Thursday, January 05, 2006

As the sun sets on the 2005 College Football Season

As the dust settles, as the sun sets, that was all she wrote, it's all over now. Many ways to unfortunately say the 2005 college football season is history. Vince is King of Texas and may continue that way if he sticks around. LSU and Florida finished strong in the SEC to set up potential title runs in '06. Same with West Virginia. Miami, Tech, and FSU should be strong in the ACC as their quarterbacks will be better in their second year and all should have killer defense. Oklahoma, Texas Tech , Nebraska, and Colorado will make an attempt to challenge Texas but probably won't. Ohio State might represent the Big 11 in the Fiesta Bowl as Michigan should be competitive again.

Predator has left for the greener pastures of NFL Drafts 6th round to rookie free agency? Better have a killer workout. Is #4 following? Moses? Darby?

Maybe the NFL cheerleaders can make more headlines in stalls now that they sailing in the football ocean by themselves?

Stickman will be drafted between the 3rd and 5th rounds.

Pat Forde credited Auburn with a preseason #12 due to a stellar secondary? He later installed Bama at #19 due to being back from probabtion. No more excuses.

Why is Auburn DC David Gibbs such a coward? Now we learn that after the 450 yard performance at Kentucky, he had to pulled off the team bus to talk to the media. He leaves 18-22 year olds to answer in his place along Tubs and Borges. Sounds like someone needs to toe the line of accountability. It comes with the position and the six figure contract.

Congratulations to Gene Chizek. 4th down and 2. They stopped the unstoppable. This Largo guy would have spoken to the media.

Please take this one from here.


tigernation said...

It's Chizik with an i but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Gibbs is a Pussy. How can he ask players to step up and take it when he can't even face the media. It's not like he is the DC for the N.Y. Giants. The only pressure he has is to perform for people like us.

Cheerleaders who make out with eachother in a bar bathroom are fine with me. They didn't have to go to the bathroom though. they should have done it in public so everybody can watch.

shakeyour$maker said...

I wouldn`t talk to the media either if I had just given up 500+ yards to a Big 10 school. I would actually quit my job on the spot because there is no excuse for such a poor and pityful performance. We have got to get a coach in here like Gene Chizik that will have our entire D, (especially D-backs) swarming to the ball as they did in 2004. Montae Pitts even started on that D...what happened to him since then?

McClover is an idiot....he is making a very dumb move going to the NFL. I wish him luck, but I am afraid his situation will turn into that of Kenedey Winston from Bama`s b`ball team that went pro and was undrafted. He`s got great talent..he just didn`t raise his stock much with so few sacks this season. He should have waited and had another game-busting season to become a high pick. But hell, what do I know!

tigernation said...

McClover needs to run a 4.5 at the combine to have a chance. If he does make it I see him moving to Backer like our boy Marcus Washington. Tell me again why Washington played D-end at Auburn and is now a Starting linebacker in the NFL.

I want Auburn to get a 6'4" 240 pound middle linebacker. Keep the outside guys small and fast but we need somebody to STUFF the entire middle.

shakeyour$maker said...

Washington played awesome at AU on the end. Do you can remember when he hit Tee Martin from UT and made his helment spin around? I have a picture of it somewhere. He could get in the backfield so fast from the end. I agree when need a big guy in the middle, but if we have a hard-hitting speedster like Tray Blackmon, I will take that too. I think he will be fun to watch in the next few years!

tigernation said...

"The little Ball of Hate". He was known in high school in LaGrange as the "Little ball of Pain." I like "hate" better. Blackmon will start next year at an outside spot. I just dont want him stuck in the middle getting blocked. He needs to be on the edge where he can fly to the ball.

Did you hear what Dede said about him? It was something like "he must have great high school coach 'cause I've never seen somebody pick up the defense so fast."

At least we can look forward to seeing Blackmon because there isn't much else to be happy about with Auburn football right now.

tigernation said...

Marcus Vick is a thug N!@@&$. I finally saw the clip of him stomping on that guys leg. ESPN also said he was arrested on Dec. 17 for driving with a suspended liscense. Add that and the bird shooting during a game along with his previous history and it looks like he is on the way out of Va. Tech. This may be old news to y'all but I thought I would comment.

He is meeting today with Beamer to decide his future. If Beamer wants to make his program at least appear to be clean then he needs to let this thug go.

What was it that Jimmy Williams got kicked out of the bowl game for. I heard about it but I can't remember. It seems like it was pretty bad though.

Oh well, just bored again. Slow at the store this week.

shakeyour$maker said...

Vick is a thug. I hope Beamer lets his sorry ass go. He is nothing like his brother.

Slow day on the Plains as well. At least it is Friday though!

tigernation said...

Nation actually has a date tonight bitches!

Shakes, are y'all going to Monk's wedding? Should be fun. Drinking and maybe some dancing.

shakeyour$maker said...

Yes I will be there. I just called him to let him know yesterday. I lost my invitation and rsvp. What weekend is it?

tigernation said...

Sat. the 21st of Jan

Dr.Feelgood said...

A little under the weather Friday, had to go home early. I know you all missed my intellect.

So for this week, the Doctor is back.

tigernation said...

Welcome back. I was starting to feel stupid after not reading your genius for a couple of days. I feel much more intelligent knowing you are back.

I just found some rediculous pics of Kenny Irons and his friends on the Auburn forum on Those boys are 100%. If you know what I mean. I love 'em though.

tigernation said...

Sorry about the spelling in the previous post. I told you I was getting more stupid (what? more stupid?). If that is possible.

tigernation said...


Are you wearing a tux to the wedding? It says black tie optional but I really don't want to wear one. I don't even know if my tux still fits.

I'm going with a sport coat and slacks. If I was to wear a tux then most of the women would probably pass out with desire. Including the bride!

shakeyour$maker said...

I haven`t decided on Tux or no tux. I will be dressed up to a T for sure though. I know if I saw your ass come in with a tux, I would be somewhat moist in the drawers.

tigernation said...

Let me know if you wear a tux. I don't want to be the only person in one or not in one.

My brother just sent me a text saying he is in class with Courtney Taylor. I told him to give him some money out of his wallet. Is that illegal? I think it is.

King of Tigerland said...

A simple suit would do the trick. How was the date, Nation?

tigernation said...

Now, you know how I do it. Use your imagination and deductive reasoning skills to come to a conclusion.

Nation + young lady + nice dinner + alcohol + bar + alcohol + Nation's looks + Nation's skills = do the math.

Just kidding, it was fun.

Dr.Feelgood said...

I told an ex this weekend that I still had feelings for her. she left the bar in tears.

clonts+alcohol+more alcohol+ex =IDIOT

tigernation said...

LOL! That is really funny.

Don't feel bad though. I've had ex's resort to violence in the middle of the bar just from the site of my face.

See Bourbon Street Bar, Auburn circa fall 2000.

They always come back, 60% of the time they come back every time.

Daddy said...

I have resorted to violence just at the sight of your face too!

tigernation said...

The difference, daddy, is that you resort to violence because you are jealous of my stunning features. I understand though, I am a beautiful physical specimen!