Thursday, May 10, 2007

Two thumbs up

Earnhardt Sr. is rolling over in his grave. Junior will be the hottest commodity NASCAR has ever seen in years. Dale Sr. never meant to leave DEI in control of Teresa (sp?, not really deserved) She should feel ashamed and terrible for this latest debacle.

Do not be surprised if Junior is driving the #3 car with the Bud logo next season. What a disgrace to the NASCAR family. Teresa, you have no place in this. Watch DEI smolder in flames as Junior makes his name. It is terribly sad that his dad created this company for an incompetent to run it in the ground.

Congrats to Little for ballsing up and breaking ties. Teresa, you are the biggest clown I ever ever seen. You ruined the work of the greatest man to ever participate in NASCAR.

Relevance to Hillary taking control of a country???


Daddy said...

I agree 100% with the DEI debacle. I dont keep up with NASCAR as much, but I do like Jr. and loved his daddy and it is a shame this has to happen.

The Office was good last night. I like that Pam let it all out. Maybe she and Jim will be F-ing soon!

Carl Montgomery said...

What a bitch, did you see where Teresa said, "Dale and I built this company" Give me a break old hag, you did nothing but run it into shit

Havent watched the Office, got it on the TiVo though

King of Tigerland said...

Great post, Carl. You beat me to the punch. I hate Theresa. Another redneck name the same as Missy, Felicia or Randi. She probably has it airbrushed on the front of her Monte Carlo.

I hope Jr. goes to race for Joe Gibbs so he and Smoke can kill Gordon and Johnson.

Churchill is officially licensed in GA so please direct all your corporate real estate needs this way!

tigernation said...

Ha ha you said Randi!

There is a chick here that goes to Brenau named Randi! Huge slut

Carl Montgomery said...

Randi is just a name that screams whore. Her parents stamped her with that at birth

Another one of those redneck names is Sheila

Just stoppedby the wendys for a nice hungover food session involvin a chicken sandwich. Since this wendys is very stingy with its ketchup I always have to ask for it. Today the young woman working the window attempted to hand me 2 packets. 2, wtf? If it weren't illegal I would have reached out and slapped her in the mouth. 2 packets, are you kidding?

tigernation said...

Two packets is bullshit. I always say..."could i get a big handful of ketchup?" Just to make sure the dummy knows i need some ketchup on more than just two fries

tigernation said...

Dr - Mike Sheila?

Carl Montgomery said...

Yes Mike Sheila

Yeah what a load of shit. 2 packets. I am still mad about that