Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Picks for November 19 and other Revelry

Rivalry weekend is upon us and there are some interesting matchups. We wil change things up a bit for a challenge this week. Enjoy and let us know why you say such things.

Pick the straight up winner in these games.......

Iron Bowl Alabama @ Auburn -7 & 37 o/u
OSU @ UM +3
Minnesota @ Iowa -4.5
Oklahoma @ Texas Tech -7.5
Clemson @ South Carolina +2

Pick who covers the spread in these games.......

Penn State @ Michigan State +7.5
Georgia Tech @ Miami -17.5
Vanderbilt @ Tennessee -12
Kentucky @ Georgia -27.5
LSU @ Ole Miss +17


King of Tigerland said...

Dr. Feelgood,

Why are you asking me to take people off a mailing list? You are the one who sent out the questionable email and had every chance to take your uncle, my mother, and others off.

Through the grapevine....Tubs made the paint peel off the walls when screaming at Sears for his DUI. Doors had to be closed. I imagine Shula dropped a few F- bombs with JPW.

shakeyour$maker said...

Ending the Regular Season with a bang! Time to start getting ready and pumped because IT`S IRON BOWL WEEK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spread Games
1)Penn State covers the spread against Mich. State
2)GT covers against Miami
3)Vandy Covers against UT
4)UGA should cover against UK
5)Ole Miss Covers against LSU (I`m lookin for an upset here...but it will take a lot of help from the man upstairs!)

OSU vs. UM
I will go with Michigan considering this game is in the Big House. I don`t know much about either of these teams...nor do I care. Big Ten Football Sucks!
UM- 17 OSU- 13

Minnesota vs. Iowa
Again I will go with the home team. Iowa has those sweet pink vistor locker rooms, so the Gophers will probably be playing "Gay Ball".
Iowa- 21 Minnesota-20

Oklahoma vs. TT
Texas Tech will scorch the OU DB`s. OU has little offensive power, and probably won`t put up too many points, even against a pretty weak Tech Defense.
TT-28 OU- 17

Clemson vs. Spurrier
This should be an excellent game between two evenly matched teams.
Spurrier`s coaching makes the difference in this game!
Spurrier- 24 Climpson-21

IRON BOWL--The greatest game and rivalry played in the nation!!
Auburn keeps the ball on the ground using the workhorse, Irons, to complete long, time consuming drives. The plan should be to wear down the great Bama D, and the only way to do that is to pound the ball on the ground. Auburn`s D will have to rise up and play a little above their heads to stop Bama`s biggest 3 threats..Brodie, Darby, DJ Hall. This should be a game for the ages that I believe and hope Auburn will win.
Auburn-24 Bama-17

War Damn Eagle!!!!

Daddy said...

OSU vs. UM
OSU 24 UM17

Minn vs. Iowa
Minn 28 Iowa 21

OK vs. TT
Oklahoma sucks.
TT 21 OK 17

Clemson vs. SC
SC is playing very well. CLemsons not bad either. I am gonna have to go with SC.
SC 18 Clemson 14

AUburn vs. Alabama
Should be the Kenny Irons BOwl.
THis is gonna be the hardest game for Alabama's D.
Auburn 17 Alabama 13

1. Penn covers
2.GT covers
3.Vandy covers
4.UGA covers
5.Go Rebs!

Dr.Feelgood said...


I never realized the magnitude of this website. Forgive me for thinking small of this blog. Just seems to me like a few of your boys can't really handle the talk that floats around the core group daily. So I figured they could be removed or they could man up.

I feel really left out this year. Memphis Iron Bowl coverage pales in comparision to the coverage in the state God himself calls home, Alabama.

