Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Any questions?

Does anyone have any questions as to who the best team in the land is and which conference they came from? Anybody? Last call, anyone? Alrighty, its settled.

A better game would have been Boise vs Florida.

Florida blew the doors of #1 Heisman quarterbacked Ohio State. The Gator Defense displayed a text book whippin' that made Brandon Cox & JPW more successfull than Troy Smith. One touchdown is all they could muster. The Buckeye defense had never seen anything like the masterful web of runs and crosses.

I love what Urban did to the Big 10, ESPN & the national media. If they did not already believe the SEC was the superconference that all other conference b@tches should bow to, they should after tonight. 41-14, the same drilling that LSU gave to the beloved Irish...apologies, young sister, ND is a step above the service academies & a rung below Conference USA. The two SEC BCS teams drilled media darlings and I absolutely love it.

Yes, Dr., covering like a champ is a good way to finish the season and welcome in 2007. And all fans of Florida schools wear some type of inappropriate denim.

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Kate said...

Don't think I didn't notice you also left a certain team off your top 25 & others list up there..... it's all good. ND's good running back from Atlanta - Walker perhaps - is going into the draft so the offense could be tragic & you already know about the defense.