Thursday, April 06, 2006

Weekend Warriors

Ahh. Summer is near. Baseball has started. We are in the middle of the Masters. Racing is in full swing. Vijay has the lead, but will he keep it thru til Sunday? Tigger is 5 back. Who wins in Texas?

May wishes Happy Birthday to $hakes. Enjoy the beach.

Q: Since we have been talking about the SECCG this week. Who wins the SEC Championship Game in 2006 and how?

KT: A: AUBURN TIGERS over Florida Gators in a rematch of a slim Tiger win!!!

I have selected my drivers for this weekend. anyone else?

Braves at .500 after 4 games and taking a 3 game set in LA.


tigernation said...

I have no idea who to put in the SECCG. If you had told me UGA/LSU before last year I would have said, maybe LSU but probably not UGA.

So I obviously am no better at predicting than Lindy or Athlon.

So I guess I'll go with my heart and say AU/UT rematch from 2004.

But it could always be Arky/Kentucky for all I know....but probably not.

shakeyour$maker said...

Kingdom: Thanks for the B`day wishes. I will enjoy the beach. I`m leaving around lunchtime....and I can`t wait to sit on the beach with a nice big frozen Margarita.

I like the pick for the SECCG. I think AU has the tools to win the title again...but we`ll see if they can get it done.

I like three teams to win the SEC:
Auburn, LSU, and Florida.
I think Auburn and LSU have the best just depends on who wins the head to head matchup, because the LSU/Aub game DECIDES THE SEC WEST CHAMPION.

Teams with no shot:
Vandy, Miss St., Ole Piss, Kent., Bama

Daddy said...

Happy birthday, shakes the clown! See ya when you get back from the beach.

I think this may be LSU's year.

Biggest dream crusher this year...Arkansas with McFadden and a pretty good recruiting class they should put a monkey wrench in a few team's seasons.

Aubrn has the tools, but can a new DC be able to put something together with speed but no real size.

Alabama will not be as good. It is very simple why....Brodie is gone, and there is no way that the defense will be as good as last year. Prothro does not really bother me.

tigernation said...

Yeah, happy B-day Shakesmcmoney.

Guess you are getting on up there with me now, huh? 25?

Don't get your tushy burned at the beach, daddy won't be there to run lotion on it.

tigernation said...

rub lotion, not run lotion.....typo

Daddy said...

You didnt take your alzheimers medicine this morning did you Nation?

shakeyour$maker said...

I`m 24, not 25 Gramps. Yes, I always wear sunscreen...but Daddy usually puts it on my shoulders and back, so I don`t know what I`m gonna do. I guess I`ll just get burnt, and let him rub aloe vera on my burns when I get back to Auburn.

Biscuits drop home opener to TN Smokies. Maniscalco went 1-4 with a single...had some decent plays in the field. 1st Inning the Mont. LF dropped a fly ball right to him. You could tell by the look on Maniscalco`s face that he wished he had a dependable Left Fielder behind him like I used to be in High school.

shakeyour$maker said...

Alright kids.... I`m heading out to go to the beach. Yall play good and share your toys while I`m gone. We are taking EY`s loaner car down to the beach...2006 Silver Mercedes 230 4-door w/ sunroof. The only bad thing about it is that it has
"Jack Ingram Courtesy Vehicle" in big letters written accross the back know like when trucks have "Aint Skeered" and "Fear THis".....kind of takes away from the fun of driving it, but at least no miles will be going on my car.

You boys have a good weekend and I`ll talk to yall soon.

tigernation said...

Thought you guys might like to read what Michael Wilbon had to say the other day on PTI.......

Michael Wilbon of PTI addressing the recent basketball coaching hire at Indiana:

"I am tired of Hoosier fans, they think they're Duke, they're not, they think they're UConn, they're not, they're Nebraska Football, they're Alabama football, they're yesterday's news"

Any thoughts??????