Monday, January 30, 2006

Tim is a Tiger, who's next?


King of Tigerland said...

Is it me or are the press conferences getting a bit out of control.

Dr.Feelgood said...

So according to the brilliance of the Nation and Shakes, no one should ever claim a national title.

Hawthorne chose AU over Bama because Auburn allows hose dreadlocked thugs

tigernation said...

Yep, you got it. No thugs at Bammer! Only white bread fat retards like our boy Britt.JK

I recognize LEGIT titles won on the field. "Claimed" titles after the fact by individuals don't mean shit. That is why you always see MNC meaning "Mythical" national title. Because we don't really know who the best team is without a playoff (see split titles & 2004). That doesn't take away the titles for those teams of the past and I recognize the 7 for Bama just like the NCAA, although only 2 were unanimous.

I think the argument was why the "got 12" shirts when the NCAA only says 7. If Bama says 12 then lots of other teams should be able to inflate their number also. Nobody is taking anything away from Bama that is legit.

Where you at Peanut? Hurry up.

P.S. Hawthorne is a thug but we'll take his ass.

tigernation said...

I took this from an article in USA Today. It shows how these bonehead analysts can sway a recruit. Jamie Newberg and Lemming have tons of poewer in the process. When players look at rankings it makes them form an opinion of certain schools and it casts an unfair shadow. These analysts have an agenda in mind from day one, pump up some schools and knock down others.

Tuesday, Jan. 31.

WASHINGTON — One of the nation's top high school football players from last season says prominent recruiting analyst Tom Lemming told him he would be "showcased" and would increase his chances of being most valuable player in the annual U.S. Army All-American Bowl high school all-star game "if I kept a certain school on my (recruiting) list

"He told me if I kept Notre Dame in mind, the NBC (TV) guy would interview me and they would showcase me during the game," Rolle said. NBC, which showed the high school game in San Antonio on Jan. 7, also has a contract for Notre Dame home games. Added Rolle: "He told me I'd have a higher chance of being MVP. I took it as having less of a chance of getting MVP if I didn't keep Notre Dame on my list."

Rolle, who did not list Notre Dame among his six finalists, said Lemming told him this last spring. He also said Lemming tried to interest him in schools other than FSU, something he originally told ESPN The Magazine last summer. "He stepped out of the bounds of what he should be doing," said Rolle, who added that recruiting analysts should simply be gathering information.

By the way, these analysts SELECT THE PLAYERS for the All-Star game. Why? Who the hell do they coach? Thoughts?

shakeyour$maker said...

No...teams should claim NC`s....just not NC`s that are not real. Yesterday, I counted 7 championships in which Bama could say, they were NC, most shared, 2 unanimous. The rest that are claimed, are about as meaningless as Auburn`s 2004 "Championship Season." Bama will count them though to make themselves feel superior over all other schools. It`s funny to me that Bama had to pay large sums for most of their championships.

Hawthorne chose Auburn over Bama because he didn`t want to play for a third-tier at best coach, or a mediocre team. He wanted to be apart of a team that actually has a future. Not one that has been a laughing stock for the past few years and more to come. Auburn could have a shot at an NC this year, while Bama will try and rebuild the D, and might finish next season with only 5 losses. I think the kid made a good decision.

tigernation said...

When Peanut picks AU will the Bama fans call him a sorry thug and say that they didn't want him too. To read's Bama forum it looks like Hawthorne is bound for the Federal Pen in a couple of weeks. I didn't think having a Mother and a Father with his own business qualified you for fedeal time.

He is very cocky and I don't really like that but he will get knocked back down to reality soon enough. I wonder which of these big receivers will wash out first.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Yeah Shakes another genius post. Unbelievable.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Hawthorne is cocky, and I don't think Bama ever considered him to actually go there, he never took a visit to Tuscaloosa.

Whitehead, I think Bama has a shot at, but Hawthorne announcing first will probably put him at AU (only b/c of your classy tier one coaches). I am hearing Andre is going to be in Tuscaloosa

tigernation said...

If big Andre doesn't go to T-town he will be a Gator. But I'm seeing Bama.

Can you imagine the reaction of the Bamanation if he chooses another school? They will be on Shula like white on rice. Or they will call Smith a Thug and say he is cocky and they didn't want him anyway.

I can't believe I'm getting so into these recruits. I guess I am just that bored this time of year. There is only so much b-ball and hockey you can watch before you go crazy.

What will Auburn do with all of these players? They only have so many schollys and they are expecting about 2 or 3 more commits.

Dr.Feelgood said...

I finally got through to a friend of mine from Tuscaloosa, who writes for scout and rivals, as well as a few radio shows on recruiting. It is amazing how much he knows. He didn't even attend Hawthorne's "press conference" b/c he said it was tiny chance he would pick Alabama.

I think Tebow was the only one that no one knew what he would do, and it went up until the last minute

Bamalicksbutt said...

Taken from the Finebaum blog.
Apparently someone there can see into the future and they have chosne to post their visions on the internet......

