Friday, December 01, 2006

Drinking Game #4: Spread That Dog


lola said...

buckeyes and -8. i'm selling it all and letting it ride.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Whats the LSU line??

Daddy said...

You should hear all the GAY-tors down here. They knew all along, OF COURSE! I am glad that an SEC team is going though.

It is winter in FLorida now. It is time to put up the jean shorts, wal-mart t-shirts, and bud light brand flip flops and time to get out the black jeans, wal-mart sweat shirts, and starter jackets. AWESOME!

lola said...

lsu -7. i'm all over that as well.

lola said...

i'm also predicting the urban meyer meltdown somewhere between 6 and 8 minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter. you know, the old spurrier routine. rocking back and forth, holding his sides, appearing like he has autistic tendancies. buckeyes up by 24 at that point.

shakeyour$maker said...

I like all of the SEC teams to roll in their bowl games.....except the "Uncoached" Crimson Tide. Another Losing season for the Crapstone!

shakeyour$maker said...

I think Florida can and will beat Ohio State. The GAY-tors are not a great team, but will be good enough to beat the Buckeyes.

Who the hell has Ohio St. played anyway? Texas and Michigan.

They lucked up and didn`t get Wisconsin on their schedule, and only beat 4 teams that were ranked when they played them.

#2 Texas--(24-7) We now know that the Longhorns are pretty close to being a good football team at 9-3, but not a great powerhouse as ESPN would have you believe.

#24 Penn St.--(28-6) Come on...PSU sucks this year at 8-4.

#13 Iowa-- (38-17) The hawkeyes are now a sucky ass 6-6. They were only ranked for the sole purpose of hyping up an ABC/ESPN Headliner.

#2 Michigan--(42-39) And now we see that the Wolverines were a little overrated because they only had one win over a ranked opponent...#2 Notre Dame.

I believe that the Big Ten will be exposed in this game, and the speed that Florida has will show. It will be a good game, but the SEC is just too strong for the other conferences. Go Gaytors.

tigernation said...

I agree and Go Gay-tors. THey got their wish now they MUST win and win convincingly or they SEC will never get back to the game.

I hope the SEC rolls....

Dr.Feelgood said...

Shakes - Michigan also beat Wisconsin

Michigan had their shot at a title game. All they had to do was win their last game, and they were in. I don't understand why they think they should even be considered for the NC

Its not only the Urban Meyer letdown, its the Chris Leak letdown that usually comes around that time.

The Tide will roll without Shula on the sidelines.

shakeyour$maker said...

Independence---Ok State vs. Bama
Tide Should win.

Music City--- UK vs. Clemson
Uk`s offense can win this one...Will be close though.

USC vs. Houston
Cocks don`t get sucked this week.

Nebraska vs. AUBURN
Tigers should roll.

UGA vs. VT
Dawgs should win in their backyard.

UT vs. PSU
Vols will destroy Penn St.

Arky vs. Wisco
Hogs in a real good game.

LSU vs. Notre Dame
The Irish in the BCS is a joke. The Tigers will kill them.

Championship Game
Florida vs. OSU

Could be 9-0 in bowl games..but I think 8-1, 7-2 is more realistic.

shakeyour$maker said...

Dr.--Wisco was not ranked when they played Michigan.

lola said...

care to put your money where your hole is?????????
just a little friendly wager?

tigernation said...

Shakes I agree but I think UGA has their hands full with Va Tech. It will be a home game for UGA but Tech is the best in the ACC right now(not GA Tech they suck). If Stafford gets pressured he will throw it up.

If Fla can protect Leak and keep his head in the game they can beat OSU. OSU gave up tons of points to Mich and I don't think they have the defense of years past. Fla will have a month to get healthy and put in some strange plays for the game.

Gaytors must out score the Bucks and try to hold Smith in check.

tigernation said...

Just noticed where Cousin Larry had a funny comment about the hairy gut I used to have. Adking if it hung out from under my UA workout shirt.

Well Cousin I am no longer sporting a gut. A slim and toned 175(lots of jogging and bench press). Hence the en fuego run over the last few months. Sometimes I miss the gut though. I could rest a beer on it nicely.

Cousin Larry said...

Nation, I am sorry for your loss, but I guess you have moved on to bigger and hopefully better things. I just had a weekend full of Trapper and Judson. Trap brought this girl with him who had extra tickets to the SEC championship so that was fun, but this girl was the craziest bitch I have ever seen in my life. She freakin' tried to fight every dude in Buckhead before the weekend was over. She was so miserable that Trapper intentionally pissed her off so that she would not spend the night at my house. He then proceeded to piss in the trashcan at the bar and get put into a headlock by the bouncer and thrown out for kicking a huge hole in the wall (no pun intended)

tigernation said...

WOW!!! That sounds like a typical weekend with the Savannah crew the more I think about it. Can they not do anything without some sort of drama? I love them but they are insane.

I'm sorry I missed out.....I guess.

So Judson is still alive? I thought he was out of the country scuba diving off the coast of Micronesia with Spider monkeys?

No Donny Dingus on the trip? Him and Gall would have guaranteed a night in jail for somebody had they made the trip. But it sounds like Trap picked up the slack in their absence.

Cousin Larry said...

Nope, I asked Trap why J Gall and the boys didn't come, and he said that he didn't want them to come because they would be too insane. But in the end, Trapper missed them too much and had to honor their spirits with his own version of their routinely insane antics.

Oh and now to Judson, he is working only part time at a law firm from 1 to 5 every day because he told them that he is in school in the mornings so he can only work the afternoons, they also gave him today because he told them that he has finals. He is in Athens right now getting stoned deciding what picks to take for tonight. He has not been in school since August or some shit.

Do it Chatham County

tigernation said...

Judson will live at home when he is 35

Daddy said...

With cheat.

nation, I forgot, how was the mountains. Looked nice from the pic.

tigernation said...

Mountains were nice. Great view from the top of the mountain.

WE didn't really do anything too exciting, just relaxed and ate some good food.

Spent lots of time in the hot tub, bought a t-shirt, drank lots of beer so TwoBits had a big hangover all day saturday. Watched football......................................oh yeah, KY warming massage oil is awesome.

I'll forward some of the pics in an email.

Daddy said...

I do know of the KY, and am a fan.

shakeyour$maker said...


I always put my money where my hole is! What is the bet? Which games?