Monday, December 11, 2006

Auburn vs Alabama 2006


shakeyour$maker said...

Holla holla holla holla! One two three four fiff.

tigernation said...

Jacob and i have been doing the hollahollaholla thing like crazy.

"lemme holla atcha...hhollalalallalalllallalaaholla"

tigernation said...

Haters wanna hate, lovas wanna love, i don't even want, none of the above...i want to piss on you, yes i dooooo, pee on you, i'll piss on you.....drip drip drip.

tigernation said...

Only thang that makes my life complete is when i turn your face into a toilet seat.....i want to piss on you

Daddy said...

Shakes the clown,
We's gonna be in Aubren this weekend for Jana's family Christmas, since they's leaving for Dallas next week. Dont know how much free(fun) time we will have since we are staying with the Perry's, but I will holla holla holla atcha if yall are gonna be in town.

tigernation said...

If they close the "purple Church" i will not be attending the party for Shakes in Memphrica. May need to change the destination.............

Indictments flow from two topless clubs
Marshals padlock Tunica Cabaret, Platinum Plus

By Lawrence Buser
December 12, 2006

Authorities said Monday an investigation dubbed "Operation Last Call" may mark the final act for two Memphis topless clubs that one world-traveling employee described as "the wildest I have ever seen."

Federal and state prosecutors said more than 70 dancers and employees have been indicted on drug trafficking, prostitution and other charges stemming from the two-year undercover investigation at the clubs they said often featured live onstage sex shows.

Some 200 law enforcement officers were involved in raids early Saturday at Platinum Plus, 2514 Mt. Moriah, and Tunica Cabaret & Resort, 5599 Highway 61 South, where undercover police officers had been posing as customers or employees for the past 23 months.

Documents filed in the cases detail numerous drug purchases and graphically describe sexual activity in the clubs.

"It surprised me," said Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin, who investigated topless clubs 30 years ago as an undercover officer, "and I thought I'd seen everything."

The clubs were padlocked and are officially in the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service.

Federal authorities have filed federal forfeiture petitions seeking to seize the buildings and property for allegedly being used for illegal drug activity. State petitions have been filed to seize furniture, fixtures and equipment and to close the clubs permanently as public nuisances.

Search warrants were issued for the two clubs and for the home of Ralph Lunati, who was not listed among those charged with crimes. Lunati owns Platinum Plus and is part owner of the Tunica club.

U.S. Atty. David Kustoff and Dist. Atty. Gen. Bill Gibbons said at a press conference that 11 people, including Tunica Cabaret manager Jason C. Youngblood, have been indicted on federal narcotics charges and 61 others have been indicted on state drug and prostitution charges.

Youngblood was identified as the son of Brent Perritt, a former topless club owner who died last year.

Gibbons said Platinum Plus had been put on notice last year to curb illegal activity and that it now faces permanent closure because the activity continued.

"Platinum Plus is clearly known throughout this community and by patrons as a club where anything goes," Gibbons said. "This club is a place where criminal acts are committed with no regard for the law and with a taunting arrogance in the face of law enforcement."

An initial hearing is set Friday before General Sessions Criminal Court Judge Larry Potter.

Allegations of illegal drugs and sex also were levied against Tunica Cabaret.

Authorities said armed security guards there wear bullet-proof vests and warn other employees by secret codes whenever police arrive, such as by falsely announcing "free popcorn and free tacos at the bar."

An undercover officer who was hired as a doorman, bouncer and occasional deejay said Youngblood told them that unfamiliar men who sat alone, didn't drink and "dress funny" were suspected of being undercover police.

The officers' reports also detail live sex shows at Platinum Plus between dancers onstage, "the hallmark of the club, which bills itself as the 'wildest' club in Memphis," prosecutors said.

Similar reports were filed by undercover officers who frequented the Tunica Cabaret.

On Sept. 17 this year, after an onstage sex show featuring dancers "C.J." and "Jen," the club deejay reportedly told an undercover officer, "I have done this worldwide and this is the wildest I have ever seen."

The reports also say Lunati and Youngblood often were present and allowed the illegal activity.

Copyright 2006, - Memphis, TN. All Rights Re[/link]

Daddy said...


tigernation said...

Bowling league tonite!!!!!! Jacob rolled a 207 and a 217 last week but our team still lost. I guess i should pick it up on my end(145 average).

We will have our 420 before we head to the lanes

Dr.Feelgood said...


No worries on Platinum, it will survive. The Mt. Moriah Performing Arts Center stays in trouble.

I have a better alternative. Hopefully next week have an email out on some specifics for the weekend.

tigernation said...

whew, thats good i was getting worried

Daddy said...

How did bowling go nation. The last time Lebowski and The Jesus went it was not a good performance. I think it was mostly because of the lack of alcohol, and the lanes are now smoke free. How can a bowling alley be smoke free? a paradox for the ages.

tigernation said...

the way we do it is there are usually about 6 of us. the bottom 2 scorers in the first game buy a round of brews.

Then we team up in 3's and the losing team buys.

I didn't buy until the last game because one of my partners rolled a 108.

I was the high man on the night with a 170 in game 2.

Averaged about 150 for the night.

Had a good ole time. 10 bucks all you can bowl after 815 on tuedays