From rtbthbt (whatever):

It's November 18, 2006, and Rod Bramblett's at the microphone...

"So Auburn has it 3rd and 7 from their own 19. Auburn comes out in a one-back set, Hawthorne wide left, and the Bama secondary shifts to that side. The tight end goes in motion to the right. Long count... Cox rolls right, he's looking down field again! Looking for Hawthorne! Hawthorne down the sideline... CAUGHT!! CAUGHT AT THE 45 ON THE RUN!! He's got it at the 30, the 20, the 10, TOUCHDOOOOOOOOOOOWN AUBURN!!!!!

"Wow, did you see that?! Tim Hawthorne fakes the cornerback out of his shoes, and then breezes by the safety for yet another Auburn touchdown. And it just seems like Bama cannot come up with any answers for this high-flying Auburn offense, Stan."

"That's right Rod, it's just one more score for Auburn's prolific passing attack that just seems to be picking the Bama defense at part at will. Auburn has scored on all six of its possessions thus far, piling up 232 passing yards and 130 rushing yards in the first half alone, and it looks like the onslaught is going to continue in the second half."

"And Stan, when have you see this? The trickle in the first quarter is becoming a torrent, as Bama fans are just streaming to the exits! And the Auburn faithful are celebrating. Just listen to those Tigers!

"OK. Auburn on the point after... It's up, and it's GOOD!!! And with 13:41 left in the third quarter, Auburn goes up 42-3 over Alabama."

shakeyour$maker said...

My posts are "genius" Dr. I think it was you that gave me shit about Auburn not winning an NC in 2004 when they rightfully should have been in the Orange Bowl against USC. (If Bama would not have sucked so bad in 2004, Auburn would have gone to the Orange Bowl) How is this any different? Auburn didn`t claim an NC after the same kind of senario over the years past...Bama has claimed 5 NC`s that are not recognized by the NCAA. WOW!

As for recruiting....Hawthorne must be a thug if he chose Auburn over Bama. He is SOOOOO cocky too. He is for sure not Bama material.

Well, this little cocky summammabitch is gonna come right in and play and be a great target for Cox. Look for a breakout season for him next fall....(like Courtney Taylor in his first season).

shakeyour$maker said...

DR.- Your friend in T-town that writes for and was probably one of those dumbass idiots that told the world that Tebow was coming to Bama. No wonder so many toothless hillbillies were so upset after Tebow`s decision. They were getting their information from a dumbass, that thinks they know what school an 18 year old kid will choose. That dumbass is probably so full of Bama shit that he can`t see anything but Crimson and White, and thinks that everyone WANTS to come to Bama, when in reality...the numbers are very slim. I`m so glad I don`t waste my money on the "insider information" of some stupid ass college punk`s silly website....

That would be like me giving my two cents on where I think a prospect is going, and charging people to read my thoughts. Insanity. This is probably where you get all your historical facts and stats from about your beloved Tide, huh Dr.?

tigernation said...

Ha! LOL!

Dr.Feelgood said...

Shakes - FUCK YOU. you are so blinded by Auburn you say some of the most absurd shit I have ever read. Fuck Auburn, the recent success at the Plains has caused idiots like you to actually believe you will be a national championship contender next season, that your schedule is tougher than Alabamas, more bullshit, that Alabama doesn't have 12 national championships, your redneck ass arrogant coach wearing his fear the thumb sweats, but Auburn fans are classy, Auburn tailgates the best in the SEC. That town fucking sucks, no wonder you all smoke bowls all day long.

Make fun of Alabama all you want its fine, I can handle it, because it is a double edged sword. But Auburn is the class of the SEC, the best program with the best coach, right Shakes?? Laughable.

Toothless hillbillies and the Numbers are slim??? Are they?? Another genius comment. If Alabama did not get another recruit it would be a great class.

Yeah my friend bleeds crimson and white. Probably told everyone Tebow was coming. That is why you Shakes knew all along Tebow was going to Florida. All along, even when Shula left his house midnight before he announced. and another Fuck you if you say you did.

Shakes, you are laughable at best. I honestly try to be reasonable about everything on here, with an occasional jab just to stir things up. You choir boy are just absurd.

Might I suggest to stop pulling your "facts" from geocities and Have you read the Auburn forum??? It probably sounds reasonable to you.

tigernation said...

Good Lord! That was funny too, I love it when friends get pissed about football. Just glad some of my UGA boys are not on here or I would be the same way.

The good Dr said:

"Make fun of Alabama all you want its fine, I can handle it, because it is a double edged sword."

LOL, "I can handle it"?

I'll keep my nose out of this one for now but you have to admit that some of that stuff is really funny.

All in fun.

shakeyour$maker said...

DR- You say that my comments are absurd and laughable....why don`t you tell me what is so absurd with my comments? I have pointed out that Bama`s 12 NC`s are not all legit, as all of the B-Nation thinks. My source was the NCAA`s website dickweed.

