Thursday, December 15, 2005

Where are the Alabama fans?

Will Bearback be there?

Sports talk in Atlanta revolves around Georgia with tidbits of other SEC teams. One interesting side note dealt with the Alabama Crimson Tide fans. Buck and Kincaid spoke on 680 am of how "embarassing" the Bama fans are since they are not buying any Cotton Bowl tickets. Texas Tech was outselling Bama by several thousand at publishing. On the other side of the coin, Auburn has requested more tickets and Florida has not had problems selling their New Years allotments. Is this an embarassment to the Tide after the successful year they have had? Let us know what you think about the lack of support Tide fans are showing their team in a New Years Day bowl game.


King of Tigerland said...

Newsflash.......Tubs has finally turned the punt returning over to Lester and Dunn. Amen.

King of Tigerland said...

I say a small bit has to do with the cold and the distance. I do also think that Tide fans should support their team. Over that large a fan base there are bound to be some fans who can afford the trip. It is the Cotton Bowl for petesake. New Years Day!

Maybe some of the sidewalk alumni bet on Bama against Auburn?

shakeyour$maker said...

What`s up Fellas? I know all of you were in tears yesterday in my absence from the blog. My little tummy couldn`t handle my drinks from the night I stayed in the bed ALL DAY! the Point! I think Bama fans are kind of pissed with the way the Tide ended the season. Some may think that TT will beat that ass...others just don`t want to go to Dallas...not real sure what the reason is for the lack of support.

If I was a Bammer, I don`t know if I would make this trip either. It is a VERY long drive...very expensive flight if you take that route...and just not that great of an opponent as far as a traditional powerhouse. Let`s say Oklahoma was playing in this game...I garuntee you there would be no tickets remaining.

I don`t think Bama will get romped in this one, but I also don`t think they will win. The Bama D is awesome, but will have a tough time with the explosive passing game of TT. If Bama had a decent offense, I would give the Tide the nod, but they don`t, and therefore I have to go with the Red Raiders.

Dr.Feelgood said...

I think after this week I would rather read auburn tigers forum.

Peace have a good weekend

tigernation said...


Man, I was sick for two days, then, we had a major ice storm that cut off the power at my house for two freaking days and nights. And, the internet had been down at woirk for two days! Talk about a tough couple of days! I just got caught up on the Auburn news. Glad to hear Tre is no longer returning punts.

King of Tigerland said...

If this has offended the good Dr., we will stay on the fence more in the post offerings. Please remember that the subject matter is up to the postership as they have in the past and will in the future dictate all topics and control the blog.