Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Years....

...and with the new year brought some interesting revelations. LSU & Bama D showed up to play. Georgia was stunned at home by two freshmen. Auburn took a permenent vacation and still has not come back.

Cotton Bowl...Bama D is scary good and the best in the nation. The knee was down on the TD and Shula busted his a$@.

Outback Bowl...Florida will be good next year.

Peach Bowl...LSU will be really good next year.

Capital One...Tubs really knows how to kill a good vibe as he leads the Tigers to their worst loss since Georgia 2002 (or Bama 2001)(or insert another Tub's f*%$ up.)

Sugar Bowl...The Alabama kid and his freshmen sidekick run all over UGA at home in the Dome as they deny DJ a Cinderella finish and make grown women cry.

Now that we are all back from our New Years adventures, please let us know what you think about the games and what the future holds.


tigernation said...
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tigernation said...

WEll, Auburn got the absolute shit kicked out of them and that's about it. Tubby in no way had his team ready to play. All I read about all week was how laid back they were and how much fun they were having. Tubbs, Gibbs, Cox, Pitts, all receivers, and every offensive and defensive lineman can lick on my ass. Nobody wanted to play and that is what sucks. I can handle a loss if they try to win the fucking game but lack of effort is unacceptable. I just feel bad for the seniors who had to leave that way....tough shit...you should have led your team!

Congrats Dr. Feelgood on that Bama win. The defense will be missed next year because they are awesome.

To my UGA friends who thought it would be funny to give me hell after the Auburn loss: Karma is an angry bitch isn't she. Next time you want to talk shit to a fan of a team that beat you at your home field, at night, when your team is at full strength ('cause they are never at full strength if you listen to Munson)....then you need to wait until your game is over. You know who you are (not you Rob J).....I guess you know how I felt after our loss, I hope it hurts all freaking year.

shakeyour$maker said...

Where the hell was Auburn January 2nd? That game was the WORST performance and one of the most embarrasing loses I have ever seen or been a part of. At no point in the game did Auburn have a chance. Rap Star Montae Pitts may be the worst cornerback Auburn has ever had....He couldn`t tackle Calhoun (or anyone for that matter) if he had 1,000 Hundred Dollar Bills taped all over his body.

As for the gameplan....nevermind, Auburn had no gameplan. We sucked it up the entire game in every aspect.

I wouldn`t be so damn mad had I not seen the players having fun everyday leading up to the game. They looked like they had no clue that they were going to be playing a game. These fuckers make money when they go to a bowl game. All the free clothes and ipods....also they are alloted a good bit of money for food or whatever for each day. The smart ones save some of the money and end up bringing cash home with them. Auburn spends so much money for them to go on trips like this for the team to come out and suck it up for 4 quarters. Now the school wants to increase ticket prices....after a horrid game like the CO Bowl. Fuck that!!!! My dad can get 4 tickets next year for the same price he paid this year for 10. Fucked up as hell! I might quit going if this is the kind of shit they are gonna do in big games. It`s not worth my time or my money! I`m sure many other people feel the same way I do!

Dr.- Bama showed up and did what they had to, and got the W! Congrats....

shakeyour$maker said...

I apologize for calling Auburn "The Best in the SEC"

Auburn is in no way even close to being the best in the conference. LSU, UGA, UF are much better than "Mr. cocky for no reason" Tubbs, and his letdown of a team!

Dr.Feelgood said...

The Tide really sum,med up tere season. Steadily whooped ass all gmae only to leave it close. And that had to have been the ugliest kick you have ever seen.

Yes Demeco, Roman Harper, Peprah will be missed, but we are returning some very good players as well. Don't expect the D to fully be gone next year.

Auburns performance was quite embarrassing. Big boys ejection and David Irons talking shit late in the fourth after tackling Calhoun after a 15 yard run were not were not near as bad as jst the look of total unpreparedness (word??). At least Georgia came too. Auburn looked lost all game. Where was the Defense?? Wisconsin didn't really bring anything unusual to the table?

LSU should be good next year, but for some reason I just cannot sell myself on Les Miles.

tigernation said...

