Sunday, April 30, 2006

Draft Day

Bush #2, Leinart #10. What has happened to USC? Where there is smoke, there is fire. The NCAA, Pac 10 and USC are investigating the Leinart/Jarrett living situation with Bob Leinart footing 2/3rds of the $3800 plus rent as Matt and Dwayne split $1300. The cost of living in LA is incredible. Leinart's fall to Arizona might prove to be a blessing for him. Nice weather, lots of weapons and a straight shot to Vegas.

Bush's parents seem to have gotten him into some hot water. He could have been the #1 pick if he had agreed to an 8% increase over Alex Smith's deal the year before. Now New Orleans will have the best backfield tandem in football. Character issues plagued Justice and Lendale.

How involved is Pete Carroll in the alleged violations?

How far the once mighty Trojans have fallen.

Miami, Florida State and Ohio State all put quality defensive players into the league again.

Texans go D with Freak Mario and Demeco. I like New England's picks of Lawrence Maroney and Chad Jackson.

PJ had a big day as he was drafted by the Ravens in the 4th round.

Brodie to the Chiefs. Devin to the Dolphins and Predator to the Panthers.

Good SEC draft with Bama also drafting Anderson, Peprah, Harper, LSU, Auburn, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina all had several prospects go as well.


Braves almost get swepted. Maybe Sunday was a breakout game.

Talladega rained out. Bummer. I hate Monday races but I would love to call in sick just to watch.


shakeyour$maker said...

I hate the race was moved to Monday. I was ready to watch it yesterday...I went by the track Saturday while visiting Shawn at the Lake. That place is off the chain. RVs and tents as far as the eye could see outside the stadium. No telling how many people were there...and that doesn`t count the people inside the stadium and in the infield. Got a call from the Doctor Saturday night. He and a couple of his buddies got into the infield RV lot to stay the weekend. They bought a $600 RV that looks like a bread truck off ebay to sleep in. Don`t expect to hear from Dr. today....I`m pretty sure he stayed through the weather to get wasted on a Monday. He`s got his 8 flag wavin ready for Jr. victory.

tigernation said...

Well, looks like old Stanley made this mistake we thought he did.....7th round is about as bad as it gets.

I wish him luck, but he should have known better.

tigernation said...

Gonna be in the great state of AL this weekend.

Going to my boy Urinal Cake's wedding. I don't remember if it's in Montgomery or B-ham.

If it's in MonkeyTown I'll swing by AU and say hey to you boys.

Donny's gonna be coming over as well, so look out.........Cinco de Mayo on Friday this year..

Dr.Feelgood said...

Alright Ladies the doctors phone died yesterday day, and boss and some other co workers are in Vegas, so much to my dismay I left the track a little before sundown on rain soaked Sunday, to return to the office today.

I never want to eat another smoked sausage or drink another Bud heavy a.k.a. "Sunday Beer". I believe if I had stayed until today, I would have died. Pretty sure I took home a case of pneumonia though.

All in all good redneck white knuckle weekend

tigernation said...

A few questions about the race weekend. Seeing as you acquired a disease, I was wondering about some other things one might leave a race with......

1)Do you still have all of your teeth?

2)Did the back of your head grow an exponential amount of hair in the days you were there?

3)Did you recently rid yourself of the clap and/or crabs?

4)Did you learn any new slang terms such as "which-ye-did-ye" or "je-eat-chyet"?

Just some funny questions since you seem a little worn out and weary of the experience. Sounds like a good time though......I think I may have had one too many "Sunday Beers" on the golf course yesterday myself.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Teeth are still in, just a little furry and probably have taken on a darker shade from all the smoke in the air.

I will make a confession, I stuck to a new low in life. Stood in line at the public shower house at Talladega. Took a cold shower.

Daddy said...

What up girls!

What I want to know is, how many fat, ugly, knee hanging titties did you encounter and or touch this weekend? And did you encounter any meth smoking tent rednecks?

