Thursday, January 04, 2007

Miami Dolphins take on the Hurricanes



King of Tigerland said...


Yall call me crazy, the job I want is 100% commission with a small draw. I would have to get a 2nd job bartending or waiting table or labor at I crazy?

It is my dream job though

tigernation said...

100% commission = maximum self motivation. You don't sell, you don't eat.

If you want to do it then go ahead but it's lots of pressure.

My bammer family members have come out of the freaking woodwork.

how many games has Satan won at bammer? Thats right, fucking ZERO.

He will make them a winner but if he is slow doing it he will not put up with the BS that is bammer.

You would think Jesus Christ himself had landed at the Crapstain, this man is a scumbag and the bammers think he is God.

How much does it cost to beat AU?(since we all know that's what this is about) I hope the 4 mil will get them there because if Saban can't do it then they are screwed.

This is gonna be fun to watch. He did lose to Ole Miss and UAB at LSU remember? YOu get fired for that at bammer.

King of Tigerland said...

he was also waxed with a 45 spot by UF...he has to deliver or bammmer will eat him alive

how old is his daughter?

Dr.Feelgood said...

Proposal: Lets just rename the website

I think it is hilarious how you barners are reacting to this. It is bad news for you, but seriously.

I would rather read espn than read some of the whiner emails I have gotten about Saban from some Barn fans.

King I am now in the world of 100% commission. It gets tight at times, and it gets very good others. Give it a shot if you are capable.

tigernation said...

This barner is not reacting to the actual hiring. I really couldn't care less who y'all got. We all knew it would be a big name with a good resume.

I'm reacing to the bammer reaction. It's like the savior has come. It's sickening to watch and read people slobbering over a slimeball coach.

tigernation said...


Saban just healed Prothro and fed the whole team with 1 slab of ribs!!!!!

King of Tigerland said...

Dr., the desperation is amusing.

What is gonna happen if this does not work out? You will never be able to pay anyone less than $4mil.

lola said...

if it doesn't work out, they'll call bill cowher. he'll be ready to come back by then.
personally, i wish we were calling him right now.
everybody's jumping ship. fast. georgia wants brad scott. wvu wants somebody, i read somewhere. bowden and spence, the play-calling geniuses will be all that is left. oh my god.

lola said...

and if swinney is coming to you guys, dr., i'm gonna be pissed.

Dr.Feelgood said...

The desperation?? Don't flatter yourself Kingdom.

People are excited about the hire. I don't think anyone but Barner fans think he is the Savior.

Thats not true at all Kingdom. Shula made less than Fran and Price were making,. Although, it will work out.

tigernation said...

"I don't think anyone but Barner fans think he is the Savior"


Funniest thing i have ever seen you post Dr.

Did you see the reception at the airport on TV? There was a woman i the background yelling "Praise Jesus" over and over.

Not to mention the drunk bitch who kissed him, and the old man who tried to get him to sign his chest.

Now you might be reasonable about it but it's obvious to the NATION that bammer fans think that the Bear has risen from the grave.

Listen to any sports radio and its unreal to hear the bammers come to his defense. It's like he walked on water all the way from Miami to T-town.

It's just funny to me, thats all. People are masturbating to the idea of one man leading a bunch of teenagers.

King of Tigerland said...

Shula did not get as much $ because he was hired at the last minute and he was not a serious candidate but a necessity

take off the crimson glasses, DR.

shakeyour$maker said...

Anyone read anything about Tubbs possibly going to the ATL Falcons? I read something about it on the collegefootball rumor mill. Wonder who Auburn would hire if Ears did leave?

UAT looked like a freakin "Carnie" convention when Saban arrived. How embarrasing for the school!?!?! No wonder the rest of the nation thinks so poorly of our state. It seems everything this school does has been completely ridiculous and embarrasing:

1) Mike Dubose Saga

2) Mike Price Saga

3) Logan Young Paying Albert Means and his Coach to get him to Bama.

4) Logan Young Trial (Great Media Circus tricks by Tommy Gallion....His stories now seem like an old Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts movie..."Conspiracy Theory"...which now seem completely unbelievable, and unrealistic. What a loser!)

5) Hiring and Firing the Child Coach Mike Shula

6) Brodie Croyle (Another classic joke)


8) Juwan Simpson Thug Life Arrest
with no punishment...only ice cream!

9) Tyrone Prothro... (Best player in Bama jersey since David Palmer)... getting carrer ending injury in 4th quarter when trying to run up the score on Florida.

10) Losses to La Tech, So. Miss, N. Illinois, and "last year`s classic" Miss St.

11) 11 Sacks in Iron Bowl.

12) 5 straight Losses in Iron Bowl.

13) Spurrier is coming...Swear to God. Nevermind...

14) Rich Rod is coming...swear to God. Nevermind...

15) 2006-07 Season Record: 6-7

16) I almost forgot about one of the fat ass "Britt" brothers headbutting a cop, and received no punishment!

17) Fans wanting Mal Moore`s head on a platter when Rodriguez said they love him as much as The Bear. Fans were Flip Flopping as much as the John Kerry campaign.

The list could go on and on....Go to hell Alabama!

shakeyour$maker said...

One more that needs to be mentioned..............
Longtime Artist Daniel Moore being sued by his alma mater over paintings of UAT football after years of painting history. Are you kidding me?

King of Tigerland said...

and apparently Auburn wouldnt block him??....interesting........I am having a hard time picturing Tubs driving his Chevy 2500 crew cab though Duluth to Flowery Branch

Is Borges or Muschamp ready?

I want Gene Chizek!!!!