The defense was never there. Just like their pansy ass coach who was too much of a puss to show up at the press conference after the game. Who does that? Gibbs secondary (which he personally coaches) gave up 300 yards passing in 3 0f the last 4 games. The only game they didn't was Bama and that was because Brodie didn't have time to throw. If he did that might have been 4 300 yard games in a row.

Not only can they not cover the pass, they have no idea how to tackle in the open field. Herring, Brock, and Pitts looked like they haven't been drilled in tackling all year. Tubbs has some work to do in the off season.

Did you see our backup linebackers. They were absolutely lost out there. I hope blackmon can step in and Sears stays with the team If not Auburn will have a very bad defense next year.

I guess nobody will be going after Borgess after his 236 yard outing against the 100th ranked defense in the freaking nation!

shakeyour$maker said...

"UNPREPAREDNESS" (Yes Dr. it is a word now!) That totally sums up the game for Auburn and the stupid ass coaches. Wisco did nothing out of the ordinary and just totally dominated AU in every aspect. It is ridiculous to me that Auburn played with so little intensity and heart, while the AU fans outnumbered the Wisco fans by at least 5,000. The Tigers just never showed up! All the blame is and should be on the dumbass coaches. Tubbs is a complete asshole.

"With the BCS, you have to start in the Top 5 to even have a chance to make it to the championship game."--Ears speaking about the BCS during the 13-0 2004 season.

No shit Tubbs....we had a chance to make a run next year and start in the top 5...but your dumbass and assistants blew those chances. Auburn will be lucky to start out preseason in the Top 20. Just like every other season when AU has been projected to be good and win...Tubbs screws it up and loses. Not close losses....blow outs!!!! Anytime the media starts talking about AU and how great they are...Tubbs and CO. make those same media people look stupid by playing a shitty game like the CO Bowl. These media people in turn dislike Auburn for letdowns which has become a habit for Tubbs. No national respect for Auburn! Get used to it...until he leaves it will continue!

Daddy said...

Well everyone has pretty much summed it up. I will add this though, I paid attention to the O-line most of the game, and it was absolutely piss poor. I think MM even allowed 2 sacks. Leon Hart did not block a single person the whole game and the angry black man can kiss my dick!

I would also like to apologize to the rest of the SEC on behalf of our team who decided that Disney World would be much more fun than preparing for a football game!

I might go back to Arkansas!

It is pretty suprising that so many of the top ten teams who faced the bottom of the ranked teams lost. It may go to show that our system is flawed!
Unless you are in a BCS game, I can see how teams can be so apathetic not having anything to play for. Also taking a team on vacation and then playing a game at the end of that vacation can have quite an affect!

bamalama said...

I think it is very intresting how all year the auburn faithful has been supporting "Tubbs" even last year on an undefeated season, and he coaches one bowl loss to a pretty good Wisconsin team and the hate mail erupts.. Again it comes back to the statements you love him when he wins and you hate him when he loses. You can blame the loss on preperation from a coaching stand point very rarely. I think you need to understand that your have a quarterback who has been very streaky and a running back who has had a horrible first half of the year and became a better back through game experience and a developed offensive line. Your talented recievers have to have quality throws and openings in zone coverage to be able to have success. I also think your inexperince at linebacker was exposed. Your inability to tackle was shown. I can understand the lack of concentration but im sure Wisconsin players were not just sitting in the hotel watching film. Auburn is a good football team with losts of holes on defense and when you are not fully prepared mentally your weakness are always exposed. I think most of the blame needs to be placed on your players and many of their inexpirence especially defensively. Just a thought!

shakeyour$maker said...

