Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Return of the King

Ladies & gentlemen, back to the grind. After a terrific week of training and exploring the fine dining establishments of one of America's finest cities I found myself at the lake this weekend. Laying on the back of the pontoon boat looking at the stars was the best way to end a great week. It has taken me a few days to recover but I will survive.

A few observations since I have been gone...

-Matthew Stafford is truly a race fan. The pics of him from Talladega that Erik over at found were amazing. The girl is no Te-ho but she is still fine.

-"The Houndstooth"-this is a bar across from Wrigley Field in Chicago that has a houndog wearing a houndstooth hat on the sign. It also has the Alabama A flag flying as well..."Southern Hospitality on the Northside"

-What the hell is up with drunk driving and Auburn football players? Two DUI's already and Sears isn't on the team anymore. Is Trey Blackmon back on campus?

-Did Chuck graduate this semester? Did $ finally??

-The Braves are ripping it. Pitching is much improved since last year as well as hitting. Is it their year? Let's talk if they make it through the first round of playoffs.

-How was Memphis in May?

-How was the Beau Tucker Reunion at Bodega's?



Daddy said...

bloggin a little slow these days

tigernation said...

Check out this guy's name........

By Sonny Turner

An Athens man was charged Tuesday with robbing a store at the intersection of U.S. 72 and Hine Street, records show.

Paul Bryant Crabtree, 25, of 18114 Astor Lane was charged with first-degree robbery, records show. He is accused of robbing the J-Mart store at 2:50 a.m. Tuesday.

This is the latest in a series of unrelated store robberies in Athens, said Athens Police Capt. Marty Bruce.

“The clerk was outside and noticed a man walking to the store,” Bruce said. “The man walked up and told the clerk to turn and go back into the store, that this is a robbery.”

The man told the clerk to open the cash register and the clerk complied, placing the cash drawer on the counter, Bruce said.

“The robber then asked the clerk if he pushed any buttons and the clerk told him no and put his hands in the air,” Bruce said. “The robber had his hand under his shirt to imply he had a gun.”

The robber grabbed the money out of the drawer and ran out the door, Bruce said.

Officer Jason Threet found the suspect and arrested him on Gordon Drive at 3:21 a.m., Bruce said.

The clerk was not injured.

Crabtree remains in the Limestone County Jail. Bond has not been set.

He must be a relative....right?

Daddy said...

all alabama fans are descendant from the bear, and therefore all related, and therefore all are inbred!

tigernation said...

nice, you took the bait, now lets see if i can hook the DR.

King of Tigerland said...

Athens....awesome....right next to the old stomping grounds of Madison....gotta love North Alabama