Dr.Feelgood said...

I will send pics out sometime during the week

tigernation said...

I seriously hope you wore some flops or shower shoes in that public shower......athlete's foot can be a real bitch.

Not to mention the possibility of contracting hook-worms or flesheating bacteria.

Dr.Feelgood said...

CHeck out this mans name:

tigernation said...

Is that kind of like "Shit's Ass"?

I don't remember that guy's name from Anniston, but I remember meeting him and Shakes saying his nickname was Shitsass.....HAAA

Dr.Feelgood said...

Yeah, Surprisingly it was a pretty decent shower. Individual stalls with changing room. Line was out the door.

I definitely wore shower shoes, but the clean hair way a major plus to my health.

King of Tigerland said...

just walked out of my last day at LeCraw

King of Tigerland said...

just got home is the race still on?

tigernation said...

Nice, shower shoes are a must in any situation......

There are times I think about wearing them at home, you know, when the room mate's girlfriend hasn't cleaned the shower in a while.

King of Tigerland said...

Jimmy Johnson just won

King of Tigerland said...

most people I have ever seen at a Monday race

Daddy said...

"Shitsass" is the nickname of dustin stokes. He mooned us one time, and instead of a red-eye was a brown-eye, the grossest thing I have ever seen!

Dr.Feelgood said...

When we left last night hardly any people were leaving.

The people that stayed with the "Bread Truck" RV actually moved into a nice spot right on the edge of the infield of turn 1.

Yeah with Truex getting screwed in the early wreck and Earnhardt blowing an engine, a Jimmie Johnson win, I somewhat feel happy with my decision to leave and come on home.

shakeyour$maker said...

Did anyone else other than me pick Jimmy Johnson to win?

DR--Did yall sleep in the "Breadtruck?"
Did you see any of your old high school friends out there?

Awwww Shit`s ass!!!!!

shakeyour$maker said...

Dr.---You ready for Memphis in May? Backstage passes?

Daddy said...

Do you get to keep the breadtruck?

Dr.Feelgood said...

The bread truck was quite interesting, I did not sleep in it. I brought a tent and stayed in there.

Yes the bread truck stays in Tuscaloosa. They usually use it to drive to the casinos and back. Used to be a Designated Driver bus but the Tuscaloosa Po Po pulled it over to regularly and did not like when it was carrying underage drinkers.

It was loaded with beers, beer drinkers, grass, grasss smokers and no license plate. We were real felonious.

Supposed to get passes tomorrow or Wednesday. Three - Six Nigga

Dr.Feelgood said...

Prothro vid, worth watching again:

DId everyone just take off???

King of Tigerland said...

riding dirty

Daddy said...

Just talking to my brother and last night they were macking on these equestrian girls and riding horses bareback at the vet school. He said they were all trying to hook up with this one girl. Kenny Irons then shows up and drank with them for a while, then snatched up the one good looking girl there and took her home.

tigernation said...

That is pretty cool. Did he say Kenney was a good guy, or a "thug" as Bama on Line posters would have you believe?

So KI likes the white meat....who can blame him?

tigernation said...

Brian Kilmead just dominated the leader of the "New Black Panthers" on Fox News. They were discussing the Duke Rape case and the Panther was calling it a racist issue and Kilmead just blew him up.....awesome.

Even the father of the stripper said the Panthers were an "uninvited racist organization".

Daddy said...

Sam said he was real cool. He said he talked to them for a while, and was definitely not a thug.

Dr.Feelgood said...

SO any thoughts on Pete Carrolls arrogant comment on the USC blow up of the past two weeks??

Heard a comparison to the draft and college programs. Basically dogged Lloyd Carr saying he constantly does the least with the most. No players drafted in the first day

tigernation said...

I saw that same comparison DR. Guess it's true since they have such highly ranked recruiting classes......or maybe those classes are over-rated because it's the Great Michigan Woverines.

