Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Midweek Update

Interesting week so far.

Logan Young found dead. Grusome. Interesting to see what comes out of Memphis. I wonder if Bama is left in his will and they don't know about it? Covering up for Paul Jr.? What is there left to cover up if there is a cover up? Better news of Memphrica, Calipari is staying...for now.

Nation, please enjoy your first Pornstar O' the week in Brianna Banks.

Open Wednesday, may the conversation lead where it may.


King of Tigerland said...

Saw Sopranos last night. What the hell?

tigernation said...

Haven't seen it yet so nobody tell me.

Briana Banks is one of the nastiest porn stars out there and i love her for it......so, so hot.

Anybody remember the DVD Cheatybutts had called "Brianna loves Jenna"? Possibly the greatest porn DVD ever.

LY's son is in custody but I don't know if his son beat him all over the house and cut off his thumbs like I read somewhere. Hard to beleive somebody doing that to their father, regardless of the drug habit.

i'm sure this case will end up twisting and turning before it's all over.

tigernation said...

From the Dawgvent board on Rivals.com......Talking about the Logan Young murder.

Posted by WineDine Dawg:

Winedine Dawg said...

"In that case, I suspect it was Auburn's LB corps......
Did you see how those bastiges treated Brodie Croyle? Damn near kilt him, too."

I did not make that up. Not very nice but the folks on the message board thought it was kind of funny.

Daddy said...

I remember that DVD.

Do they think that LY's son actually did it, or was invlovled in some way?

Dr.Feelgood said...

LY's son is not a suspect, but police say he knows what happened to his father.

Said they have interviewed many people and no formal charges will be filed until after the medical investigators report comes back.

I really think it is sickening that people can actually trivialize a mans brutal killing by trying to turn the situation into classless jokes about the mans allegiance to a rival college football team

King of Tigerland said...

The worse post I saw was that "a memphis officer said BEAR was written on the wall in blood".

So is this connected with drugdealers or something? The details are disturbing.

Dr.Feelgood said...

I don't know, I just read that off Memphis news website. Son just got out of rehab or jail one.

shakeyour$maker said...

Dr.-- Are you a Logan Young fan? I would be if I were you...the man bought more titles for Bama than they actually won legally. And no, I`m not joking around. It is horrible that he was murdered...but the man was corrupt and probably got what was coming to him eventually. The saddest part about this is that we will never know how many Bama players he actually bought and paid for. Sweet Dreams Mr. Logan Young.

tigernation said...

I agree that making fun of a man's death just because he is a fan of a rival is wrong. Especially due to the way that he died. Some people on those sites are taking it way too far.

But others are trying to make him out as some great person also.

While trivializing his death is very wrong, making him out to be some great guy just because he is dead (like others on those sites are doing) doesn't make sense either.

I say it's a terrible situation for anybody to be murdered, regardless of his affiliations and actions, and leave it at that. No need to make him out to be more or less than he is.

I'm just very interested in who did it and why.

I'm saying it's drug money related somehow.

Glad to hear his son isn't the suspect though. that would have been sick

shakeyour$maker said...

You girls are getting a little to serious on here about this man`s death. You would think that yall knew the man personally. The man was a cheating, lying rich old drunk. It is horrible that he was murdered...especially the way he was murdered...No one deserves a brutal death, no matter what they have done...but considering the circumstances with this man....it was only a matter of time before something like this came down on him.

Nation- Could be drugs...I suspect this has something to do with the case. Remember his attorney "Shanks" was attacked, and important confidential documents for the case were stolen. He was a very controversial man and was hated by MANY, MANY, MANY people. There is a lot more to this story than we will probably ever know.

Dr.Feelgood said...

I didn't know Logan Young. Clearly I nor anybody else knows the inside stuff you do Shakes.

I do think it is terrible some of the things that were said on finebaum and al.com yesterday about his death.

Logan was the only booster who payed for Means right?? The only reason this got out is because he outbid other schools (UGA, TN, Mem, Michigan St. to name some)

He was also sooo wealthy that he bought thousands of players in a time when no other teams would ever do such a thing. Such Bullshit.

I personally do not know what kind of man Logan Young was. I do know he certainly wasn't/isn't the only paying booster in the South.

Dr.Feelgood said...

And everyone associated with the Alabama athletic department are drunk cheaters. Is that just your standard reply to everything??

tigernation said...

