Sunday, January 29, 2006

3 days til National Signing Day

Auburn loses Alex Rose. FSU gains Alex Rose. Can they make up by keeping Earl in Lee County.

Let us hear what you think about Signing Day.

There are also some unpaid debts due to a certain bowl pool and Jim Kelly bets.


Daddy said...

I still owe you money, I havnt forgot. I will mail it to you soon.

tigernation said...

Axle Rose didn't have Slash with him so I don't care. He looked like a MAJOR Thug in all of his pics so he will fit right in at FSU.

Guys I think we can get:

P-nut Whitehead, Hawthorne, Bryant Miller

Maybe but probably not guys:

Deas, Patterson, Hawthorne here too

Just ready to see what they do. I think Peanut is announcing today and Hawthorne tomorrow so the time is near.

tigernation said...

Just read where P-nut was in T-town until 10:30 last night. Looks like he will be a Bammer.

I guess we shall see.

tigernation said...

Breaking News!!!!!!

-Birmingham News reports that Logan Young has been released from prison. He was seen with Deantwan "Peanut" Whitehead in Tuscaloosa and is expected to be at the Hawthorne press conference this afternoon. With his release look for Alabama to land some big name surprises in the coming days. It has also been reported tha Tim Tebow, Matthew Stafford and Mitch Mustain have decomitted and are now considered Alabama locks for signing day. These comitments along with the purchase of 3 new Land Rovers from a Memphis dealership have confirmed the release of Young and his influence on college football.

Also a side note to the story has confirmed that Paul "Bear" Bryant has been spotted in Jamaica with Elvis, Tupac, and Biggie.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Logan Young is also Easterlings bosses newest client at the Memphis A.G. Edwards

tigernation said...

Dr, that is funny. Hey, did you get that email about the 12 titles?

Just wondering what everybody thought.

Daddy said...

Brodie didnt look too bad in the senior bowl, and looked real good in the practices. He is still a gay though.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Yeah I got it. Excuses Excuses

Supposedly Brodie might have earned himself a second-third round pick.

Kingdom I will pay you.

tigernation said...

Do you mean Ringo Star? I didn't know throwing pics and getting sacked by one arm constituted a good game. He did throw a TD though so that was good. He really didn't look bad but the one who did was Shockley. I think Richt is a great QB coach for his system but not so much for preparing guys for the NFL. David Greene looked shakey last year in the Senior Bowl.

The AU guys did OK I guess. Devin had that TD and Ben had a couple of short gainers. I didn't see Mix get a ball, but big Marcus did. T. Williams had a couple of tackles but nothing special. They say that the week of practice is way more important than the game anyway.

Brodie in the first round?

tigernation said...

Excuses? What? You mean not really 12 titles. I'll happily say 6 but lets be honest, 12 is rediculous.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Whatever. One of your little Aubie cronies writes up a website on geocites and i am supposed to give a shit??

I have better things to do than argue the 1934 Nat'l Championship.

Stay focused Nation

tigernation said...

I honestly have nothing better to do. LOL

Since you are not one to gloat over the 12 MNC's, I will hold off today.

But I will ask what Shakemoneymoney has to say. I bet it is funny.

Dr.Feelgood said...

1925 - Along with Helms and Houlgate. Also Billingsley, Boand, Football Research,National Championship Foundation, Poling other polls gave the title.

1926 - Not just Helms as thewebsite reads but four other polls also hand the NC to Bama

1930 - Another poll gave the NC to bama other than Davis. Nice to leave it out.

1934- Along with the 2 polls Houling and Poling title went to the Tide. Another omission. Football thesarus was not around nor did the give a NC, but it adds nice touch to throw that in.

1941- Houlgate not Football Thesarus gives Tide their nod.

1961 - even he doesn't argue

1964 - AP, Berryman, Litkenhous, UPI

1965 - AP, Billingsley, Football Research, FW*, National Championship Foundation

1973 - The UPI embarassed?? Isn't it still around today?? the USA Today Poll same thing it was also a coaches poll.

1978 - Since polls didn't use bowl games to decide NC until 1975 (another fault of the site) Bama beat Penn State in the Sugar Bowl for the title.

1979 & 1992 - Legitmate.

I am just saying that whoever wrote your email, left out alot of facts. Bent the truth to make it sound better

Daddy said...

Brodie may have raised his stock enough in practice to go first round. I watched a little of the practices and he looked pretty solid. They were talking him up alot too.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Correction Houlgate is same as Football Thesarus but it appeared in 1927 not 1946

tigernation said...