Tigernation-- I think the LB`s will be okay next season. I`m more worried about the DB`s. You also said something about Borges not being wanted after that horrible showing....who would want ANY of our coaches after that loss?
They just put on a clinic of "How Not to Coach" and also "How not to Prepare and Act at a Bowl Game!" It`s almost a slap in the face to those of us who took our vacation time and money to follow them, and lose big to an inferior team. No curfew for the players most of the trip means the coaches and the players didn`t take Wisco seriously, and cared more about having fun than winning. Tubbs and the rest of his shitty staff didn`t get the Auburn job to just have fun....the #1 part of the job is to win...doing whatever it takes to get the W. They obviously forgot about that I guess. It`s funny how big a coaches head (or ears) gets after an undefeated season. You haven`t done shit until you do it again! Tubbs and Co. have 1 season of 10 or more wins. Not very impressive for his career!

tigernation said...


"Inexperience at Linebacker". Are you fucking kidding? 2 seniors and 1 junior do the starting. #51 has been a 3 year starter. So you have no point. You chould have said inexperience at D-back. But for guys who have played 11 games, inexperience is no excuse. Not tackling is an excuse.

"Streaky QB play" He had 2 bad games, the first and the last. Not streaky so you have no point.

"A running back who had a horrible beginning of the year" He didn't get the ball at the beginning of the year (1 carry vs. Tech) and once he was the starter he led the fucking SEC in rushing idiot!

The point is that they were not ready to play, period. Even Tubbs said that he didn't have them ready. And Wisco was pumped and had something to play for. Auburn was there to have a good time and apparently forgot to play the game. It's not an excuse for the loss, it's just fact. They got dominated by a team that wanted it more.

I have never said I liked tubbs and if you knew any of the AU fans on here you would see that nobody has ever liked Tubbs. We like where the program has gone recently but that does not mean we "like" Tommy Tubbs. I think he is an arrogant prick who should keep his mouth shut.

You obviously know nothing about Auburn or football all together judging by your post.

tigernation said...

"Tubbs is a freaking joke!" ...tigernation 1/4/06

Someone please save that quote so I can be on record as a Tubbs hater.

Once again, I'm glad Auburn has seen marginal success durng the last 2 years....the only good ones in Tubbs tenure. But that by no means makes me a Tubb fan and I want this to be known to the world.


Remember in 03 when we went to Tiger Talk so we could yell at Tubbs but we only sat there and drank beer? Well, I disliked him then and nothing has changed. He is apathetic when losing and arrogant when winning. But he does surround himself with good coaches and players (just not good on 1/2/06).

tigernation said...

Here is a list of Bowl winners. Maybe this will help everyone tally their scores.

So. Miss
Arizona State
Boston College
N.C. State
Va. Tech
Ohio State
West Virginia
Penn State

Daddy said...

I was there, and I will have to say that you are wrong. Auburn is a good team that went to disney world and not a bowl game.

shakeyour$maker said...


Don`t come on here talkin nonsense just because Bama finally won a bowl game. Remember, that team that lost horribly to Wisconsin is the same team that brought Brodie to his knees 11 times (not the record for Brodie though...his dad made him go down to his knees 12 times one night at the ranch!), and made Bama look like a pee-wee football team. You obviously know nothing about college football according to your post. Go watch some game film before you comment again. I would be more worried about my own team if I were you. That D won`t be near as strong next year...might need to start thinking about the Thumb, you jackass!

Dr.Feelgood said...

Interesting change of subject:
Since I watch cold pizza every morning here was question this morning.

IF LSU was BCS champ two years ago, USC never played Auburn who argueably could have been the best team in the nation last year. Even if they beat Texas can you refer to them as the best team ever and a legitimate three peat??

Dr.Feelgood said...

Shakes Bama finally won a bowl game??

Step in line bitch that would be a record the Crimson Tide holds.

Most Bowl wins

tigernation said...


Awesome point. My room-mate and I have been discussing this three-peat nonsense.

It will NOT be a three-peat if they win. The university presidents and ALL Conferences came together 8 or 9 years ago and decided that the BCS would claim an UNDISPUTED national champion. For it to be a 3-peat they would have to win this year and next year since they were only AP champs 3 years ago.

LSU was the 2003 BCS champion therefore they were the SOLE title holder.

If the media wants to say AP 3-peat then they would have a point.

It ain't gonna matter anyway. Texas will PLANT faggot ass Matt Do-a-line-hard at the 50 yard line and it will be over at halftime.

bamalama said...


