Thursday, January 04, 2007

Crimson Forked Tongue

Nick Saban has descended to the Dark Side. As he promised Miami, his player & the world that he was committed to the Dolphins, his agent, Jimmy Sexton plotted his trip north. Mike Shula was a good friend and he was disapointed Bama let him go? Chastising the media? The villian of Miami he has become. The most reviled man in South Florida.

On the other hand, how much job security did Saban really have in the NFL? More than most, as Wayne Huizenga gave him complete control. That doesn't mean he would not be fired after another losing campaign next year.

In summation, I believe that my new found dislike for Nick Saban does not come from his blatant beytrayal of the Miami Dolphins, but more because he is now on the sidelines of Tuscaloosa.

Saban vs. Tubs after Thanksgiving...CTT earns his paycheck here.

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Daddy said...

Dr. and shakes,
Talked to joe andrews over christmas at the peerless and he told me to check out his new band. They are not bad.