Thursday, December 14, 2006

FU Fridays

Here are my Friday rants.....I know some of you will have some as well.

-"I don't have time because of the holidays." Get realistic and deal with it. 15 minutes to benefit your company and you would rather surf the net and take personal calls. Go to hell.

-Drivers who insist on doing 80 in the far right lane so you can't get on the interstate.

-Coddled athletes, such as the Springdale players, did you ever think that success in high school might be because the system creates mismatches.

-Being sick, I am so tired of being sick.

-no college football


Daddy said...

Moving posts.

For the remainder of the Christmas season I will be referring to all bloggers by their new Christmas nicknames.

Kingdom of Tigerland = King of the Jews

Nation = Scrooge (b/c he's old)

Shakes = little drummer boy

Dr. = nutcracker

Daddy = Father Christmas

Other bloggers will have to blog more to get a nickname.

Daddy said...



-City of Pensacola, FL

-Buying larger pants

-Amy Grant Christmas CD. Lady at work always plays it.

tigernation said...


- daddy for calling me old all the time....old is sexy

- the dude that crashed into my mom in her BMW last night and totaled it (she's fine, car flipped)

- customers who don't come in the store but only drive up to the window and look in

- Joe Scarborough for calling Tubs a classless loser on Finebaum......when Scarborough killed an intern he was sleeping with and had the outopsy DR cover it up

I could go on and on but that is all i feel like saying for now.


Ebeneezer Scrooge

tigernation said...

just kidding daddy no FU to you

King of Tigerland said...

who is joe scarborough?

Daddy said...

I forgive you.

tigernation said...

Scarborough Country (tv show) on MSNBC.

Former congressman from FLA and a Bama grad.

Said something along the lines of Tubs was classless for holding up five fingers (which he did to HIS fans) and the Bear would never do anything to embarrass players from another team. (cow college come to mind?) Went on and on about how a proven coach would win 3 nat titles in 5 years at Bama and Tubs was just a pedestrian, middle-aged loser....blah blah blah.

Well one of his interns was found dead in his office in the late 1990's. He was recently divorced for alleged infidelity and then this intern turns up dead from a massive head wound. Coroner said she fell and hit her head on the desk. Wound went across the top of her head from temple to temple. Coroner had been investigated for wrongly reporting deaths in 3 states. Charges never filed against Scarborough.

So needless to say he is a real class act and has every right to call someone classless and a loser......right, i guess that is better than being a killer

King of Tigerland said...

that guy!? jeeeeeeeez

Daddy said...

All right now. gonna need some blogging to make it through the afternoon.

tigernation said...

3 players out for Bowl Game. Lets hope Blackmon can get his act together before spring or he will be yet another "wasted talent". He might already be on his way out for all i know but i bet he gets one more chance.

Auburn, Ala.--Senior linebacker Kevin Sears, freshman linebacker Tray Blackmon and sophomore tailback Brad Lester will not play against Nebraska in

tigernation said...

Violation of unspecified team rules. Rumor is academics on Lester and Sears with Blackmon being another alcohol type problem. Not sure on that just rumors.

No arrests though, straight from

tigernation said...

daddy - any way you could get your wife to do some investigative reporting for us. couldn't she just call her pop and maybe ask what they did?

you could email what she finds out to us so it's not up for the world to see

Daddy said...

Actually, yes. In fact, jana is the only person he will ever tell stuff to. i will see what I can do.