Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Greatest that we have ever seen........

Interesting tidbits are scattered all over cyberworld. Little facts that reveal the truth of history. One truth is that SEC fans are the best in the land. 7 of the top 16 team leaders in attendace were from the SEC. Anyone else have anything close? I wonder who they are? Why don't you tell us about that great SEC attendance, Anna?

2 Tennessee
5 Georgia
8 Florida
10 Auburn
14 Alabama
16 South Carolina

The polls from 1869 to 1935 the polls are retroactive in picking National Champions. The AP reigned from 1936-1949 and since 1950 everybody and their mother have been picking NC's. Only 3 Bama NC's are consensus?

There have been several "Greatest Team Ever" to play through the years. Can you actually compare the Nebraska and Oklahoma's of the 70's against the FSU's of the 90's or even the Notre Dame's of the 1940's. Has technology, coaching and conditioning really changed that much? 2 out of 3 maybe.

The technological advancement of healthcare has vastly improved recovery time and effectiveness. My first ACL scar is almost two inches long on my right knee and the scar from the second surgery 3 years later is less than an inch. Conditioning has increased the speed of the game every year. I believe the greatest coaches back then could have been successful today because the best ones always adapt.

Well since I made you read that, who is the best ever? I will leave that completely open but I'll tell who the best in my lifetime is. *they must be undefeated*

Best Teams in the SEC from 1980 til now..........Georgia 80, Alabama 92, Auburn 2004

Imagine the swarming Crimson D of 92 againts the monster Auburn offense of 2004. Auburn would have won since the Tiger D would have shut down Barker, Lassic & Co. Chizek & Borges made all the difference in the world. Imagine Bama or AU's defense against Herchel & Buck.

2004 Tigers 23
1992 Cheatin' Tide 13

1980 Dawgs 20
1992 Cheatin' Tide 24

2004 Tigers 34
1980 Dawgs 13 (Jr would do it again)

Greatest teams of all include the above plus Florida State of 1999, Nebraska of 94-95, and Miami of 2001. Nebraska was the most physically imposing team I have ever seen and Peter Warrick was unreal in 1999.



shakeyour$maker said...

Auburn 2004 would be hard to beat. I also think that USC had one of the best teams EVER in 2004. It`s just too bad they did not play, because we will never know who was better. USC was stacked from top to bottom and could have beated some NFL teams.

I don`t think I would put 1992 Crimson Tide on this list. The D that year was crazy sick....but the offense under Jay Barker was mediocre at best. Defense wins championships, and that is the only reason Bama won it that year....oh yea, and they cheated!

Dr.Feelgood said...

And they were drunk. 1992 has to be up there, the offense wasn't very good (good enough, though), but that defense might be the best team defense in the SEC EVER, and would have kept the Tide in any game.

1995 Nebraska could have beaten 2004 USC. Ahman Green as a freshman and Tommy Frazier would have ran over Tatupu and Ziggy Marley(Polamalu)

Daddy said...

shakes, nation,
yall better get after it tonight. I have been working my little ass off this week so that I can come see yall play.

Daddy said...

I wish we could have seen that 2004 AU vs. USC. It would have been a nasty battle, in the 4th quarter it would have come down to character and who wanted it most...which would have been the tigers.

Daddy said...

i need to retract a ass is kinda big.

King of Tigerland said...

Yeah, USC 2004 was a great team as well. Leinart vs. Campbell, Ronnie vs . Lendale and Caddy Vs. Bush

King of Tigerland said...

Rock out, boys

King of Tigerland said...

Remember Lawrence Philips and Tommy Frazier beating the hell out of Spurrier. They had no answer for a physically dominant Husker team.

I think they would have put it on the USC Defense, also.

Dr.Feelgood said...

62 - 24 over the Florida Team that one it a year earlier. Put up like 549 yards rushing. Tommy Frazier had 199 himself.

Here is a link on the topic:

King of Tigerland said...

A Florida team that allowed a come from behind 31-31 tie in Doak Campbell to FSU and then blew them out 52-24 in the Sugar Bowl with Heisman winner Danny Wuerfel(sp), Bob Stoops as DC, Ike Hilliard, Jevon Kearse & Co. the next year in 1996.

Dr.Feelgood said...

sorry about that link it was a good one don't know why only half of it pasted

tigernation said...

The Nation is tired today boys.

Good show from the fellas last night. Some problems with the mix but other than that pretty good. I'm pretty sure I am the reason that all of those 20 year old girls stayed in front of the stage all night.....must be my superior slide guitar playing....or my super hot body, I can't figure out which one did the most damage.

2 Hours of sleep followed by a 2 hour drive, followed by 3 deliveries = worn slap out!!

Dr.Feelgood said...

I didn't realize you went for a one nighter, I though t you were gone for the weekend.

What was set list?? Wished I could have been there. Went to rooftop party on top of the peabody last night (where they filmed that part of the firm where tom cruise is on the roof) Ladies everywhere.

Also ate lunch with my brotha Romaro yesterday. I am real close to getting him onto the blog. We need some racial equality on here

Daddy said...

Sounded good last night. How much longer did yall play after I left?

tigernation said...

Played till about 2:20 actually. I was ready to be finished by that time. The bongos in my ear were starting to make my head hurt.

Not much of a set list. We just went from song to song. Little of everything, but the ladies loved it all.

