they are as wonderful as their fans claim . We will see if Stickman can take the Tiger front 7 who will be coming all day. If they score two offensive TD's they win. LSU has the better athletes on the field but Bama has the better team? Tide rolls, barely, 16-15 in an ugly game of field goals and Jamarcusrussellcumbum & Stickman harasment.

SC is riding a wave that will crash on Florida. Excitement is back in Columbia and this is the game of the year. Spurrier has been waiting for this game for almost a year. He will have his players jacked out of the roof and 85,000+ will be to. Carolina 30-24 over the Gators.

FSU gets back on track as they rarely lose two in a row. Athletes and Daddy take over. FSU 27 Clemson 16.

McFadden runs wide on the Rebels but not up the middle. To much speed and a new quarterback are just the start of the problems for the Grovers. Nutt tries to save his job 24-20.

Georgia Tech is stil hoping for Florida weather in bowl season. They keep those dreams alive as they run by the Cavs 31-24.

Game will be decided in the trenches. Whoever runs the ball and protects the QB wins. Lots of punts and FG. Red zone will be crucial. Auburn +3 and they pull it out on a John (we are going to do bad things to you if miss) Vaughn field goal in the two minute drill. 27-26 Tigers as they extend their series lead to 5 in one of the greatest games ever.