Drafting and recruiting predictions and analysis go hand in hand.....mostly a crap-shoot.

I think if the NCAA does a thorough investigation USC will be in for some trouble.....but don't expect that to happen.....don't want the "Golden Team" to have a blemish now do we?

Kind of explains how they came back to national power so fast...what was it....2 years after Carroll was there they won a title? Not sure but it sure smells Fishy

Dr.Feelgood said...

I think if the media keeps pushing it there might be an investigation. That investigation might get ugly, but I am with you either more stuff has to pile up or the plot of what is out now needs to thicken.

Heard Pete Carroll is desperately wanting the LAkers Clippers series to hurry up and come about

Dr.Feelgood said...

Ran into Roman Harper Thursday night. He had on a Redskins hat. Either he thought he was going lower in the second or he wasted his money on an ugly hat

shakeyour$maker said...

I hope USC gets nailed to the cross. I did think that their team had one of the best offenses EVER......but like BAMA, they had to cheat to get there.

Dr.--Where did you run into Roman?

Nation- Wish I was gonna be in town this weekend. I will be up at the Doctor`s playhouse in Memphis.

Kingdom- How is the job search going?

Dr.Feelgood said...

Roman was the bar in Tuscaloosa

tigernation said...

I don't know if I'm coming to the wedding or not. Donny says he may have to work and I don't want to go if he's not coming.

shakeyour$maker said...

Nation- I hear ya man. I wouldn`t want to make the trip solo either. The presence of Donnie Wendling always brightens up any occasion....if he isn`t around...i grant you it will be less fun.

Be checkin the mail at the office in the next few days. I`m gonna send some info for real estate down here on the Plains.

tigernation said...

OK I'll keep an eye out.

daddy- did you gt bit by a spider a while back that left a scar? I have a round sore on my shin that started out as just an itchy spot but now it's kind of swolen and red. About the size of a nickel. Itches and kind of sore. I think I got bit playing golf the other day and I was wondering what you did to get rid of the bite.

I really don't even know if it's a spider bite but it looks scary as hell and I'm kind of nervous.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Its a Stid Nation, kinda like this form of herpes that is enlarging on my upper lip right now.

I hope it goes away by Friday. I think I caught it early enough. If not there will be no ladies involved in the weekend.

Daddy said...

Yeah, i still have the scar. If it starts turning brown, or if little blood blisters pop up, go to the doctor, otherwise there is nothing you can do but take some benadrhyl.

Just got a dog, am getting it this friday. Border collie, black and white girl. I need suggestions for names!

Dr.Feelgood said...

Just go simple on the name. Something like Ron, but since it is a girl go with a name like Sally.

Or you could go with a designer name like Palmetto, Shakes favorite jeans company. (That or Lee, which could also fall into category one)

SInce you are southern you could also go very redneck, like the Stewarts dog names like Rebel, Dixie, General Lee

Or you could take the approach that my dog is more of a badass than yours and you could go with Spike or Bruiser.

Just a few suggestions

shakeyour$maker said...

"Baxter" is another great name. That way you can always blame him when the wheel of cheese is all gone.

Nation- I second Dr.`s theory....Prolly a STD

tigernation said...

If I got an STD on my lower shin then TwoBits has been rubbing up and down my leg in my sleep!!!

Good thing my roommate is in the fake leg and arm business, just in case my leg falls off.

DR, good luck with the Herp Simplex 1, or is it 2 that is fever blisters? I can't remember.

Daddy - if it was a boy I would say go with Bob. Coolest dog I ever met was named Bob.

Since it's a girl you have some diffenent options....I like "Dixie", that was a good one, "Nikki"(for Shakes), "Dobie" is good, "Paris", "Brianna", shit I can only think of porn stars.

Doof-Doof, Puffy, Lumpy, Mark(cause it would be funny since she's a girl), I think the name "CADDY" is what you should go with....or just Bitch.

tigernation said...

"Caddy" for sure....definitely Caddy

shakeyour$maker said...

