Friday, May 18, 2007

Moving Day...Bandit is Back

The day has finally arrived. The long dreaded moving day. Later today I will move into a gorgeous new townhouse complete with hot girls all over the community and my very own private living room where I may relax and recharge. Before the R&R, though, moving sucks.

Bandit is Back...Tray Blackmon is currently in class this morning and officially a member of the Auburn football team. DC Champ hinted that he will be in the middle next year which could make for some very interesting defense. As well as make Tiger fans forget about the last undersized, speedy middle backer, Travis Williams. Big shoes to fill as Travis was a key component of the '04 undefeated season.

Wilbur out!


tigernation said...

Damn kingdom at least spell the man's name right. TrAy Blackmon

I'm not so sure he is the third generation of anyone in the blackmon family. He is Tray like "hey man bring me that TV tray so i can eat and watch the game".

King of Tigerland said...

Apologies for my egregious error. Spellcheck that!

Also, what do you have left in queen or king size pillowtops?

tigernation said...

Just depends on how much you want to spend. I've got tons of beds left

King of Tigerland said...

its for jen

Carl Montgomery said...

Buying bedding for a chick. That's sweet king

I am completely hungover today

tigernation said...

Well then it depends on how much SHE wants to spend.

Like i said, i have tons of beds so send her up here to try them out.

I'm hungover too Dr.

I'm going to Asheville tonight to see my buddy Darrell so i made a call last night to get some goodies for the trip and the damn dope man stayed at my house till 1230 drinking my beer. So i was forced to drink too and i had a delivery in Helen,GA at 830 this morning. Gonna be a long weekend.

King of Tigerland said...

I am hungover as well. After a long week I decided I needed to cut loose. After an Atlanta Auburn Club & Marsh Insurance Happy Hour, CJ's Landing was the spot.

Girl I was with last night is right up your ally, Dr. Blonde, chubby and country. If she was brunette it would have been perfect.

King of Tigerland said...

How is the BBQ this weekend?

Carl Montgomery said...

Last night was awesome. Left work at 2 yesterday to start festivities actually don't want to eat bbq again.

Jimmy legs was in town last night and had a 900 flight which sucked for me bc I was his ride to the airport

It still amazes me that the whole competition bbq subculture exists and to the extent it does.

Send all blonde chubby and country my way. I will also help her pick out bedding

tigernation said...

I think i might bang a granola ass hippie chick in Asheville tonight if i can.

A hairy bitch!!!!

Daddy said...

Everyone watch Sopranos last night. Pretty intense.

tigernation said...

AJ is a bitch. If you really want to kill yourself just shoot yourself in the head.

So does Tony kill Phil? Phil kills Tony? Carmine kills phil and tony?

I say Tony kills them all and runs shit by himself...NY and Jersey

Daddy said...

I say they all die in a huge mob war. You are right about AJ, he is a bitch.....always crying.

tigernation said...

Yeah there is a war coming. but can they get everything finished in two episodes?

I hope the finale is two hours or they are gonna have to cram a whole lot of stuff into two episodes to tie up all of the loose ends.

So who dies next? I say its somebody you don't expect. Silvio goes down in the next episode.....then Tony kills Phil. This leads to somebody killing Paulie. This leaves Bobby as Tony's only threat so Tony kills Bobby.

Carmella leaves Tony during the war.

Or maybe Tony dies. Does AJ kill him? Maybe Carmella? Bobby or Paulie?

They have a whole lot of questions to answer in just two episodes is what i'm saying.

Daddy said...

Not to mention.....the arabs, something is gonna happen with that and the help the FBI gave tony for the info. Something is going to happen with the shrink, especially after her talk with the other shrink. We have almost forgot about Junior as well. I think people are gonna get busted, and there is gonna be a lot of death.

tigernation said...

Don't forget about the asbestos stuff. Tony could get pinched for that.

Yeah i have been thinking for a while that they could go with the therapist angle and have her talk to the feds.

There is just so much to answer i don't kow how they can do it in two shows.

But you are right, a few arrests and lots of death or they are going to disappoint a lot of people.

I just hope the ending is drastic and intense. I hope they don't go with a dramatic slow ending where everybody rides off into the sunset and all is well.

I'm gonna need some arrests, some infighting in the family, some backstabbing and lots and lots of blood to be happy.

tigernation said...

Oh i just saw the new Trailer for Rambo IV. Its about as graphic as it gets when it comes to killing.

He knocks one guy's head off with one karate chop, and pulls out another guys adam's apple.

Daddy said...

Wouldnt be surprised at all if we were wrong and they throw something crazy at us. Also, there has not been a dream sequence in a while, they used to do those often.

Stallone must be going broke or something to be throwing down all these sequals after 20 years.

"Over the Top II" coming this summer to a theatre near you.

Daddy said...

that last line rhymed by the way

tigernation said...

If you notice the opening credits of the show, Michael Imperioli's name is still coming up. I say Christopher is in a dream sequence soon because the guy who played Johnny Sack never has his name in the opening credits anymore.

The funny thing about Stallone is that the last Rocky is called "Rocky Balboa". Well, the last Rambo is gonna be called "john Rambo".

I guess he figured he should finally use both names in the titles to finish things up.

King of Tigerland said...

so what is the word in alabama about the recruiting violations by saban??

tigernation said...

Secondary violations. Just talking to players a little too much in the dead period.

Nothing to it

King of Tigerland said...

they both love their beds by the way......thanks for helping them out.....are you going on the lake this weekend??

tigernation said...

taking the boat out suday. have to work saturday and monday

Glad they are enjoying the beds....i aim to please in every way, and never disappoint

Daddy said...

Did everyone have a good Memorial Day weekend?

tigernation said...

yeah, you? heard you saw twobits