Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Frank Broyles-Dallas Alumni Comments

We knew he was losing it when he wouldn't allow the Hogs to play on PPV against Auburn last year...now we know he has lost all sense and control.


King of Tigerland said...

USC -- 5/2
Michigan -- 13/2
Florida -- 7/1
Texas -- 10/1
West Virginia -- 14/1
LSU -- 15/1
Oklahoma -- 17/1
Arkansas -- 19/1
Ohio State -- 28/1
Nebraska -- 38/1
Auburn -- 46/1
Notre Dame -- 47/1

Odds for the 2007 National Champ

Daddy said...

I have been saying all along that Frank is Ark's sole problem. Frank is a complete tyrant who tries to put his hand in every pot, plus he is 200 years old and senile. If he would let go and let Houston coach how a college coach should, it would be a completely different program. Houston doesnt need an all-star offensive coordinator he just needs a competent staff to take some of the coaching out of his hands and allow him to do what he does. Ark's improvement this past season has less to do with Malzahn and and more to do with just having somebody to releive some of Nutt's gametime responsibilities (ie play calling). Not having M & M this next season will not be a negative. Too much BS gets in the way. And yes the other M had a hell of alot to do with the Hogs winning, however the team as a whole seemed much more fluid because Houston could take off some of his many hats. Moral of the story.....Arky gets rid of Franky and Arky becomes a consistent force in the SEC.

Dr.Feelgood said...

If I could take the odds that Auburn will finish 5 spots higher than Notre Dame next year, I will bet the mortgage

King of Tigerland said...

I am surprised Nebraska is up there whne they will be replacing the Big 12 POY.

King of Tigerland said...

...and K-State is not exactly a pushover with their young Jamarcussrussell like QB.

Georgia Sports Blogs....This Paul Westerdawg is a complete moron. All he cares about is that UGA gets a night ESPN game Sept. 1.

HE is a typical close minded Dawg fan and it makes me puke.