Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Big Business of College Athletics

Apologies, as the internet has been out at the Wilber household since Sunday. I don't even think I got my Fantasy NASCAR picks in. Lots to catch up with. I trust all is well in the congregation. We are almost to the weekend. So close. So close.

I found a great article on Tigerland/ The Indy paper found the financials for college football. Auburn has the highest paid coaching staff followed by Texas, Tennessee, Texas A&M & LSU. Bama is 21st. Check it out.

Georgia has the best margins making over $23 million from the football program. Interesting revenue and cost figures. T?

Thoughts and suggestions about paying collegiate players with a portion of the massive revenue. Reggie Bush posed pay for production before saying a flat rate for everyone might be best( frontpage).

Kris cheated. Now will she sleep with the team? She lives about 10 minutes away in a mansion.

Police blotter: Former DFF starlet and $hakes Birthday girl Mae Anderson arrested and shipped back to the Netherlands for not being able to handle her liquor on an international flight. [DFF 4.6.6 post]

Gentlemen, a good day to ya.


tigernation said...

Oh yeah, Mrs. Benson is smokin. Not exactly my favorite, but how in the world does somebody find a flaw on that?

She won't sleep with the team.

And he ain't worried about it. He can go out and get 3 just as hot and nasty as her tonight.

Pay for play will never happen legally. But it happens all the time as we know.

I would like to hear everyone's thoughts on the Reggie Bush situation with the sports agent and his family's home.

Dr.Feelgood said...

White knuckle weekend begins today as I will be heading out of town after work.

Still have an extra RV pass if anyone can come up with an RV

Dr.Feelgood said...

I will be around until closing time today for any discussion

shakeyour$maker said...

Did you find an RV Dr?

My G-parents got rid of both the pull-behind campers they used to have. And my dad`s old RV is parked out in Weaver somewhere.

shakeyour$maker said...

Bush will not get in any trouble....USC will walk without any punishment. Pete Carroll will be the only USC person to get in any Mac Brown will get to lay Petey boy over his knee and spank the shit out of him (for the second time).

Daddy said...

What up kids! Things are finally starting to slow down around here now!

Not much blogging this week. Must be a busy time for everyone.

Who you gonna pull through this weekend at the race? Dont sleep on any raised truck platforms.

tigernation said...

Got the day off so I won't be here long but wanted to say hello.....prolly gonna go out on the lake after lunch. weather is awesome here today.

might even play a little golf...who knows.