Tuesday, January 16, 2007


The best talent has left the building. Today was the day that the underclassmen declared for the NFL Draft.

Jamarcus Russell
Ted Ginn
Antonio Pitman
Colt Brennan
Adrian Peterson
Michael Bush
Chris Houston
Eric Wright
Dwane Jarret
Reggie Nelson
Sydney Rice
& many other notables.

I was not expecting Colt to go, he would have broken every record around if he stayed.

How evident will the talent drain be at Ohio State & LSU? Did Glenn Dorsey go?

*Alabama media is frenzied over Satan taking Alabama's "#1 rated recruit". Why? He did not even start on his own team and his own coach said the player in front of him was the best defensive lineman he had ever seen in high school, that was Josh Chapman, an Auburn commit and they only defensive player who made an impact for Hoover in their failed title defense against Prattville.

*Why in the world has Cairo not joined the DFF? There is the Dr.'s diversity right there.

Big day tomorrow so wish me luck, phone interview with the commercial real estate firm I would gnaw off my arm to work for.

Wilbur Churchill

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