OSU vs. Michigan
I think Michigan is highly overrated, yet somehow Notre Dames only key win is against them, and everyone is highly impressed.
OSU 27 Mich 17

Minn vs. Iowa
And I pick 'S"O"ta
Minn 34 Iowa 24

Oklah. vs Tex Tech
Stoops finishes off his magical season with a loss to Texas Tech
TT 42 Okl 21

South Car vs. Clemson
Spurrier pulls another one out of his visor
SC 23 Clemson 21

And now for the greatest game ever to grace the the football field, the IRON BOWL 2005. For the first time in nearly a decade both teams actually come in ranked in the top 15. Auburn's defense has given up alot in the last two games. Brodie and company get two offensive, The Defense adds another, and a field goal makes the difference. Roll Tide
Alabama 24 Auburn 21

Look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow. Put your capes on boy, I refuse to play around this weekend.

shakeyour$maker said...

I heard a bunch of people are coming to the tailgate and want to get a little game up in front of Samford. I`m bringing my old "TDY" from highschool and my cleats. SHould be a nice day for tackle football!

Dr.Feelgood said...

They don't call me sure hands for nothing

King of Tigerland said...


Apparently some just can't hang. I owe you a beer for that or at least a bourbon at dawn. Has anybody heard the Miami rap song? Word up, 7th Floor Crew!


Penn State...Lions win by 10
Tech back door unless the Canes can rap their way to a cover.
Vandy come close to beating UT
Georgia covers with the SEC East on the line
Ole Miss always plays LSU tough but not tough enough to win. Rebs keep it within seventeen.

Pray for the Rebels.

Ugly, nasty little eleven game that is here only because of Arkansas being terrible. Their top QB recruit will play early next season.

Ohio State 16
Michigan 15

Minnesota 31
Iowa 34

Oklahoma 23
Texas Tech 35

Will we have another repeat of the CU/USC fight of last year? Only the good rivalries are in state rivalries! Only better if they interdivisional and conference games.

Clemson, I hearby extend an invitation to join the SEC Superconference. Miami & FSU, Louisville, GT, welcome. Ah what the hey, come on, Hokies & Cavs. Why not the state of North Carolina also. Maybe not but the point is, imagine the possibilites.

Spurrier has got Carolina rolling and they will meet head on with a hot team in the Tigers. Watch for lots of points and a wild finish.

Clemson 31
South Carolina 33

Iron Bowl 2005 Game of the Century

The Irons man penetrates Bama's tough D for enough yards to possess the ball. The passing game will eventually open up the run. The Tigers will claw back from early miscues to take the game into overtime as Stickman takes advantage of short field position. Tigers two minute O pulls it out again to send it to over time where Bama kicks a field goal.

Mashbender for the Auburn victory in the toughest conference in football.

Another Amazing Iron Bowl!!!

Alabama 23
Auburn 26 OT

King of Tigerland said...

Correction, I have changed my mind back to earlier this week.

Irons 534 yards rushing and 6 TDs
Cox 785 yards passing 12 TDs
Davis 456 yards rushing 6 touches 6 TD
Recievers no fumbles and lots of TDs
Smith 400 yards rushing 4 TDs no punt returns
1 JV FG at halftime

Stickman 4 yards passing 12 picks (6 to Irons, he catches this week) 16 sacks (7 by Stanley)
Darby -34 yards rushing
Johns 3 yards rushing



King of Tigerland said...

As great and worth while it is for the Bama B-ball coach Gotti to go coach our troops, could they have thought of something other than "Operation Hardwood"? It sounds like Crimson Tide porns are hitting the streets.

Dr.Feelgood said...

10 hours and counting.............

tigernation said...

These are my picks:

Auburn wins by a bunch.....and the rest don't matter.

I honestly hope Crodie makes it out of this one still on his feet. It has the potential to be a complete BLOODBATH!!!!

Keep the stretchers handy EMS crew. You might also want a pick and shovel so you can pry Crodie's semi-consciuos body from the turf on DYE FIELD!!!

Can Britt hold out TJ and Wayne? Did you know that scientists have proven that the Britt brothers are the missing links to our Ape ancestors? This discovery will be the single piece of evidence to prevent creation from being taught in our schools. Yes, the Britts prove that evolution is real.