What do you consider a good game, if you look at his stats he has not thrown for over 300 yards except one time and that seems to be the game you belive he sturggled, he hasnt even thrown for 250 yards. Interceptions don't always speak for a bad game. If you look at the 3rd down passing efficency, completion percentage, average yards per pass (making the easy throw to RBs). He finished 6th completions, 7th yards, 6th completion %, all of these are behind the dominate SEC quarterbacks and ahead of the cupcake teams. The only reason he was somewhat successful was because of the dominate run game LATE in the season. And also, BRodi Croyle had a compareable year to Cox and our offense was horrible. Understand son that football is more than what your dad and your pop warner coach taught you. I understand your anger about the poor performance of your lack luster team. Also, in response to the inexperience at linebacker Attarious Williams, injury prone maybe has a total of one and half seasons under his belt, inexperinced, Karibi Dede, moved from saftey to linebacker last year maybe small impact, inexperienced, Travis Willams talented, lastly your safety leads the team in tackles, last time I heard, maybe your dad forgot to tell you about this part, but linebackers make tackles not FREE safties. Next, Kenny Irons got the ball early, 13 carries Miss st, 11 ball st, 11 south carolina, 18 western kentucky, I think according to these he got the ball. So, Nation the next time you see your dad or your pop warner coach get a little more background on what football accutally entails. (BAMA 10-2)

tigernation said...

Bama (son of a fat bitch) lama:

I believe you said Cox was streaky, not a bad QB. Seems to me like you took all freaking morning looking at stats so tell me, where was he streaky. He may have been average, which didn't lose games, but not streaky. When did anyone say he was an SEC leader or consistent 300 yard passer?

So I guess the linebackers have to make all the tackles to be experienced. What the hell are you trying to prove SON? There were INEXPERIENCED backers in there from time to time against Wisco but that is because Sears (starter all of 2004) was at home. And I believe you were probably counting starts when talking about A.T. Williams. He is by no means inexperinced.

When you were researching instead of working did you notice that Irons had his best games when he got the ball over 25 times? I noticed you posted 11, 13, 18....carries for his early season totals. Maybe that would explain what you call poor performace.

As for your brilliant "Pop Warner" comments...spare me.

And one more thing 4 in a row bitch, 11 sacks bitch, we'll make if 5 next year bitch.

Now go back to your tralier, put some food in your Mother's dish, fry up some bologna, put on your Bammer sweats, and beat your wife.

bamalama said...


Please infom me of your knowledge of the game of football. And explain why you continue to down a coach that put Auburn on the map these past few years, and if your wish came true who would replace "tubbs" Auburn money can't compete with the top of the SEC and even now the ACC the southern recruiting pipeline runs around the town of auburn. Look at past results. Auburn has managed to compete with average players that were coached up.

Dr.Feelgood said...

4 in a row is getting quite old.
Congratulations on this year nice win against a good Alabama team.

As for the two years prior, spare me, you beat a scholarship depleted 4-9 and 6-6 tide team. Way to go Auburn. Talk about that for years. That is like beating Ole Miss those two years.

I also believe it was your arrogant ill-prepared big-eared head knocker that came off the plane in Orlando with a Tiger Rags Sweatshirt and cell phone strapped to the side.

Any thoughts on next years preseason top 10??

tigernation said...


We'll stop saying 4 in a row when y'all stop whining about scholarships. It goes both ways so "agree to disagree". -Burgundy

Yes, I agree about Tubbs, he has big ears and is very arrogant.

I'm gonna have to think about the preseason top 10. With all the losses recently I just don't know.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Here are some teams that will most likely be involved. Just rough estimates here not a definite order

1. Ohio State
2. Texas (On Vinny's Decision)
3. LSU
4. USC
5. Florida
6. Notre Dame (they wont stay here)
7. Oklahoma
8. West Virginia
Other notables - Alabama, Auburn, Louisville, I am sure they will probably add Tennessee or Michigan in if they can. Just so they can dissapoint again

* All depends on people leaving for the draft. I think Ohio State is still up there with Holmes leaving

bamalama said...