Ha ha!!!

All funny.

Both of you have made good points.

Yes, he was a CONVICTED cheater, and felon.

Was he the only one who ever payed for a player? Of course not.

Was something like this coming to him like Shakes says, because of his lifestyle and proven shady dealings? probably.

Am i surprised that he was murdered? nope, not at all

I agree that we will probably never know why or by whom he was murdered.

But it could get really interesting.

tigernation said...
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shakeyour$maker said...

Dr.--It is a KNOWN FACT that he bought and paid ALbert Means, and his coach. Do you think that was the only player that Young actually paid? Hell no. And tell me what the hell made the guy so special that he got to ride the Team plane to games with Bear and the boys? He was buying players for the Bear.

No, I don`t think everyone associated with Bama is a "drunk cheater". I do think that Bear Bryant and Logan Young fit that mold perfectly though. I think it is funny you call my labeling of Bama folks as "drunk cheaters" as being my "Standard Reply." I guess you have been watching too much Simple Life using words like "standard." I will be keeping an eye out for "That`s Hot" and "That`s sexy" comments from you from now on.

I have no info that you don`t have...I just have my personal opinion on what took place based on what has occurred with Young and UAT. And no...he certainly isn`t the only booster that pays players. He is just the idiot that paid the most and got caught.

How bout them apples?

shakeyour$maker said...

Slow day huh?

tigernation said...

Just went to ATL and test drove a 350Z boys!!!!!

Not gonna buy the one I drove 'cause on the internet it looked like a nice dealership but it turned out to be a dirt-front camel jockey outfit.

The car was nice but i just couldn't buy from a place that caters to mostly mexicans.

But those cars will GO!!!!! Got to 60 in a 45 in about 9 seconds....not even going hard on it.

i agree with your earlier post shakes. Nice touch

Daddy said...

You going through your midlife crisis? It is a little late in life for that isnt it?

In regards to the Logan Young thing, karma could be real!

shakeyour$maker said...

Nation--Did your pee-pee get hard when you got in the car to drive?

Dr.-- No response?

Daddy-- Karma is real, and it is a bitch.

Mother...tell your children not to walk my way. Tell your children not to hear my words what they mean...what they say....MOTHER
If you want to fight hell with me, I can show you what its like.
--Lyrics from Dr.`s favortie Band--

tigernation said...

Shakes - going to Ruud's wedding??
Donny, Me and chucky are going. 3 weeks in B-ham.

Not a mid-life crisis you idiots. just like the car a whole bunch, never had a sports car, and can finally afford it. plus the ladies love it.

Shakes - pee-pee was not hard. tyring to concentrate and not wreck.

shakeyour$maker said...

Nation--Wasn`t invited to the big day!! Isn`t that the weekend of like May 5-7th. If so, I wouldn`t be able to come any way.

You know you had a semi-stiffy when you cranked the engine.

tigernation said...

No semi-stiffy 'cause I was scared it was a car bobom. You know, 'cause it was at an Arab dealership and all.

tigernation said...


King of Tigerland said...

I can see the almost illegal smile Nation had on right now.

tigernation said...

I did laugh when i read that post and it said "bobom". But nothing illegal.

King of Tigerland said...

I read where Stafford threw a 64 yd TD on the first play of the spring game but niether first or second team offenses scored TDs again. he might be the man who starts at jordan hare next season

When does Bama go back on Ga schedule?

King of Tigerland said...

"Mr. Lang committed a crime for greed -- money," Neal, Young's defense attorney, argued at sentencing. "Mr. Young's sin here -- his motive -- it wasn't for greed. To quote Shakespeare, he loved Alabama -- 'not too wisely, but too well.' "

Doesn't Neal sound like Tommy Lewis - the Bammer player who later said on national TV, after coming off the bench (as in illegal participation) to tackle an opposing player in the 1954 Cotton Bowl): "I was just so full of Alabama."

Full of Alabama, indeed.

Posted on PFRN

tigernation said...

Update on the Young story from Rivals.com boards......

The latest from Tennstud (Roy Adams) on LY... Reply


SEC Champion
Posts: 2258
(4/12/06 8:11:00 pm)
Reply An update on Logan's death, for those who are interested...

