Thursday, December 14, 2006

Springdale Soap Opera

Do you now wonder why Houston Nutt turns down more jobs than he is ever considered for?

He is probably angling to leave Fayetteville after word reaches media that a parent teacher conference between AD Frank(I am a coward for not televising the loss to Auburn last year) Broyles and the parents of the appropriately named Springdale Mafia. The four players from Springdale who came with OC Gus Malzon are apparently so unhappy about being on the Western Division Champs and going to a New Years Day Bowl that they sent the parentals over Nutt's head to meet with the AD.

We can't wait til Shakes McFly come to Beale for us to dance.

Alabama has problems with meddling, no, not even close. Not at all compared to Arkansas. Broyles has never taken his hands off the Hog program and I am flat amazed he even allowed the parents to sit down. Unreal, did these parents ever think that their kids are freshmen in the SEC? Damn fortunate to even get on the field!! Transferring after being the second leading reciever? Williams, are you better than a 6'6'' playmaker named Monk? Only one reciever ever has caught 60 passes at Arkansas, Mr. Cleveland, it will never happen for a tight end so get real.

The one on the right is a Hog fan.

Now young Mitch Mustaine. You rip your head coach in a book about high school football saying you will never go to 'saw unless Nutt is gone. What the hell? Your mother seems to be the ringleader of the Springdale circus, is this for her benefit or yours? You should have been redshirted but injuries and your high schoo ranking got you on the field. Even with a great running game to support, you floundered.

Were are even hearing that Daddy is complaining about PT, what the hell?

Hey, $, this Buds for you Feb 2-4.

Q: where would Arkansas be without Darren McFadden?

McFadden will not win the Heisman next year because he loses 4 O linemen. As Auburn could tell you, backs are a dime a dozen, a line is your only hope for a championship run.


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