Daddy said...

Did yall get paid from the cover at the door? It was crowded as shit!

tigernation said...

Got paid $500. Hundy each. Not bad for a night of playing the guitar and looking a barely legal chicks.

Sports Illustrated listed the top 5 draft picks most likely to bust...........

Not picking Dr, just thought you might want to see this.

"Just over a week until the big event and speculation is flying. As is the case every April, many players enter the final phase of the scouting process with grades they don't deserve. They also carry with them expectations they may never meet in the NFL. Here are just a few.

1. Brodie Croyle, QB, Alabama: A solid short-yardage passer who's done a great job on the college level when healthy, Croyle has marginal size, arm strength and durability for the next level. Many predict he will be selected during the second round, but the better bet is he'll be a lifelong backup.

2. Dominique Byrd, TE, USC: Several people consider Byrd one of the top five tight ends in the draft, but nothing could be further from the truth. A pass-catching specialist with pedestrian speed, Byrd lacks a physical nature to his game and is likely nothing more than a part-time player in the NFL.

3. Johnathan Joseph, CB, South Carolina: Considered by some as the top true cornerback in this draft, Joseph possesses outstanding size and speed. But while many are enamored with his athletic skills, they dismiss his marginal instincts and the coverage assignments he has a penchant for blowing, never mind the fact that he played major college football for only one full season.

4. Greg Lee, WR, Pittsburgh: After a brilliant sophomore season, Lee was pegged by many observers as the next great receiver to come out of the Panthers' program. But he dropped an inordinate number of catchable passes last season as Pittsburgh moved to a conventional running attack. Lee is another former first-round prospect who'll be fighting for backup duty.

5. Jonathan Scott, OT, Texas: He was pegged as a potential first-round choice before his senior season, but things unraveled. Playing below expectations last year, Scott has also shown a lack of motivation in the offseason. Though he possesses the physical skills to start at the next level, his attitude will likely keep him on the bench."

Dr.Feelgood said...

Southaven Springfest tonight - mandatory attendance for all Coleman and Co. employees

Shakes favorite band is playing
Sister Hazel

Dr.Feelgood said...

Don't care about the picking if people could accurately pick busts there wouldn't be a bust.

Also how is it possible to be a bust if you are a second round - third round pick. Guy should be ballsy and pick true busts, and pick first rounders

shakeyour$maker said...

I really think I broke my hand last night playing that fucking egg. My hand is purple on both sides now. WTF??? I gotta chill the fuck out on that stupid shaker when we are playing. I thought the thing went pretty well.

tigernation said...

It went very well Shakes.

You have a Stone Bruise. It will go away in about 2 weeks. Ice it every chance you get.

My left palm used to do that about 2/3 of the way through every baseball season, from hitting and catching. It hurts like a bitch, if you keep hitting it it won't go away. Rest and Ice

Dr.Feelgood said...

Use the bucket

shakeyour$maker said...

Would your hands bruise on both sides of your hand though? I know you`ve had these things before....I just want to make sure that it is a stone bruise and not a break or fracture.

Bucket my ass.

Nation-- I made it to my meeting at 8:30 this morning. I had the hardest time getting out of the bed. I felt like I laid down for 5 minutes and got right back up. I aint doin shit tonight. The bed will be callin my name early this evening.

I can`t wait to do this again. I don`t know if I am gonna do the KA house thing because my voice did all the singing it can do for about a few days. We will you remember if Charles said if they were paying us to play? If I do try and sing , it might sound like Peter Brady singing "When it`s time to change..."

tigernation said...

Don't know about pay from the KA's. wouldn't count on it.

My hand didn't bruise on the outside but it got green and blue on the underside.

Just ice it and it will go away. I promise. Might take a while though.

tigernation said...

Well, I guess y'all have already heard this but I 'll go ahead and repeat.

Reggie Bush's family has been living in an LA home owned by Michael Michaels, the owner of a sports marketing agency in Cali.

The family moved in before the 2005 season, and Reggie's listed home address is an apartment in another city.

If proven true the USC football team will have to forfeit every game that he played in while the family was in the house.

They moved out in a hurry just days ago.

Any thoughts?

I hope they go back and find a string of cheating over the last 3 or 4 years on Pete Carroll. Everybody knows he's been cheating, it's just a matter of time.

I wonder if they get in trouble for the 2004 season, if they would award AU the NC since USC would have won it by cheating.

The NCAA pulled Utah's final four banner when they were caught cheating earlier this would be nice if the same happened to USC football.....3 Peat my ass.

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tigernation said...

WTF guys?!?!?!

Nobody wants to blog now that it is so nice outside???

I see, nobody works anymore 'cause it's springtime now. That's cool. I guess I'll just have to go on the lake on my day off.

Dr.Feelgood said...

I am sorry ladies for my lack of blog action this week. I worked outside all day Monday, and Grand Opening of new subdivision today.

Probably will only be on in the mornings for the rest of the week. Next week I will be back in action swear.

tigernation said...

Bored today already. Overcast, humid, Dad is playing golf while I surf the net waiting on people to come in.

So bored.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Nasty Weather here today as well.

tigernation said...

Need to do some biz today. Slow month is bad. Of course April is a bad furniture month anyway. Just waiting on May - Sept. Those months should make the year.