You could also name him
"COBB" after Auburn`s greatest QB of all-time.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Simplex one I hope, 2 is when the fever blister pops up somehwere below the belt.

You could also go with ethnic names like Quitta

Dr.Feelgood said...

You could go with Bowden or Dubose, some of the states finest former head coaches

King of Tigerland said...

Go with Caddy due to C-O-B-B Cobb sux dix

King of Tigerland said...

Stanley aka idiot
or KI

tigernation said...

Not Bo. There is only one, and he just got a hair cut....looks like a brick house.

I think Marqueesha or Shalonda would be sooo funny.

"Come here Marqueesha, here girl.......git outa that pile of cat shit Shalonda you bitch....I thought I told you not to piss in da house!!"

Dr.Feelgood said...

I'm with you NAtion. African names would be incredible.

Do it Daddy

Daddy said...

Great suggestions. I like the black names. Here are a few more on my list:

Shenanigans, Fiddlesticks, pickles, peaches, nugget, geraldine, gertrude, dedra, laqueesha, scooter, mudpie, Mrs. Adcock, Mrs. Adams, Layla, Lucy, Sweetness, Sugar, Zeppelin, Gypsy, GWINeth, GWINevere, cheese, stinkerbell, dizzy, maggie, doodle, "Hey Girl", kathy ireland.........I am really looking for something obscure.

King of Tigerland said...

do it daddy, go tribal

tigernation said...

Shenanigans!!!! That's pretty funny.

Something obscure is a must. Too many "fluffy's" out there.

I like Mrs. Adams or Fiddlesticks too.....

You could also just go with "Damnit". You know..."Come here Damnit!!! Don't pee on the floor Damnit!!"

tigernation said...

Go to Auburn, be forever changed
October 03, 2002

I have descended into college football's Grand Canyon. I have stood in its Alps. I have gazed at its ocean sunset. I have done all of these things and I've been changed forever.

I knew, of course, that we were different up here. I understood that autumn Saturdays in our burg have never been given over to any kind of serious sporting fervor. I've accepted for a good, long while that a fair amount of our citizens regularly choose to pick apples or seal driveways rather than head to the Carrier Dome to watch the Syracuse University Orangemen at play.

But, Lord have mercy on our college football souls, I've come to realize we're not merely quirky in these parts. And we're not just overly particular. No, having attended a game in Auburn, Ala. - which is like going to Mass in Rome - I'm convinced that, by comparison, we're as dead as the flying wedge.

"Let me tell you something," said Paul Pasqualoni, the SU coach who can recognize bedlam when he is forced to shout above it. "Being in that stadium with all those people - the noise level, the atmosphere - was exciting. It was a lot of fun. To me, it was just spectacular being there."

He was speaking of Jordan-Hare Stadium, where four days earlier his SU club had lost to the Auburn Tigers 37-34 in an environment that was equal parts Woodstock, Mardi Gras, New Year's Eve and Madonna's last wedding. And the Crimson Tide boys, those rascals from the other side of the state, weren't even in town, to say nothing of the Bulldogs, Gators or Razorbacks.

Nah, it was just the Orangemen, a non-league bunch from somewhere up north ... with a losing record yet. But it didn't matter. This, because the cherished Tigers were on the other side, and that was enough for those Alabama locals to respond the way the French did when Patton's army showed up in Paris.

"I missed my wife's birthday so I could cheer on my beloved alma mater against Syracuse," Brent Miller wrote in an e-mail addressed to me following the three-overtime affair. "But you know what ? I would have been there if our opponent had been the state of New York's worst high school team."

"Country, God and college football are usually our top three passions," e-mailed another Auburn guy, Steve Fleming. "But not always in that order."

"I grew up in Denver in a family with season tickets to the Broncos games," e-mailed yet another believer, Rick Pavek. "I call Auburn home now and, take my word for this, Broncomania is nothing like Tigermania."

