Monday, January 08, 2007

10 Things That Have My Attention in the New Year

It is a new year, and and my attention is peaked on a few things. From the NC game to my actual job, the following things are one my mind, a week into the new year.

1. I hate to over post the King's National Championship post, but.... mark it down, Florida covers the 8 point line. I'm not guaranteeing a win, although I think Florida will win, but for gambler sake, take the Gators. Urban will be ready. Reggie Nelson and the Florida "D" will be better than ESPN and the National Media think, Florida covers.
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2. Auburn's reaction to Nick Saban's hire. - Its unbelievable the reaction from the Barners. I have received congrats from the Ole Miss, Miss State, UT and etc. fans since the hire. Please visit for a great article that basically sums up my thoughts. All of you on this blog have not personally made these comments, although I think King's desperation and Nation's savior talk are ridiculous. Anyone from the Barner fan base who questions Saban's loyalty is absurd. How quickly the Barner Nation forgot what their beloved "liar" Tuberville said before taking the job on the Plains. Pine Box?? He also promised a National Championship and Jason Campbell a Heisman trophy?? Yet, Nick Saban isn't to be trusted, right. Please post that Tuberville is 3-2 against Saban, because that means so much. Saban won it all. Tuberville, still promising. Bottom line to every college football fan, even better, SEC fans, this is a great hire. Please predict the future for me, because Barners truly know what is happening next.
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3. The Notre Dame Jerkoff - Its been 9 years since the beloved Irish won a bowl game. After ESPN and all other terrible Yankee driven media sites predicted Notre Dame vying for a national title, they were ridiculed again in a BCS bowl. What is it going to take before this ends??? Notre Dame and Brady Quinn are terribly overrated. Even Oregon State beat a top ten team. Suck it Notre Dame. Rutgers, Wisconsin, Arkansas, and even, get this, Auburn deserved this game more than you. Its pathetic, and if Brady Quinn still gets taken #1 in the NFL draft, I will personally quit watching pro football. A personal thanks to who ranked Notre Dame #18 preseason, which in my opinion is still overrated at seasons end.

*Note to the the above post. I have never seen such whining in a football game. Face it Notre Dame and join a conference. Quit leaving out the actual teams who deserve to go.

4. Giants D - I know you covered and helped take me to a whole new level in Sundays gambling game, but seriously, injuries or not, I will say it now: You single handed gave no shot in finishing first in my fantasy football league. I took you second among defenses, and you make millions, and made me lose a small sum of money.

5. Marriage - Shakes is tying the knot in march. Daddy has tied it. Redoak4life is now tied. I got word this week Tankersley, the college roommate, is engaged. I am headed towards the "fake" uncle.
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6. Kobe Bryant - This may shock as a point that needs my attention, but in my gambling addiction, I won all games today.... EXCEPT the Mavs @ Lakers. Although I am way ahead (personl jab), the way Kobe drew a couple of miserable foul calls down the stretch made me laugh.. You are no MJ, never will be. Michael Jordan still stands as the greatest player ever.
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7. Strip clubs- I can't go anymore. I fell in love again this weekend. Easterling, "Restless Legs" caused the random trip, and I came home paying for a fatherless child's rent......Again. No more, except in Feb., and I have her number.

8. Daily Football Fix - I know I have had a lack of posting. King gave me the keys to the castle, and I have failed to hold my end of the bargain. But after the great numbers in October, I started spreading the word. After season's end, all have quit checking due to the dominance of Auburn posts. All I ask is can we turn this back into a football forum, not jut an Auburn site. I will be around regardless, but if we want to take numbers to a new level, a slowdown of Auburn posts is needed.

9. Pro Coaching Carousel - Bill Cowher out. Petrino in?? Art Shell fired again. Is Coughlin gone?? Parcells?? Cardinals opening?? I can't help but wonder how this affects the football scene next year, college and pro. Keep your eye out.
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10. Real Estate Job market - We had a company meeting on Monday the 2nd. Changes are in store if things stay as slow as they have been in the past months. Apparently nobody is safe. King with a big move, others thinking changes. Come summertime, we all could be in new positions. We are young enough, and smart enough, this shouldn't affect anyone to seriously. Its going to be an exciting 2007.
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I look forward to the next year. I can't wait until the majority of you step foot in Memphis for an all important weekend. I have said it before and I will say it again, as an Alabama fan, I am glad the season is over.

To a new year, to a better year.

Carl Montgomery


tigernation said...

Good post Dr.

I just want to say that I never said he Saban was a bad hire. I think he is the best thing Bama could do other than get Spurrier. Never said he would leave and never called him a liar. All coaches have to do those kind of things from time to time.

That said, i'm still laughing my ass off at the bammer reaction. If he was 100-0 and had 17 national titles then that would be one thing. But he was 15-11 in the SEC. Not really that great.

He will win and he will bring the program back to a competitive place, but he just isn't the savior that many (maybe not you, but including my family and MANY others) think he is.

Oh, and please refrain from using Paul Effing Finebaum as a source. He is the Jerry Springer of radio. He is an assclown.