"All of us are familiar with the news reports of Logan's death-bloody scene, body so damaged that face was beyond recognition etc. Since his son, Logan Young III, known as little Logan, had a history of drug related problems, the common belief that somehow drugs was involved and probably little Logan."

"When I was told early this morning that the police were looking at it as more of an accident, I was incredulous."

"The 5PM newscasts have stated the same thing, now, that the police investigation is now called a "death investigation." Why? Because speculation grew from the police spokesman's description of the "crime" scene and gave every indication that homicide was involved, body hard to identify etc."

"Now, we find that the maid identified the body. The police strongly believe that Logan fell from the top of the stairwell to the bottom because of medication he was taking. The autoposy will be the decisive story. But, according to several folks, when he fell and tumbled down the stairs, because of his kidney transplant and the tube they put in his body, similar to a small water hose, blood splattered everywhere. His face was disfigured because of the heart medication, loss of blood,and other reaction, causing the face to change appearance. I am not a doctor and am finding it difficult to express what was explained to me. But, as of now, there is no evidence of foul play."

"This looks more and more like a tragic accident compounded by the Keystone Cops investigaton. The cops were inudated with information regarding Logan Jr., all derogatory; he was no where to be found. Little Logan was elsewhere and saw on tv the news of his dad's death. He goes to the family attorney's office, who recommends that he go to the police station, because they wanted to talk to him. While there, the attorneys came and offered their services through a police friend, contact. Little Logan gave his DNA, answered all questions to the satisfaction of the police, and is no longer considered a suspect."

"Locks were changed at Logan's home this afternoon. Little Logan is in charge of the Logan Young fortune, trust, etc. The above information is given to me by people whose information and opinions I respect!"

Don't know what you guys think about that one but I don't know what to think.

Any thoughts?

shakeyour$maker said...


Now that story seems more like a cover up, putting a wild twist to this terrible story. I thought I read where fingers were cut off or something like that.....seems strange all that changed to just falling down the stairs and splattering blood over the walls with the fall. TennStud would probably know more about this incident than I do though...so all this may be the truth. Who knows?

Charles, MacGregor,Me, and an SAE named John Mark (I think), played acoustic last night at Bourbon Street

Dr.Feelgood said...

They are waiting on the Medical Examiner to determine what the cause of death is.

Logan Young is not convicted of paying Albert Means, just the coach. Also he probably got to ride on the team plane because he had alot of money, kind of like some Auburn boosters that were giving the $10,000 - $12,000 signing bonuses a few years prior to Albert Means

Also I have never watched the Simple Life, fag, so I have no idea what you are talking about. I didn't know the word standard was on the show


Dr.Feelgood said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
tigernation said...


Guess I'm officially out of the loop as far as the tunes go. Oh well.

Talked to Charles yesterday and he didn't mention anything about it. Had the day off and could have come down had I known.

Y'all sound any good?

tigernation said...

"Logan Young is not convicted of paying Albert Means, just the coach."

Worse than paying the actual player......instead pay FOR him like cattle or slaves.....player sees nothing.

tigernation said...

What's the difference between a refrigerator and a fag?


You put meat in both of them, but only one gives you AIDS.

Dr.Feelgood said...

You really believe it is worse giving the coach than the 18 year old player?? Seriously??

Nice joke though

shakeyour$maker said...

Nation- Chuck called me last night around 8 and said the band Bourbon Street had scheduled to play cancelled at the last minute, and they asked Macgregor if their band could play acoustic. It was Charles` new band members that were supposed to play, but he invited me to join and help sing. And Yes...it was pretty good. Two Guitars, Congos, Tamborine, A Super Egg, and a Bass. Played some new tunes...
"Take the Money and Run"
"Sunday Sound"
"Twice as Hard"
"Midnight Rider"
I enjoyed the shit out of it. We played from around 10-1:30 non stop. You will be playing with us next time.

Dr.-- Logan Young was helping Alabama cheat for years...and to quote him, "I learned from the Master(Bear)!!!!" I`m sure Auburn payed some players, but I can grant you that Auburn never came close to spending the money that the Tide has pumped to the players for years. I`m sure the corruption will continue even without the presence of L. Young.

That`s pretty "standard" of you not to watch the Simple Life. Some people think the show is "hot" but I think it is all completely staged. You know you spank your peepee to this show late night when your laying in bed.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Thanks for the number crunch Shakes. I forgot how you are the all-knowing with your personal opinions. I don't think anyone can honestly say they have any fucking clue about who has spent more money over the years. So your granting is worth little when not backed up by any actual knowledge about the situation or evidence.