The point is, with the Orangemen returning to the gray Dome that is so often lifeless to play Big East Conference foe Pittsburgh on Saturday, it's clear that somebody's not getting it. Either the Auburn faithful - and people like them in Knoxville and South Bend and Lincoln and Gainesville and Columbus and Austin and elsewhere - are far too crazed or we're way too cool.

Listen, down there in eastern Alabama they pass out full-color, high-gloss, 22-by-17-inch, two-sided, fold-out pamphlets titled, "The 2002 Guide To Game Day At Auburn University." And on Page 2 of each can be found the announcement that nobody is allowed to begin tailgating until 4 p.m. (the day before the game).

"You can't be anything but envious," said Jake Crouthamel, the Syracuse athletic director who was a wide-eyed witness to all of the SU-Auburn doings. "You can't be anything but envious when you have that kind of support. I mean, there were 84,000 people in the seats. And the RVs and house trailers were lined up five miles outside of town. When you talk about the epitome of what the college football experience is all about ... that's it. Auburn is the epitome. You couldn't possibly be unaware of the spectacle, even if you were trying to be unaware."

The orange-clad zealots, who are in their seats fully 30 minutes prior to kickoff, thunder through choreographed cheers. The band, which is saluted upon its arrival by the big house with a standing ovation, blares. The PA system, which continuously blasts the sounds of a growling tiger, pipes in songs by the Dixie Chicks and interviews with the Auburn coaches.

Before the game, there is the great Tiger Walk during which the Auburn players march along Donahue Street through thousands of people, some of whom weep, and into the stadium. After the game, there is the mass papering of famous Toomer's Corner downtown. And between all of that, a golden eagle circles the place before landing on the field to a deafening roar.

And us? Um, let's see. We can't fill 49,000 seats. We debate, ad nauseam, standing-vs.-sitting in the Dome. We give our tickets to takers at the door who had to be schooled in the art of courtliness. We regularly vacate the joint long before the final gun. We allow, in a good-idea-gone-bad, a bunch of vulgar louts planted in a thing called "The O-Zone" to chant expressions you'd never say in front of Mom at the dinner table.

In other words to compare our college football experience to that of Auburn (and a lot of other places) is to compare a skillet of beans to a plate of Chilean sea bass. And while that might sound harsh, it doesn't make the words any less true.

Believe me on this. Please. I have descended into college football's Grand Canyon. I have stood in its Alps. I have gazed at its ocean sunset. I have attended a game at Jordan-Hare Stadium in Auburn, Ala. And I've been changed forever.

Daddy said...

That article is one of the coolest articles I have read. I have read it before, but everytime I see it it makes me proud to be a tiger, and this is coming from a proud razorback fan.

I am kinda leaning towards "Gypsy" for the dog. But fiddlesticks and shenanigans are a real close second. The only thing is, I heard that you should only give border collies one or two syllable names.

Daddy said...

"Damnit" is great, I also thought about "Ass"

tigernation said...

Just go with your heart daddy, go with your heart!

Two syllables is probably right. You could use "Tyree" or "Tronna".

Misti, Brandi, Britney(like as in Spears), Carli, MArti, Boochie.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Bookie or Butch

My day off fellas, about to head to the golf course. Good day too all, be back on tomorrow

King of Tigerland said...

great article........the guy I interviewed with this morning was a maryland grad who was there for the AU-UGA 2002 when Michael Johnson caught the pass in the end zone in front of us to win.........awful..............I like shenanigans or boochie

tigernation said...

Alright boys. It's friday and I hope nobody is going to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I am boycotting my favorite Mexican watering hole and I hope you are too.

Taking the boat out tomorrow though. hope it doesn't rain me out!!

Dr.Feelgood said...

Irefute all mexican beers

Daddy said...

just got the dog. It is a little furball. I think I am going with "Gypsy" for the name.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Gypsy is nice, is it a pup??

Daddy said...

yep, 6 weeks old.