Nice points otherwise. And i agree that UF will cover tonite if not win.

tigernation said...

I geuus i've been hiding under a rock but i just read where Petrino is going to the Falcons!!

Pretty cool i guess. don't have to worry about Louisville stealing anymore recruits this year.

redoak4life2 said...

Wow, I finally remembered my password. Thanks for the married plug Doc and I think I speak for us all when I say that you are already our future children's uncle.

redoak4life2 said...

I'm all messed up, I had to create a new name. I am helpless

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

OK, until Dr. Phil-good shows me how to login and stuff, redoak4life is "Anonymous Poster"

King of Tigerland said...

How in the world can you say that Alabama's desperation for winner did not show last week????????????

That is the greatest denial I have ever seen.

Yeah, all coaches lie. Proven fact. I would not have believed Tubs if he had denied the Falcons job if he was even in the stadium of chance, which he prolly wasnt. The difference is that Saban chastised and treated the media awful when they did thier job, Was barred from the Dolphins facility & has never gone undefeated which Tubs has.

King of Tigerland said...

And in terms lack of diversity. I gave access and it was not used.

King of Tigerland said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dr.Feelgood said...

I admitted that I was partly at fault for the lack of diversity on posts. Desperation for a winner? I still don't get it. I also heard jimbo to ha tech. Chan Gailey to the dolphins. ?byone else heard anything?

King of Tigerland said...

Gailey is staying per a recruit Morgan Burnett.

Why did FSU withdraw from him?

King of Tigerland said...

I am speechless at the denial that Alabama was desperate for a winner. This time last month Mal was the devil and now he is an angel. Seriously.

tigernation said...

Desperate does not even begin to describe the situation.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Desperate for a winner makes no sense. Why wouldn't we want a winner??

Sorry for the typos earlier was onm via the phone and got carried away with SureType.

I don't know why FSU withdrew. Alabama rescinded their offer for OC Saturday. Something must be going on. I also read where Fisher might stay at LSU one more season and then take a head coaching job.

As for Mal Moore, even a blind squirrel can find a nut sometimes

King of Tigerland said...

Ok, here goes it...

Alabama is desperate for a winner because they have been an average to above average SEC football team for almost 25 years. Think about our lifetime. They want to return to the success of the 60' & 70's where unlimited scholarships made it possible to create a dynasty/team of the decade/monopoly/whatever. Look at what Ohio State, USC, Oklahoma for expamples of scholarship hoarding

2 Points

1. Can anyone remember a coach anywhere arriving with as much fanfare as Satan recieved? No other coach in history has arrived like a president or rock star.

2. $...Bama boosters bought out Shula and are paying a record high conract to Satan that has brought murmors of congressional hearings about skyrocketing coaches salaries in big time CF(which I for one, do not have a problem with their contracts as long as the money comes from boosters and not educational coffers).

And one more point for good measure...Alabama is the George Steinbrenner of college football. They spend like Paris Hilton with sometimes disastras results.

Think about it...During the 80's the Yankees slumped after winning a few games in the 70's. Billy Martin was Mike Price, Yogi Berra was Mike Shula and Lou Pinella was Fran.

What does the new era hold?

tigernation said...

Jimbo will be announced as the OC at FSU later today or this week.

shakeyour$maker said...

******* Breaking News******

I had just visited the Colonial Mall here in Lee County...(a similar situation as I found myself in at OberGatlinberg)....when I ran into an overweight, uneducated, sweatsuit wearin, toothless,......better described as your typical Bama fan. I told he "Congrats on hiring Saban."

The man stopped in his tracks, had a mild orgasm, and said "Roll Tide, Brother!"

shakeyour$maker said...

Dr.--- What will your view of Saban be after his first season realistically going, 7-5, or 8-4?
(The schedule in Bama`s favor with home games against Arky, UGA,UT, LSU, and away games against FSU, and Auburn)

The next season could be just as bad with road games at Arky, Georgia, UT, LSU.

Will Tide fans be singing a different tune after a few losses two seasons in a row, or will they be happy just having someone other than Shula? (By the way, I`m not being a prick, just wanted your opinion.)

tigernation said...

I think Saban has to win the SEC by year 3 or the birdies will be chirping. Not about a firing or anything, but there will be unrest in the village.

You do't spend that kind of money to go 8-4.

tigernation said...

Tallahassee, Fla. -- Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden announced Monday that Jimbo Fisher has accepted the position of offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Florida State. Fisher just finished his seventh season with the same title at LSU with a win over Notre Dame in the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

"I'm very happy that Jimbo will be joining our staff and I could not be more excited about the future of our program," said Bowden. "I've followed Jimbo's career for a long time and his ability to put in an offense and adjust as the season goes along is second to none. He brings the experience and attitude that I was looking for in a coordinator. I think when you look at what we have in place offensively now with Jimbo, Rick (Trickett), Lawrence (Dawsey), John Lilly and the potential candidates for an additional offensive assistant, it really is an exciting time for Florida State."