I feel slightly different about some of those choices.
Here comes the correct order:
1. Texas (TX win, Vince stays)
2. Ohio State (QB too good)
3. LSU (who's not returning?)
4. Florida (Leak)
5. USC (talented)
6. Virgina Tech (Vick)
7. West Virginia (Slayton?)
8. Oklahoma (Perterson Hiesman)
9. Florida State (QB controversy)
10.Notre Dame (OFFENSE)
others: Louisville, Texas Tech, Tennessee, Georgia, UCLA

Daddy said...

More on USC.

I am not on the Texas bandwagon. In fact, I am slowly becoming a USC fan.

I really dont think that USC has much to worry about. Texas's defense is better, however USC's offense is absolutely incredible. USC also does not lay down. I think that both teams are pretty evenly matched, and what it is going to come down to is who came to play and who is still going to be playing in the fourth quarter. I don't know if Texas can handle the pressure or moreover if Vince can handle the pressure(I think the tribal factor will be in effect this evening-DR.).
I think that it will be a close first half and Texas may even be winning after the half, but for some reason Matt and Reggie perform their best when they are under pressure, and when they are performing their best, they can do whatever they want at will. And Matt may be one of the smartest QB's to ever play the game, right under peyton.
I just think that USC is too used to winning to blow this game.
The only way Texas can win is if they are winning by more than 14 points after the third quater.
I may be wrong,but there is just too much pressure in this game and I think USC will handle it better.

shakeyour$maker said...


No...Tubbs did not put AU on the map...I believe that is up in the air between Shug Jordan and Pat Dye...Tubbs just tries to keep himself in the spotlight. Your comment about Auburn and recruiting...Average players my ass!!! When was the last time Bama put 4 guys in the NFL in the first round!!! You are a complete fuckin moron man!!!

Dr.Feelgood said...

I don't think Va Tech should be that high. I wasn't going on exact rankings, but I think Tech should be a mention or lower than 6th. Once again nice record but can't win the big games. Take a look at Va Tech in Big bowl games - not too pretty. But the media loves Vick and gives them love for 9-2 seasons with losses to FSU and Miami

Louisville will have a big question at defense. Question Is Bush going pro??

Tennessee no way. QB issues will exist no Riggs and losing alot of the Defense (3 of 4 starting D-line all 3 starting linebackers and Jason Allen)

Georgia has the running backs but no QB they are iffy.

Alabama has a legitimate shot at preseason top 10. We lose Brodie, but everyone else returns. You would think improvement. We lose Deco and Roach but the backups have proved legit. Secondary should miss to much with Simeon moving to corner and Jeffery Dukes taking over for Roman Harper.

Auburn has a shot if recievers can step up and defense can cover their losses. The bowl loss may have knocked them lower than if they had won. (See I agree Shakes)

Daddy said...

Hell, I bet Auburn won't be better than 12.

shakeyour$maker said...

Dr.--- Most Bowl wins..yes Bama has the record (which could be an argument of its own consdiering Bama`s cheating past)..not my point though....can you name the last one before the Cotton Bowl?

shakeyour$maker said...

I bet Auburn will start out worse than they did this year at #18. Tubbs "UNPREPAREDNESS" will cost Auburn many spots in the preseason polls for next year.

tigernation said...

Bamalama Said:

Here comes the correct order:
1. Texas (TX win, Vince stays)
2. Ohio State (QB too good)
3. LSU (who's not returning?)
4. Florida (Leak)
5. USC (talented)
6. Virgina Tech (Vick)
7. West Virginia (Slayton?)
8. Oklahoma (Perterson Hiesman)
9. Florida State (QB controversy)
10.Notre Dame (OFFENSE)
others: Louisville, Texas Tech, Tennessee, Georgia, UCLA

First of all Florida will not be in the top 5, you are kidding yourself. Olkahoma will not be in the top ten. I also noticed you left out Penn State.

Are you serious when you say UGA might be up there? They lose twice as many people as last year and they have absolutely NO QB!