Dr, I think we can all agree that most of them are either shared and or disputed, so by most of the definitions Auburn could then claim 5. If all things are equal and fair and we take every tiny poll or INDIVIDUAL then we can give Bama 12 and Auburn 5 and leave it at that. Not that it matters now, since the majority of them were before our time.

Dr.Feelgood said...

You would have to give Bama 17
1945, 1962, 1966, 1975, 1977

I believe the 12 not near as disputable as giving Auburn 5

Dr.Feelgood said...

Got to check out for a while. Ill try to be back on sometime around Hawthorne's announcement. 4 p.m.??

tigernation said...

I copied some of the listings on I added 2004 for Auburn because of the Golf Digest and PNC polls since we are naming them all.

Auburn: Billingsley
Chicago: Parke Davis*
Harvard: Helms, Houlgate, National Championship Foundation, Parke Davis

Auburn: AP, Football Research, Helms, National Championship Foundation, Poling, Williamson
Michigan St.: Billingsley, Dunkel, Sagarin
Ohio St.: Boand, DeVold, FW, INS, Litkenhous, UPI
Oklahoma: Berryman

Auburn : FACT*, Football Research, NY Times
Miami (Fla.): AP, Billingsley, Dunkel, FB News, FW, National Championship Foundation, NFF, Sporting News, UPI, USA/CNN
Nebraska: Berryman, DeVold, FACT*, Litkenhous, Matthews, Poling, Sagarin

Auburn: National Championship Foundation*
Florida St.: AP, Berryman, Billingsley, DeVold, Dunkel, Eck, FACT, FB News, FW, National Championship Foundation*, NY Times, Sagarin, Sporting News, UPI, USA/CNN ,USA/NFF
Nebraska : National Championship Foundation*
Notre Dame: Matthews, National Championship Foundation*

Auburn: Loosier, Snider, Gwin, Wilbanks, Golf Digest, Some Kids'Poll on the Internet
USC: Liberal biased media

This is fun.

tigernation said...

Dr, 4 of them are on the NCAA website listed above, Google it and see.

So if we are objective and give AU a share of 2004 then they are just as credible as your Tide's. Remember, be objective.

King of Tigerland said...

Stickman was solid. He did momentarily rattle when he was sacked twice in a row but he has a live arm. He needs 10 lbs. but should go btw the 40-70 picks in the draft. For sure one of the Top 5 QB's in the draft. Still no Jason Campbell.

McNeil got his first reception of his career after he got beat and his man tipped the ball up.

Cutler is a player. I dunno about better than Leinart but he might have a stronger arm.

I think AU has a better chance at Patterson and will be the winner of runner up for the rest. Tubs and Price went to Mama Whiteheads office last week and apparently she loved it. We shall see.

King of Tigerland said...

After reading Tigerland, one might surmise that peanut is going out of state. Who knows????

Dr.Feelgood said...

He's going to Florida, everyone is going to Florida

tigernation said...

Hawthorne and Whitehead to UT. Bought and paid for just like the all-you-can-eat buffet by Phat Phil.

Seriously, I saw where Whitehead might choose Louisville. If he too goes to the Cardinals then Petrino is paynig good money for players.

I thought it was funny that the ATL paper had a write up last week saying Hawthorne was the #1 receiver in the nation and that he was coming to UGA. First of all he is like the #7 receiver and he has recently cut them from his list. AJC baby, always sucking the Dawgs bone whether they have to make up a story or not.

King of Tigerland said...

UF scholarships have suddenly jumped in value with Meyer at the helm.

King of Tigerland said...

How much did Young initially invest? Do we get any juicy gossip?

shakeyour$maker said...

Here I am Boys...Didn`t think I would sit and read all this BS about Bama`s fake NC`s huh?

Let`s get one thing straight.......Auburn, being a school of integrity, tradition, and honor will not recognize NC`s that are not legit, nor given by some bogus publication, as our fellow state sharing school does in Tuscaloosa.

Dr.-I appreciate your list of the Bama NC`s. Let`s take a closer look at who gave Bama the nod over the years for the NC`s.

1925- Legit..I`ve even seen the video "Roses of Crimson" in my Sports in America class.

1926- Not Legit...If this is an NC, it is shared with Stanford...the same polls picked both #1?...There are also 2 other teams awarded NC`s. Nice try, Dr.