I am glad I spank to the simple life, that is way better than the one time you told me you late night stroked it to the mom in Malcolm in the middle

tigernation said...

Actually it is FAR worse giving it to the coach. Unless you are into PAYING FOR PEOPLE!!!!

By paying the coach you are assuming that he is the rightful "owner" of the player. You are paying him for the player making Bama or Mr Young the "owner" of the player.

The player is an innocent pawn in some sick fucking redneck's obsession with college football.

So to answer your brilliant question: YES!!!! Much worse to pay for a player than to pay a player. hell the coach didn't do anyhting to earn his money, at least the player earns his.

If you don't understand my point than I'm sorry. Typical bammer attitude and is not surprising.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Whatever that is just absurd. Both ways of paying the player or the coach are wrong.

It is not assuming the rightful owner. Unbelievable.

Lang had been doing this scam for years with his players. You wanted the player you paid him to steer him to your school.

Assuming that he is the rightful owner? Brilliant response, and also labeling it redneck, even more genius.

I cannot believe I am reading this shit this morning.

shakeyour$maker said...

Dr.-- It was the mom on Home Improvement, get it right!

It is freakin obvious who cheated more. Hell, Bear sat on the NCAA commitee of infractions during his day. Wonder why Bama was never inverstigated, or questioned for cheating????

Everyone knows about the Eric Ramsey saga at AU....little is known about the money distributing that Bowden speaks of in his only interview about Auburn. His said DC Wayne Hall was in charge of the whole thing, taking money from boosters and giving it to the good players. Too many weird things went on during this time though...Bowden and Rodney Garner got in a fight (yes, fist fight)...Bowden got his secretary preganant...and evidently got a Tigerette pregnant as well. It`s kind of hard to believe anything that comes out of that man`s mouth though. I guess it`s really not worth arguing over....although deep down, behind your crimson covered glasses you really know who the big cheaters really are. HA ha

Dr.Feelgood said...

and drunk

tigernation said...

Believe it. It's true. It happened and still goes on today.

So in paying the coach to tell the player to come to Bama, or Auburn, or UT or wherever, it's not paying FOR the player?

When you give one person money for something they do in return, it is a purchase.

LY gave Lang money for the signing of Albert Means........Purchased the player.

If he had given it to Albert he still would have purchased him, but, at least the kid could have helped his family or whatever.

Both are wrong of course, I just feel like the coach wasn't deserving of the money. he didn't score any touchdowns.

Don't think LY would have been facing a federal jury for giving a kid some money. But when you BRIBE a coach for an innocent kid (the reason he was going to jail) you commit a felony.

Just the way I personally feel about it. I'd rather go down paying the player than some stupid high school coach.

Not that big of a deal. Looks like the sting still burns though. Glad I struck a nerve.

And just 'cause you have money doesn't mean you are not a redneck.

Redneck describes more than just the people you see at Bama games. It could also describe some drunk ass whole so eaten up with a college (that he never attended remember).

tigernation said...

Pretty good recap of the whole thing by ESPN. An inside look at the case and the spat between Young and Roy Adams from UT.


Dr.Feelgood said...

Sting still burns?? C'mon nation we were arguing which was worse paying a player or a coach.

ALbert didn't score any touchdowns either, and if you honestly think that money would have helped out the Means. It would have helped out the local Cadillac Dealership and Best Buy

Off to grab some grub. I will be on all afternoon so keep up the good work. Be back around 1ish

shakeyour$maker said...

Dr.--If Means would have been paid....You forgot the increase in sales for KFC, Popeyes, and Watermelon Farmers.

tigernation said...

Yeah, I just felt like stirring the pot a little this morning.

It's gonna be a looooong off-season so I thought, what better than to try and start an argument once a week. I think I'm doing a good job so far.

I really just want to know what happened to Logan young.

Did he fall off the balcony in his home due to a drug(prescription) induced stooper?

Did he fall down the stairs tearing his kidney tube out and spraying blood all over the house?

Did he eat too many doughnuts causing his face to explode rendering his face unrecognizable?

Who knows?

Daddy said...