Thanks for leaving Auburn and Alabama completely out of the discussion.

My top 10:

1) Texas
2) Ohio State
3) USC (Media)
4) Notre Dame (Media)
5) LSU
6) Va. Tech
7) FSU
8) West virginia
10)Auburn, in a surprise (setting the table for the national title run) Just Kidding, I have no idea.

Why does everybody think Oklahoma will be so good? I just don't see it. Although the media probably will put them up there.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Penn State is losing 15 of 22 starters. The same starters that could not win until their Senior season. Poslusky may stay and they are returning an incredible kicker. So i dont know.

Shakes eat shit I do remember a bowl win and more than one 2001 my Freshman year. Also Fuckrag I saw a sugar bowl victory where we took home the National Championship trophy. You have never seen such You and Jason Parrish's new Starter Miami Jacket

tigernation said...

Did not know about Penn St. losing so many. You know Georgia lose 12 starters and if Moses goes pro that makes 13. That is a bunch of players and it will be interesting to see how the SEC shapes up next year.

I read where D. Irons( mouth of the south) and McClover are leaning to the NFL. If so that is 6 starters off that crappy defense.

Dr.Feelgood said...

D. Irons much to everyones surprise supposedly doesn't do well with school.

tigernation said...

Yeah, and I thought he was an astrophysics major kind of like Simeon Castille. I don't know that there are more than 5 or 6 on any team that actually do their own school work.

Dr.Feelgood said...

I am willing to bet that kicker for Penn State is a scholar. He screams it. I wouldn't let my kicker on the field if he looked like that dweeb

tigernation said...

He was about 5'4' 180 and he looked like an actual penis. I don't mean that figuratively, he literally looks like a male reproductive organ.

I bet he sits in his dorm room and listens to Yanni while he plays Halo on line.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Definitely Halo but I bet he is listening to more along the lines of Linkin Park and Good Charlotte.

Great comparison to the Penis, almost identical to the cartoon one in your email about 2 months back

tigernation said...

Nice pop-rock band references. You are probably right about his music choice, but I'm going with "Queens of the Stone Age" and "Simple Plan".

I forgot about that email, that was pretty funny.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Or the new Favorite for the "Queer Skater" generation Fall Out Boy

King of Tigerland said...

Where the hell has the llama been all year when we have been needing diversity?

Is that legshaker?? Did the SEC relax its rules?

Not really sure if you know what you are talking about, but why do you wait for AU to lose to come out of the woodwork?

No one said Cox was the statistical Godsend of the SEC. I believe he is a better player than Stickman because AU never had to put the pressure of not being able to score TD's on their D. Bama did and the Bama stepped up to the challenge and saved him all season. Take away the obviously down TD in the Cotton Bowl and Bama does not another TD again. Cox is just the leader of the top O of the regular season. He played well in 2005 for a first year starter in the SEC.

I have a statistic for you...ZERO...obviously the number of times you stepped on the field given your dependence of stats.

Be reminded that Tubs does not just lose when they lose, they lose UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGLY!! Tubs is not satisfied with just getting beat. He goes all out for the blow out.

We would not be going down this road if AU had just lost, it was much, much worse and raised serious questions about the tone sent by the head coach and the lack of coaching by the coordinators. This attitude carried over to the lacksadasical play by the WHOLE team. We have not called plays from the stands since Hugh Nall was OC and we all know how successful that was.

Their was no hustle or heart to be found on the Auburn sideline and that is what disturbs me the most. No one ran on and off the field or back to the huddle.

I have never yelled at Cooper Wallace bf Monday.

3 Florida (no, Nation, UF will be good)
4 Texas
5 Miami
6 Florida State
8 Notre Dame
10 Va Tech

Watch out for Iowa, Oklahoma, Colorado, UCLA, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Bama and AU will be in the teens somewhere to start out.

AU does not deserve to be ranked after the bowl game!

King of Tigerland said...

My feelings after this weekend......if they don't care then why should we?

I do have great memories of Makos and I am still waiting on the pictures.