Monday, April 17, 2006

Case of the Mondays........Moving on now

Thank heavens the worst day of the week is over. It is all smooth sailing from here on out. The first AC I felt all day was when I got home at 6p. Sweltering office. Got turquoise paint all over me. I hate Mondays. This picture kinda sums up my day. Enough of that. Speaking of sailing, wouldn't the Caribean be nice right now? Frozen drinks and senoritas.

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has agreed in principle to purchase clothing manufacturer Russell Corp. for about $600 million. The offer is $18 a share, a 35% premium over the Russell closing price of $13.30. Cheers to an Alabama company for their success. Congratulations to the family as well. Outfitted Auburn, Alabama, and MLB for years. Russell Land, Russell Marine, and owning Lake Martin. We all know people who work for Russell. I wonder if Russell Land was included and if Rooney's new boss is Warren? Not bad. Berkshire Hathaway A class shares closed at $83,600 and B class shares closed at $2,868 Monday.

Any thoughts?

Two Duke indictments. 1oo% sure of two people and 90% sure of the 3rd. It will be a spectacle. Somewhere Johnny Cochran is smiling.

POW....The Cowgirls of FSU....close enough......and a reminder of a great season to come. What are the odds of an SEC National Champ? 6:1? ACC...8:1? Who knows?

Braves lose a close one Pedro and the Mets. Two more games with Davies vs. Zambrano and Hudson vs. Glavine facing off. Do the Braves have enough to keep up with the Mets this year? Will the Mets crash and burn? Any thoughts?

The legend and legacy of BTB only grows.

By the way, wonder how 'ol Tucker is doing through the craziness? Beau seems to be living in the lap of luxory.

Ladies and gentlemen, have a good Tuesday.


tigernation said...

First, it's Bo, not Beau. But I will forgive you on that one.

The Mets are freaking stacked, top to bottom. Of course, the Braves are missing the whole left side of the infield and only lost 4-3 to Pedro. I'm not too worried since it's only April. But the starting pitching needs to come on.

Did you get the odds of the SEC NC from a website or is that your prediction? I would think it would be higher than 6-1 if the media had a say......I bet Oklahoma is a 3-1 favorite.

Nice e-mail with the ladies Kingdom. I really want to meet your manager.....I really do.

Daddy said...

That FSU girl is in playboy this month (girls from the top ten party schools). I saw it the other night, not bad.

Must be nice working with ladies like that!

It's Beaux, and you know it.

I hate Oklahoma.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Daddy hate I missed you this weekend. Hope Easter went well for all.

Braves will be fine once they are healthy. The pitching should get better. Sosa left a couple of pitches up there last night and they made him pay. The Braves have also left like 25 runners on in the last 2 games.

Kingdom I want to see what that tongue ring is all about

King of Tigerland said...

Apologies for the spelling. "Bo" not lil black Sambo. Going back I do see a few mistakes. I was trying to churn out a column so we had some fresh blood. You won't believe this but she is 32 going thru a divorce and a mother and other girl is 22. She has been really cool to me and flexible with me leaving. Intense though. Imagine that?

I just made up the ACC and SEC figures. My thinking was that if LSU, UF and AU all were single digit odds then I could just combine them. Who knows? I will find some actual lines from an offshore casino and post.

Ya'll have a good one! Going to an Auburn young alumnin happy hour. Might be fun.

tigernation said...

If none of you have experienced a tongue ring then I suggest you make a point to do it soon. It is AWESOME....kind of tickly but really cool.

Y'all remember that chick that had one my last year at AU. She was crazy as hell. Friends with Kimmy......yelled "C..O...B...B...Cobb Sucks Dick"..with Shakes and I at the game our second year. Before I knew she could work the tongue ring.....and boy could she work it!!!

Daddy said...

Yeah me too. We skipped out of church early to miss that dedication. I heard yall had a good time at the peermore. Heard you were in rare form. i wish I could have come. I really wanted to meet cheatsuie's girly too.

tigernation said...