Shakes forgot to say that the band had a two guest musicians...one silly guy on guitar who wasn't bad, but played in the wrong key and too much, and the greatest harmonica player this side of the Mississippi-Daddy!

tigernation said...

Somebody was playing too much and also in the wrong key? Fire his ass!!!

King of Tigerland said...

sounds like this is hitting close to home for the dr.

King of Tigerland said...

I know, the Dr. is covering for Paul Bryant, Jr.

Dr.Feelgood said...

I am back suckas

Dr.Feelgood said...

Does Logan Young not remind you all of William Shatner??

Dr.Feelgood said...

C'mon people I need some action on here

tigernation said...

Ok I'm here. Had to load a leather sofa for my boy.

Shakes, You remember Newman the Dawg fan don't you? He has spent about 5 grand here in about 3 weeks. Love it.

Yes Dr. Logan does resmble the "Captian" somewhat. I wonder if he did any acting.

Did y'all get the "Alabama Man" e-mail I sent? I thought that was soooo funny.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Yeah but I haven't listened to it yet. Volume on this comp not working.

Did you hear anything out of press conference on Logan that was supposed to be at 1 p.m. on whether it was a homicide or not

tigernation said...

Nope. Been pretty busy the last hour or so. Haven't checked the message boards in a while.

I will go check right now and get back.

tigernation said...

Got it:

"He fell in his house, hit his head on a metal stair railing and died from that injury," Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin said during a Thursday news conference.

tigernation said...

Guess that pretty much sums it up. Investigation over.

Guess it's possible that if you were very old, weakened by a kidney transplant, medicated, and on a kidney machine.....falling down the stairs could surely be fatal.

I guess that since his kidneys messed up so bad and he layed there all night bleeding and draining from his head, the face could be hard to identify. Especially with a hard blow to the head like a metal stair would create.

Sad way to go for anybody.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Memphis cops are such screwballs. Taking me to jail for the bird finger, and acting as if there was a homicide at the Young house.

They were starting to backtrack last night. Same cop, the news showed all of his interviews since they found the body. At first he was saying we know there was a struggle. he died a brutal death.
The last one he kept saying "All I said was there was a lot of blood in the home. I never said the word homocid to you earlier"

Dr.Feelgood said...

One of the neighbors said the maid identified him, but I guess from a legal standpoint the cops wanted to wait

Dr.Feelgood said...

A friend of mine from college's younger brother died earlier this year in Tuscaloosa from a simple fall down his fraternity house stairs. He hit his head just right and was dead within a couple of hours.

Just goes to show you never know when

shakeyour$maker said...

Why would they just make up a story about there being a struggle yesterday? Those cops must be a bunch of dumbasses.

Dr.Feelgood said...

I think they wanted the high profile case. Talked it up big and made the son out to be this horrible person. Then looked at it realistically.

you should have heard the cops on the news this week. Up until last night they had a high profile case.

Trying to take the heat off the fact in the last 6 days MEmphis has had 5 murders

tigernation said...

Got this from a news site. Description of the events of his death......

By Chris Conley and Cindy Wolff

April 13, 2006

Memphis police said Thursday that Logan Young Jr. died from head injuries from a fall – not from an attack as police said initially.

Although they said their investigation is still open, they said that their initial comments – that the scene was bloody and appeared to have been the site of a violent struggle – were wrong.

"These statements, however true from initial observations, had not yet been confirmed by a complete crime scene investigation," a news release said.

Lt. Joe Scott told reporters that investigators believe Young was taking a salad and a drink upstairs when he tripped, fell backward and hit his head on a wrought iron post, causing a bad wound.

He was apparently unconscious at the bottom of the stairs for a long time before regaining consciousness and walking into the kitchen, where they believe he used a hand towel to cover the wound, then into the laundry room — perhaps looking for another towel.

Then, they said, he went back upstairs, leaving a blood trail and taking off his pajama bottoms.

He went into a bathroom, where they found blood on a newspaper, and a still-damp towel.

They believe he got into the shower, then to his bed, where he laid down for some time.

They believe he then reached for the telephone and fell out of bed, which is where his housekeeper found him Tuesday morning just before 9 a.m.

Police did little to explain why they told reporters Tuesday morning that Young had been the victim of a "brutal attack" and his injuries were so severe that he couldn’t be recognized.

They began the press conference, in fact, by lauding detectives’ good work on the case.

