Sunday, December 18, 2005

Coach's Report Cards

With four new coaches in the SEC this year, who made the most positive impact on their new program? While we are on the subject, let us know how you rank the SEC coaches.


tigernation said...

Hate to start off subject but check out Bama's out of conference for next year:

Hawaii, Duke, La. Monroe, and Florida International.

Dr. Feelgood, that shapes up for a decent year if you can beat Ole Miss, Vandy, and Missy State. That would be 7 wins before the opening kick of the season.

tigernation said...

I have to go with my boy Spurrier. He took a program that Lou Holtz tried to run in the ground (like every other place he has been) and made a winner out of them. After dismissing half of his starters from the year before, he pushed his team along throughout the year and improved by year's end. The only real disappointment was losing to rival Clemson. I am not looking forward to Auburn having to go up to Columbia next year. Neither are UGA fans, they are scared to death of the Cocks next year.

Dr.Feelgood said...

Well nation lets check out Auburn's out of conference for next year:

Washington State - impressive 4-7 this year

Temple - incredible 0-11 this season

Tulane - great 2-9 season

A combined 6-27, shapes up for a decent 3-0 for you as well

King of Tigerland said...

And Auburn beat the Temple in basketball in what was one of the largest b-ball victories ever on the plains. Lebo commercials are awful.

I will go with Spurrier followed by RICHt. Holtz would have been 4-7 with the same team. Helen Hunt was the glue that held Georgia together to win the Championship. Bobby Johnson at Vandy was not shabby either. The other three new coaches O, Miles, and Meyer....I only see Meyer still there in two years.

I will be home today as the Explorer is at the Dr. across the street.

Daddy said...

Lebo's commercials are not near as bad as tub's golden flakes commercials.
I would have to go with spurrier as well. I guess that is kind of a duh though. I used to dislike spurrier quite a bit, but he is growing on me.

tigernation said...
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tigernation said...

Have Andre Smith and Earl Alexander saied where they are going yet? I heard they will probably go to Bama but who knows. Any inside Bama info Dr. Feelmeupski?

How are y'all going to pay me after the bowls? I take everything but Discover Card.

shakeyour$maker said...

I think AU`s non-conference may be a little tougher than Bama`s (as usual)!!!

As for the coaches I say they stack up like this:
1)Spurrier(USC)- No suprises here
2)Miles(LSU)- With everything LSU has been through this only lose twice is pretty amazing. I know they have parade all-americans across the board, but with the hurricane and all, it`s hard not to say this guy did one hell of a job.
3)Tubbs(AU) and Richt(UGA)
4)Bobby Johnson(VANDY)
5) Shula(UA)- Not because he is a good coach, but because he went from 6-6 to 9-2 in one season. Thank you Bama D, because if you men hadn`t have stepped up, who knows how bad the Tide`s record would be with absolutely no offense.
6)Urban Meyer (UF)
7)Oregeon(OLE MISS)
8)Fat Phil(UT)- Very disappointing season, but as always..he`ll have the Vols back in contention next season. He has the record to prove it too.
9)Houston Nutt(Ark)- I still like this guy.
10)Croom(MSU)- I think he is better than Shula all day. SHould`ve had the Bama job, but Mal Moore is a racist.
11)Rich Brooks-UK

tigernation said...

Temple will not be on the schedule next year. The '06 schedule is not out yet, but good try. We also start a home & home with the powerhouse WVU after next season. Hell, after losing to Tech twice I am worried about Washington State.

Dr.Feelgood said...

No inside here. Haven't really followed that close to recruiting this year. Being in Tennessee, I don't get to much Ala. - Aub. info.

Hope you all like this:
1. Tuberville - After losing the entire starting backfield, I think his season was impressive.

2. Shula - 6-6 to 9-2 Regardless of whether the offense or defense did it, the head man is in charge of it all.

3. Spurrier - HE took South Carolina to 7-4. Holtz had them 6-5 last year. One game improvement (Winning an emotional one over you alma mater) does not get you to the top this year. Most likely next year.

4. Bobby Johnson - If he could have pulled out at FL he might be higher.

5. Richt - 1-3 in the big games (AU, LSU, FL) this season

6. Les Miles - I think I could have coached LSU to 10-2 with the talent they have.

7. Urban - So far the recruiting might have him at the top soon.

8. Orgeron - He won't be this high long

9. Fat Phil - You lost to Vandy and chould have been beat by Memphis

10. Houston Nutt - He is still gay

11. Rich Brooks - He is recruiting pretty strong

12. Croom - He is not better than Shula. He will not be around much longer. If you could shake, give me something that shows he is a better coach.

