Sunday, April 02, 2006

Championship Game

Florida vs. UCLA

Tonight is the finale of a grand old tourney. Upsets and surprises abounded this year. Florida favored by 1.5 with and o/u of 127.5. Hoping for Florida and the over. Any other picks?

Caution plagued race around the giant paperclip that is Martinsville, 20 pulls it out. It was good background for a nap after a fun night. Going to Texas next week.

We had to bring her back since its the first of the month.

Ladies and gentlemen, have good week.


Daddy said...

Good morning!

I know everyone missed me very much. We had a good time, but I still haven't got my land legs back yet. Janice and I are also international criminals now(smuggling!).

Crazy basketball this year, got to watch a little bit on the boat. I just hope that Florida does not get their ass whooped. You know if they do, then they are gonna say that UCLA killed LSU, FLorida had an easy road, and the SEC was just a fluke. No respect.

I still owe you and you will get paid!

Daddy said...

Looks like the Sopranos is fixin to get rugged again! Pauly needs to behave or he is gonna get his ass kilt.

tigernation said...

Nice to have you back diddy!

Glad to hear you have now committed an international felony. Makes me so proud.

I hope Florida puts in on the Bruins since my boys from LSU looked so bad.

I really think that was the worst Final Four in history.

You know how every sportscaster and newsperson wants to proclaim everything "the best ever" USC football or George Mason as the best sleeper ever......

Well I'd like to hear somebody call something the worst ever for a this year's stellar Final Four games......yeah.

tigernation said...

Mark Richchcht on the QB battle at UGA from

“It may even roll into a little of the season before you can really be sure because when you get to the point of who you think it is, and he’s the man, how will he handle being that guy?” Richt said. “It’s just hard to say when it will finally settle.”

The article says that JoeT3 is the "honorary" #1 and has had his best practices since being at UGA, Stafford has the best arm by far, Cox is the most accurate, and Barnes is hot and cold...............probably won't see a full time starter until game 4 or 5 in my opinion.

shakeyour$maker said...

Great Weekend! THis time change has got me all f-ed up!!!

Who is everyone picking tonight?

I think UF can win if Noah doesn`t get in foul trouble. I didn`t think he was that good during the regular season...he has been great during the tourney though. He played like a game buster against Villanova. UCLA and Florida both share a 12-game win streak going into this game. If UF can shut down FARMAR...they should win the Championship. Yes, Daddy you are right about the experts. They will bash the SEC if the Gators don`t win.

shakeyour$maker said...

I talked to Cheaty Bottoms this weekend. He is back from California...working in Douglasville, GA...for Pike Electric. He is dating a chink!!!
Just thought I would give yall a SneederBickles update.

tigernation said...


Karate Chop Cheatybutts!!!!


Douglasville, Ga = Armpit of Atlanta

Glad to hear he is doing well though.....good old Skeetnuts.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Good to hear ole shitwood is doing good and that hee is into asians

I think Florida will win tonight. Then all the sophomores will leave for the NBA and Florida won't be able to contend next year.

Daddy how was the cruise?

I took a trip to the drunk tank Saturday night, b/c I shot a meathead cop a bird for honking his horn. Fucking Barney Fife

tigernation said...

Wow, never fun to go to the drunk tank, sorry to hear that.

Can't believe he took you in for a hand gesture.

Further proves my theory....."All cops were huge dorks in high school and they get off giving shit to cool people".

Dr.Feelgood said...

It was a real brutal arrest to. You would have sworn I had committed a serious felony. Like 6 of them for the hand gesture.

This comment was said in the arrest, and it still bothers me. One D-bag cop said " This'll teach you not to flick off a cop" What a fag

They took me to Detox, and he was like you should feel very lucky to be going here instead of jail. Which is code for we have no legal reason to arrest you, but you are intoxicated.

tigernation said...

The tough part about that situation is that you have no way to even the score.

They ruined your night out, reprimanded you like a freaking parent, and there is nothing you can say or do to at the time to get back at them without going to jail. Not fair

Dr.Feelgood said...

Well I went down raising hell, spent the night on a cot, aqte two meals and finally got out at 3:30 yesterday afternoon. Tough ending for such a great weekend.

Here's the kicker. My phone wouldn't work. So I got released and had to walk to a gas station and hail a cab home

tigernation said...

Y'all need to go to and listen to the "fu-lines".

The Regular Guys are a morning talk radio show on 96 Rock and they have a line where people call in and tell other people to f-off or they just bitch about something in Atl.

Freaking hilarious.

King of Tigerland said...

Where were you that you flicked off the cop? Then, did he get out and come after you?

Daddy said...

The cruise was very fun. That sucks you got arrested, but it will make an awesome story to tell the grandkids!

Daddy said...

New cheatwood names:
"asia-minor", "cheatandsourwood"

tigernation said...

Funniest thing I have seen all day daddy!!!


What about sesame-cheatwood, or hongkongcheaty!

Daddy said...

"Crouching in your pocket, Hidden Cheatwood"

tigernation said...

Cheatwood-chan starring in "Smurf Hour 3"

shakeyour$maker said...

How about...since C-Butts has a new girl we should call them..........."Cheatie and the CHink."

Daddy-- You forgot about:
"Cheatie CHeatie Bang Bang"
"Cheat Sox"

shakeyour$maker said...

Dr.-- I have never heard of someone getting arrested, but not going to jail. You are one lucky Mother F. "That`ll teach you to shot birds at cops."

Next time, don`t flip them a bird....shoot a SUPER Bird!(Bird Finger and Ring Finger together with thumb extended create a Super Bird!) Or just tell them "Fuck You" and say something about "You can arrest me for Freedom of Speech....Ice T never got arrested for saying that shit."

Was the officer white?