The medical examiner is expected to release her report this afternoon.

Any thoughts?????

shakeyour$maker said...

That is insane!!! Why would you just make a crazy ass story up? I think if I was a detective...and I was in charge of speaking to the media...I would have to just confirm a death, and tell details later. You don`t just make up some story..getting everyone in a frenzy about an attack that supposedly happened. Stupid ass Memphis cops!

Dr.Feelgood said...

Good work my ass

Dr.Feelgood said...

I wonder why he didnt call 911

tigernation said...

Also read where he walked passed 3 or 4 phones in the house before falling out of his bead trying to grab the phone.

tigernation said...


shakeyour$maker said...

I like sleeping on my bead.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Shake more like your bead necklace - HA

He was probably real disoriented

tigernation said...

I sell lots of comfortable "beads".

Beads that you can sleep on, not wear. so Shakes I guess you are out of luck on that one.

shakeyour$maker said...

Nation-- I wish you would`ve been there last night. It was like the good old days. Macgregor and the other kid (can`t remember his name, so we shall call him Donnie) let Charles and I do a bunch of songs by ourselves. We did a lot of songs differently than the way we used to play them. Anyway, Elizabeth was talking to the owner about advertising, and the guy started talking to her about how good we were....and how good our (CHarles and me with Harmonies) singing was. He said he would like to have us back on Wed. nights because he is tired of the crowd that comes on Wed.`s for DJ OZ. We will see what happens. I did like the fact that we had percussion. It makes all the difference in the world to add that in with the guitars. I wish we had a recording.

tigernation said...

All it takes is a call and I can be there in 2 hours.

Wed. nights would be great b/c I usually have Thurs. off and could play late and not worry about having to wake up early.

I would love more than anything to get back down there and do it some more, but I can't come if nobody tells me about it. I know last night was a last minute deal so no hard feelings there. But next time let me know if y'all find out with some time to spare. Even if it is just 3 hours before start time.

How many guitars would there be if I came? Not really interested in a jumbled-up mess of different strumming.

Lots of guitars are great if everybody is on the same page......but different strumming times 4 is just a mess.

Look forward to having a chance to do it though.

Oh yeah, Chucky finished the songs that I played on that weekend. he is bringing the CD this weekend I think.

No Speak, No Slave
Come and Go Blues
Sting me

Dr.Feelgood said...

shakes you figure out when you are getting to anniston??

Dr.Feelgood said...

Guy posted Sounds like the aruban police are handling Youngs death

Dr.Feelgood said...

Southern Illinois football coach in an interview this week:

My wife and I went down to the University of Alabama and watched the Alabama-Auburn football game. We went to Alabama's campus. My wife said, 'Jerry, if I would have visited this place when I was coming out of high school, this is where I'd go.' I said, 'Why?' She said, 'Look at this school. Look at the stadium. Look at the buildings. Look at how it's manicured. It's beautiful. It's new. How could you say no? How could you not go to the University of Alabama if you had the choice?'

tigernation said...

For the record: I had no choice but to go anywhere BUT UofA, through upbringing and personal preference I chose AU after a short small college baseball stint.

Not that Bama is a bad school. I just whould have been kicked out of the fam....and also would have hung myself from the ceiling fan. HA ha!!

I'll repost with some good AU observer quotes.

That could be a good blog topic Kingdom........find quotes from unbiased parties that project your Alma Mater in a good light....like the one DR just put up.

tigernation said...

Check this Shit out. from Scott Van Pelt after AU put in on UGA in 2004..............

A Different World
ON Nov 16, 2004 - 01:25 PM by wdt

Posted by ESPN's Scott Van Pelt... on the Marlyand Terps forum (he is a Maryland grad, but was in Auburn this weekend for the game because his girlfriend is an Auburn grad).

Imagine you have been married to the same woman for more than 30 years, you love her more than anything - nothing could ever change that. You have shared many of your best memories with her and would never leave her under any circumstances. Then you spend a day with a woman who in some ways is more beautiful than your wife...you may never see her again...but you won't forget her for a while either.

Maryland is my wife...Auburn is " the other woman ".

If you all love college sports - and I assume you do - you really need to see a game there. I have been lucky to see a lot of places, I have not seen a lot of places like that. It's an amazing scene in every respect. Granted, I was there for # 3 vs. # 5...Auburn was 9-0 so it was bound to be good.