King of Tigerland said...

cash.......Earl Alex is leaning towards AU

shakeyour$maker said...

Dr. Feelmypennie,

I know you didn`t just say Tubbs was the SEC Coach of the Year. Are you being serious or kidding, because he is not my pick, nor any other Auburn fan on this forum...although he has done a good job this season, I think he could have done a little better..Example: Learned after Tre Smith`s first fumbled punt return, that the little whitey can`t return punts. It took him the entire season to figure all that out.

To follow an undefeated season, losing 4 NFL first round picks, and still finding a way to make 9 possibly 10 wins is very impressive.

Spurrier took a shitty ass USC team, and made them winners. He is a special coach and I`m glad he`s back to the SEC. He`s the coach of the Year!

shakeyour$maker said...


Croom has more experience than Shula and also was around with the Bear! That should mean more to you than any other comparison of coaching ability.

If Bama had not hired Shula, he would continue to be a bottom feeder QB coach in the NFL. I don`t know if he even got paid half of the time. And No he wasn`t the reason for Bama`s success this year. That would be Mr. Joe Kines.

Even though Croom dresses like a fat slob, he looks like he knows whats going on during the game, and not like a "deer in the headlights."

Croom is better, end of story.

Mike Shula = Bill Curry

tigernation said...

"I want to get my degree first, more than anything, and help my team beat Auburn before I leave." Kenneth Darby, Alabama Running back and the SEC's second leading rucher said when asked about leaving for the NFL.

Interesting how Auburn players talk about winning the SEC and the National Title while all Alabama players can do is try and try again to beat Auburn. There once was a time when it was Bama talking about winning the SEC and such. My, how times have changed.

Dr.Feelgood said...


I am serious. I really feel like the 9-2 season justifies coach of the year after losing what Auburn lost.

Shula is better than Croom and is no Bill Curry. Yes Shula is 0-3 against Auburn. His first year I will admit we were terrible. Second year Auburn should have played for the National title, and this year we were still a dog at home. If I recall Curry had an undefeated team in '89 and could possibly have played for the ntl title had he not dropped a big upset to Auburn. Croom cannot coach at the college level, and he is proving he cannot recruit either.

Thanks Nutfun, but I believe Darby was probably commenting to all you Auburn fans who can't stop talking about 4-0. It is you who is so proud of your 4 year streak over the Tide, so therefore Darby, like myself, is tired of hearing it

Dr.Feelgood said...

Holtz had USC at 6-5, Spurrier yes coached them to 7-4. Not enough improvement to justify coach of the year. Especially with embarassing defeats to Ala and Aub and losing to Clemson in the last one.

The Florida win was a good one, but I think USC would have won this one regardless. Florida is scared of the ol ball coach. They know how good he can be.

King of Tigerland said...

correction.....earl alex is a solid Bama commit

tigernation said...

Well Dr. Feelmeupski,

If he is so tired of hearing it why bring it up when not asked about it, huh?


You might want to get used to hearing it 'cause you got about 320 more days until the next time it happens.

Think anybody got tired of hearing Bama's back?

shakeyour$maker said...

Dr.- First we`ll discuss why Spurrier should be SEC Coach of the Year.
1)Did you think USC would go 7-4 this season? Answer-Hell No

2)Do you think he took a crap ass team and made them look pretty damn good against the likes of UGA, UT, and UF? Answer-Hell Yes even though he lost the game against the great UGA by a couple of points.

3)Do you think Lou Holtz would have USC in a bowl game if he had coached USC? Hell No

That`s why Spurrier is the SEC Coach of the Year. Joe Kines is the SEC assistant coach of the year.

Now, onto our next topic....Shula is Bill Curry. Shula and Croom are exact equals. Neither knows how to coach and they prove it almost every game. Without Kines, Bama would probably have been 4-7.
Bill Curry was a good coach but Shula is not so therefore, Shula doesn`t even come close to Bill "Badass" Curry.

shakeyour$maker said...

Doctor Feeldaddyspootang,

I have come to the conclusion that Curry does not equal Shula.
Bill Curry was actually a MUCH better coach than Shula will ever be. When Curry brought his 10-0 Bama squad to Jordan-Hare in 1989, he did not get beat by a superior team...he got beat by team that was high on emotion and a coach that refused to lose to his arch-rival at home for the first time. Bama had a much better team all around, but Auburn had and still has something Bama will never have.....a little something that I am always talking about.....something that burns inside every Auburn man, player, coach.......something called HEART!!!