1930- Notre Dame awarded NC by every publication, except one. Bama still claims this one because Davis picked Bama and ND #1. Nice try again, Dr.

1934- Shared with Minnesota. All but 4 publications chose the Gophers.

1941- One poll out of 13 chose Bama as NC. 10 chose Minnesota, two chose Texas. Bama still claims this one as their own. Nice try-Dr.

1961- Legit

1964-A very SHARED title with Arkansas getting the majority of the polls with 6, Bama(4), ND(4), and Mich(1) getting the rest. Nice try.

1965-As Shared as it gets with Mich St. Bama gets AP, State gets UPI.

1973- Give me a freakin break. 5 teams share this title with Bama getting the least amount of #1 rankings in the polls. Mich., Ohio State, ND, and Oklahoma have more stake to claim this national championship than Bama. Nice Try.

1978- What do you know? Another shared title for Bama. This one is shared equally among three teams, Bama, USC, and Oklahoma.


I count 4 that are Legit, that Bama can claim an outright NC. The others leave much doubt and can be disputed for the rest of time. I will also count the AP polls in which Bama claimed NC`s. This brings the number to 7, for sure it is not 12...but keep pretending.

I will steal a line from Starsky and Hutch..."Don`t try to be something youre not. Just be yourself...That`s whats really cool!"

"Being Yourself" for Bama would mean 7 true NC`s.....not 12...but hey...we are talkin about cocky ass cocky that the school hires ad wizards to make the shirts....Got 12? It`s been a helluva long time since `92.

tigernation said...

I was 2 years from high school in '92. Seriously, I started in '94.

No. I never saw Bear Bryant coach a game. But I was alive at the time of his death. Yes, I am that old.

Bear's Disease = Dye-beat-us

shakeyour$maker said...

Nation- I started high school in `94 as well. Oxford High used to be grades 7-12. I was not even a teenager when I was in started classes with 18 year old Seniors. I learned to spit game with the older ladies. Maybe that`s why I`m such a badass now.

tigernation said...

Lets be honest here Shakey. We know who was getting the back rub from the "Older" lady at the wedding. Your attempts at badassedness are futile while I am still around.

I am the KING of the "older" ladies.

shakeyour$maker said...

Has anyone seen the Doctor? No response to my LONG post....I find that very hard to believe. I guess he knows the truth about the Tide and their lying and cheating ways. Wat to go`ve seen the light. I always knew you were a closet Tiger deep down.

tigernation said...

A closet something I know. Not sure about a Tiger though. Ha ha

King of Tigerland said...

My first bowl game of the day tastes good. One of the benefits to working weekends is sometimes a Monday off to make it a real 2 day weekend.

Nation, you were teasing her! Shame on you. Her heart might not be able to take the excitement.

King of Tigerland said...

I would like to take a plane trip to Memphrica. I would like to check out a good B-ball game with the Tiges or Grizz. $250 on Airtran from ATL. Does it justifiy 7 hours in the car?
Rendevouz? Beale Street? Sounds good to me.

Either that or go camping in the mountains. I'm sure Nation furnishes most of the cabins up that way with nice, nice beds. Apparently better than the Crowne Plaza beds.

tigernation said...

I just got a new bed last week. Pocketed coils with a foam incased edge, memory foam wrap. It forms to my belly like a freaking glove!

King of Tigerland said...

How much would that specialty run the general public?

Sounds sweet.

tigernation said...

Queen size is $999 retail baby. Not even the nicest bed in here by far but pretty freaking comfy!

Dr.Feelgood said...

Shakes I read it, and once again I don't take anything you say serious.

The NCs are all fake, as a matter of fact, we didn't even have a football team then. Suck my balls.

Going to the Grizzle Rockets game tonight Kingdom.

Whitehead is an in state. Hawthorne no one really knows for sure, he has eaten up his recruiting time. Word is if Hawthorne goes Bama they get all three. If Hawthorne goes to AU, Auburn gets Hawthorne and Whitehead, and Bama gets Smith.

Dr.Feelgood said...

The plane trip is worth the extra $130 over gas because of time. On paper the flight takes 3 minutes due to time zones.

King of Tigerland said...

Bama started as a womens college also, $hakes. Just like Florida State. The y have only been playing since the 92.

King of Tigerland said...

and somebody else is driving

tigernation said...

Unless I am a moron and the posters on are really good at fooling people like me, it looks like Hawthorne is a Tiger.

P-nut tomorrow maybe?

King of Tigerland said...

according to rivals, hawthorne is going to the plains of auburn