Some highlights:

I arrived at night with the stadium lit up like a Christmas tree. It sits dead in the middle of campus. A shrine...literally their church - only services are held on Saturday. Made me say....hmmmm...this is promising.

Gameday scene:
Tailgating in every available space...and not like some field full of RV's - though they had that too. But literally people grilling and drinking in every available spot for as far as the eye could see. I lost count of the number of bands and stages and this was at 9 AM.

The Fans:
I knew I was in a " red state " from all the Suburbans with W stickers but the truth of it is, this part of Alabama is an orange state. Every man woman and child is in the same shade of orange. Not unusual I know ...but THIS was...they are nice, friendly , and polite - to GEORGIA FANS. Nobody called anyone in Black and Red Faggot or *sshole..nobody told them they sucked nobody told them *uck you. These people are your friends, you don't know it yet because you haven't met them - but when you do - you have met a friend. you want a beer ? some bar- B - Q ? grab some. Let's talk for a while....war eagle...let's have a good game. I saw this at tailgate after tailgate. Stragglers who wander by are offered anything that's available - didn't matter what color they were wearing. This is the oldest rivalry in the South - they call it Brother vs. Brother and they mean it. Now there are certainly cliche's about downhome country sensibilities - but these folks embodied the best part of the notion of southern hospitality. Though many did admit it's a tad LESS civil for the Iron Bowl.

Tiger Walk:
Impossible to describe. Im - possible. A human welcome mat for the team. The team walks through several blocks to Jordan - Hare through a sea of people. I asked somebody how many folks were there and was told they could never come up with an accurate head count but that they were certain it was " well in excess of 25,000 people. " That looked a little light to me...I would have bought 40 grand. 2 hours before kick the streets in all directions were completely - and I mean COMPLETELY jammed. It was like a religious experience. If you can be in the middle of this - and I was lucky enough to get to walk through it - and not be overwhelmed , you are dead my friend. ( I just went Larry King on your asses- sorry )I was honestly in awe.

The eagle circles as 87,521 people ( less the UGA fans ) cheer Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar EAGLE HEY!!! The eagle pounces on some meat product and the hair on the back of your neck stands up...then if you are still unimpressed you get an F 16 flyover and were off and running.
Auburn dominates, the band plays, the fans hoot and holler louder than anywhere I have ever been ( and go Spinal tap and take it to volume 11 when UGa tries to audible ) 24 - 6 and it's time for more food and drink...but before that...

Toomer's corner:
Everyone converges on the intersection of college st and whatever the other road is and they toilet paper every tree in sight. By the time it's over, it looks like a blizzard has rolled through Alabama. There are no riots, no police, no cars set on fire. There are families from grandparents to infants chcuking rolls of toilet paper all over the place. Again, i just shake my head at a loss...and maybe a little jealous.

It's a special place, the best scene I have ever seen for college football. I have ZERO doubt " our " TEAM could someday be as good. As fans though, perhaps we should aspire to be as classy as those I was hosted by. The type of hostile, vile garbage we are subjected to on the road and are certainly guilty of at home is just embarrassing when you see how they do it elsewhere. Not preaching here - just some thoughts of one VERY proud Terrapin after seeing the light Auburn style.

Go Terps - let's get #5 on Thursday night.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Someone google Kitty Jerry, somehow I got snaked into going to this chicks concert Tuesday night.

I should have figured when it was at Isaac Hayes place. The person I went withs stepdad is a drummer and got hired to play with her.

We stuck out like a sorry thumb. Country blacks?? It was weird

Dr.Feelgood said...

Alright ladies I am hitting the road to Anniston.

Shakes Daddy see you this weekend.

Nation and Kingdom have a good good friday and a good easter weekend.

Peace out

King of Tigerland said...

Great idea, Nation. Please email me or post anything anyone finds on any SEC school.

Just googled BoomBoomKittyF*k, Dr., that is one of the funniest things I have seen in a while. I can imagine you in the middle of the crowd pumping your fist in the air! First country song was Charlie Pride. Mighty interesting. Looked at the lyrics and couldn't make it past the first paragraph.

Daddy said...

Pearl Jam coming out with a new album (May 2) and are on SNL this saturday.
For those of you who care.

tigernation said...

Looks like another HOT teacher just got fired for screwing a student in NC.