I told you I want to meet her Kingdom!!!! 32 is just right!!!!! And a Fuck Trophy in the crib never hurt. A kid just means she likes to get it on!!! Set my ass up......

Dr.Feelgood said...

Yeah we skipped the dedication too but we were forced by the likes of Dan Pitts and co. to exit the front door, nad by the time I got out front most everyone had dipped.

Daddy said...

most of your trophies are honorable mention! see what I did there, looks easy, but it is not.

King of Tigerland said...

yeah......she was a hooker from Memphis who told me she slept w/ cox at bodegas! she would scream to!

tigernation said...

She slept with Cox??? Awesome, I guess we have a bunch in common now.....I could ask BC how my D!@K tastes!!!!!

She was a hooker for sure...and she was a screamer, but not like my girl Brittany.

And daddy, as for your honorable mention comment........I will not go there, cause I don't want to list all my trophies!!!! It would take all day.

By definition I don't have any "F@#K Trophies". A trohpy is a baby, child, son or daughter...which I have none of that I know about.

Daddy said...

You better have alot, you have been on this planet a long time!

Are you staying the whole weekend, from thursday on?

tigernation said...

Nope, going back on Friday morning. Have to make a delivery on Fri. night and 2 on Sat. morning.....don't know if I'll make it back for the KA thing or not....but maybe.

Looking forward to getting to AU on thurs. early so we can cruise the campus in the new car!!! And also so we can practice of course.

King of Tigerland said...

Like a weight off my chest. I finally said what I wanted to say for about 6 sixs months. My manager asked me why I felt the way I did and about the co. and I expressed my exact feelings in precise words. It felt good and I thank her for that.

ex. "Why do residents have your cell phone #?" How else are they going to get in touch with me when I am the only one in the company leasing on a Sunday? Why? Because I wanted to move up and get into development and away from the abuse

Looking forward to a new challenge.

I have been reading the real estate blogs and there is ton of info. I never knew there was that much out there when I thought I had the novel idea to start one. Nah, only a year late. $,Dr., & Nation all ya'll might benefit from a blog devoted to real estate or crossroads. Any sales would benefit from free advertising and publicity. Some were informational and some were basically advertising. I have been wanting to start a new blog lately. I tried to talk Jerry and Payne into joining tonight as Suman has apparently taken a hiatus from checking at the DFF.

Gentlemen, have a nice Wednesday. I'm out.

shakeyour$maker said...

Hello Little Girls! I bet you all missed me yesterday. Looks like I missed a fun day of talking about "trophies" and "screamers."

Nation- I have been thinkin about some new songs we should add to the song list.

"Stay with Me"-Rod Stewart

"The General"...."Out Loud"...and "Two Coins"--Dispatch

I think we also should bust "Midnight Special" as requested by the Doctor.

It may be a little much to try to pull off before tomorrow night, but we could have some of these ready before the KA thing Saturday.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Shakes got good practice this weekend singing with Jimmy at the Peerles

Blah blahbla blah blaa blaa

tigernation said...

Shakey - I will be in AU by about 12 noon tomorrow. That should be plenty of time to get some practice in.

I want to put in some new ones and also brush up on the oldies.

Need to make sure I remember all the changes on some of them.

Very excited, especially since TWoBits went crazy late last night.....might have woke the roomie....HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

tigernation said...

Alright boys. Gonna need some action out of everybody today.

It's a little overcast and dreary so I'm gonna be bored. need some entertainment

Dr.Feelgood said...

Maybe you could watch Geraldo today. Apparently he is investigating who really killed Biggie

tigernation said...

Got the Braves on right now. Timmy is shutting the Mets down through 2.

Nasty breaking stuff.

King of Tigerland said...

sorry for the drunken outburst last night.......apologies I made yall see that......I feel a helluva lot better now though

tigernation said...

Diaz hoses a runner trying to tag from third.

Andruw hits an opposite field bomb off Glavine.

Braves up 1-0 bottom 7. Hudson looking very good.....1 hit shutout through 6.