You say the "Recent" success of Auburn has me believing that:
1) AU will be an NC contender,
2)AUburn`s schedule is tougher than Bama`s
3) Bama doesn`t have 12
4)Auburn tailgates are better than Bama`s

This all looks like facts to me more than just my opinion. I believe that if you polled most SEC college football fans, everyone but Bama fans would believe these issues as fact as well.

You honestly think that AU is not going to be an NC contender next season? If no, you are not being a reasonable fan of the sport as you call yourself.

You honestly think Bama`s schedule can touch AU`s next season? Debatable, but the given the opponents, it`s hard not to give the nod to Auburn.

You honestly think Bama has 12?
I am not going to argue this anymore, but I will let you believe what you want. Facts are facts, and if you want to lie to and the rest of the Bama turds can go right ahead and make idiots of yourselves.

You honestly think that Bama tailgates can even come close to competing with Auburn? When I came to stay with you in T`town we got up and dressed around 9 or 10 am. I walked outside to find a ghost town, other than the orange and blue fans with tailgates and food already cooking. Bama fans just drive in town an hour before the game, and leave directly following the game. Chicken on a stick doesn`t really compare to a nice tailgate in AU. You`ve got a lot to learn about the art of tailgating son. Bama obviously has no idea.

As for saying the city of AUburn have no idea. There is something special about this place that has forever changed my life. It has everything that T`town`s it can`t be that bad. This place has a spirit, that only Auburn people can experience. It`s kind of like Heaven...only so much room. You don`t have a clue, man. I really don`t appreciate you talking shit about my HOME.

Shula may have a ranked recruiting class, but what has he done with the players he already had. Nothing. WHat do I expect from this recruiting class of Shula`s.....nothing. He won ten games this season.....but took two HUGE embarrassing losses to finish the regular season. He hasn`t done shit as HC and will continue to be Coach Deer in the headlights Shula. Last Year was the best year he will ever have at Bama.

Mark my word...Bama will lose 5 games next season.

You can call me whatever you want, absurd, laughable, unreasonable, whatever you want.....all I know is that it has to be killing you inside to know that Bama is down and Auburn is on a complete higher level. The playing field was even coming into the Iron Bowl this year, but after the first quarter all you could hear were excuses about probabtion and lack of schollys. Well, all I want to know is, What excuse will you have next year, and the year after that?
War Damn Eagle!

tigernation said...

Peanut to Louisville. I wish him the best of luck and I'm glad we don't have to play him every year.

That being said, I really think ole Bobby P might be dipping into the alumni bank with how he has pulled in some of his guys. Maybe I am being a homer because he took 2 of our d-line recruits but I think there is something going on.

If the 'Nut had picked Bama or Clemson or Arkansas I probably wouldn't yell conspiracy, but who the hell wants to go to Louisville? The only selling point they have is that they are in a weak BCS conference with a big chance of getting to a BCS game every year due to lack of competition.

Oh well, good luck again to the 'Nut and maybe we can pancake his ass in The Sugar Bowl one day.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Thank you for furthering my point.

You restated the exact reasons for what I said.

And the little crimson and white bleeder wrote that Hawthorne goes to AU Peanut goes out of state and Andre goes to Bama. 2 for 2 so far.

So I will talk Shit about your home every fucking time I want if you want to talk shit about friends of mine. I am done with this and will not somment any further on it.

Daddy said...

Damn! I missed some controversy today. But, contoversy is what I like.

I have an opinion on the recruiting stuff. I know it is fun keeping track of the players we are getting, but I have nothing for it. It is way too subjective for my taste. It is kinda like counting our chickens before they are hatched, and basing a football season on that can be dangerous.

There is no way to know what these recruits are going to do on the field: how they respond to coaching, how they respond to discipline, how well they play with other players who are closer to the same playing level, how they improve themselves or not improve themselves.

The ranking system itself is fundamentally flawed. There are a lot of high school football players, who play at different levels. We all know that there can be a huge difference between a class-1 5-star player and a class-6 5-star player or even just class-5 to class-6.

I know it is fun to try to predict how the next seasons are going to pan out, I just cant get into all the recruitment hype.

Dont get me wrong, I want to get as many good players as we can. I just think it is an inexact science, and I cant get into the hype.

tigernation said...

Daddy, those are my thoughts exactly. It is a shame that so many people (myself included) put so much stock in what an 18 year old kid decides to do. We all know from experience that the best teams do not always have 11 five star recruits on one side of the ball. It's what they do in practice and the habits that they form through coaching.

If recruiting rankings meant wins and losses then there would be about 3 teams in the country in the hunt for the title every year. Now that would be no fun.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Like Michigan and Tennessee of the last decade

King of Tigerland said...

look at Miami also.

Dr., love the passion. When you see $hakes next time.....form tackle his ass!!!!!!!!!!

King of Tigerland said...

and FSU was always there to

PRODUCTION is the word for the day gentlemen, tomorrow you will have a new posting

King of Tigerland said...

Answer: not Peanut

Surprising but Lousiville usually recruits strong in Alabama. You think Petrino pulled the Jetgate/they wanted me to coach Auburn line?