Why couldn't that happen to me??????

I mean this chick is hotter than the last one.

She was 22 and the student was 18 or 19. Not really bad in my opinion.

shakeyour$maker said...

A young teacher got arrested yesterday in Alabama for the same thing...only she had sex with 4 or 5 of the students ages 13-16. WTF?

I liked that article that you posted from espn, nation. People don`t understand how different it is here in Auburn.

"It`s family...and you know it."
---Pat Dye, `89 Iron Bowl Crying to his players following the big win. So choked up he couldn`t even finish the sentence he started.

It`s always great to be an Auburn Tiger!

tigernation said...

Going to get the ZZZZZZ tomorrow. Get ready boys.

Just sent out some raunchy e-mails so everybody be careful when opening.

For the record, I teared up during the Pat Dye tribute video last year before the Iron Bowl....or Iron Fist to the Mouth....whichever you want to call it.

tigernation said...

Hooters in AU being sued by a former male employee for sexual harrassment.

Server trainer told waitresses to "suck a dick or fuck a customer if the money is right."

When the male employee was asked by some of the girls to call the corporate office and did, he was fired.

Now suing for SexHar.

Wow, didn't know that was on the menu ....but if I did boy....IF I DID!!!!!

Daddy said...

Sopranos was kinda lack luster, however the gay does not have long. Although, I would not doubt it if they decide not to wack him so that they have a GAYngsta on the show.

Hope everyone had a nice bunny day.

tigernation said...

I agree about the Sopranos last night daddy. Kind of slow and not much action. Hate to see them have a slow episode since there aren't many left.

Vito is gone, either whacked or AWOL.

As much as the liberals would love to see a gay mobster, it ain't gonna happen.

Well, got the ZZZZ on Saturday. Love it. Already washed it once and I may do it every day until the pollen lets up.

287 horses, 6 speed manual, new tires and brakes, black on black, navigation, sex machine.

Looks like Kit, the car from Night Rider. Except it's not a FireBird.

tigernation said...


Everybody must be working hard on this lovely monday.

Chucky gave me a copy of the CD he made from when I came down..Shakes and Daddy.

Sounds pretty good. He played bass, egg, lead, and sang on all of them. Damn good....except for a couple of slide farts I had on "Willin" but you can't tell too much.

King of Tigerland said...

Good afternoon ladies!

I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday. Nothing like a nice weekend bender that carries into the work week.

Is the Z strategically parked for optimum viewing pleasure in front of Crossroads? 5:1 odds it is!

$hakes, any word from Ryan? I have two interviews alreadt set up for this week.

Quit smoking for a while. Had to find other things to entertain me. Not fun.

Any new news out of Memphrica about LY?

Daddy said...

That is awesome that u got the z. I cant wait to take a ride in it.

king, I will take those odds as well!

tigernation said...

Bo Tucker in AU again - Acoustic at the KA house this Saturday afternoon.......Shakes and daddy???

Rides in the Z are free for ladies, fellas have to pay for a ride.

The Z is not parked for customer viewing 'cause I don't want them to think we are making too much money....but they can see it. It's hard to miss.

Daddy said...

I will be taking the mother fucking FE exam on saturday till probably 5:00. What time yall gonna play?

tigernation said...

Guess I'll just talk to myself.

So, did everybody get their taxes in to the Govt?

Yep, getting back a nice amount from the Fed and the State of SC. Have to pay the state of GA.

I'm not gonna say what he had to pay, but my Dad just had to write a FAT check to the govt on the sale of his business..........took 1/3 of his profits from the sale....ouch!!! Fuck the Democrats

Steal from somebody who works his whole life 6 days a week, busting ass, finally sells his business so he can relax.......and has to give 1/3 to the freaking Gov't.


tigernation said...

No idea what time we'll play. Guessing around 1 or 2 Ala time.

shakeyour$maker said...

Nation--Is the SkyBar a for sure thing?

Those taxes are a bitch. It`s not even funny thinking about what we give to the government.

tigernation said...

Sky Bar is a sure thing.

Chucky just got off the phone with Martin and said it was on.

Martin is calling tomorrow with the money numbers and the time, but it seems to be a sure thing.

I hope we can fit 5 people on that stage.

Haven't heard of a "5 man Acoustical Jam" since Tesla back in '93.