Friday, May 04, 2007

Its Friday, we ain't got no......

Women, the weekend is now here for the Dr. Daddy you will be sorely missed tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday. I know you were adamently looking forward to hearing Hinder belt out, "..with lips of an angel..."

- The Tigers are topping the list. My home team away from home gets the nod for the top spot entering next season. It pays to go with a grumpy old man to games when else will go with him. In front of alot of people I work with, CT (Grumpy), announced that I was the only one who could go to Memphis games with him next year, and anyone else who decides to be a fan because of their ranking can "Go to Hell"

- Derek Trucks then Mule then the Brothers. That will make up my Friday evening

- Good to hear you are eating well in Chi-town Wilbur. I am a huge fan of "good meals"

- Last, but not least, our good friend Dwight
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Peace out Whiteboys

Dr. Feelgood


tigernation said...

Sounds like a bad ass night of tunes Dr.

The Bo tucker band will reunite once again saturday afternoon for a 3 hour show outside at Bodega on Toomer's corner.

And since Twobits and i are taking an open-ended break, i will be on the prowl.

daddy or shakes - any single ladies that are friends of the Mrs. gonna be around?

Daddy said...

Thanks Dr., I am upset that I dont get to see that line-up tonight especially.

Thats a tough one. Most everyone is not in Auburn anymore. You coming tonight nation?

tigernation said...

not tonight. be there saturday around lunch

Daddy said...

Well you better bring your oxygen tank then, because daddy is a bachelor as well this weekend.

tigernation said...

FUCK YEAH!!!! I really wish i could get there tonight. MAybe i can talk my dad into it but i doubt it.

Guess i'll have to go out here in town

tigernation said...

I just want to get blaaaaaaazed right now

ShakeYour$Maker said...

Well come on down Nation, daddy and I are taking the rest of the afternoon for that reason alone!

tigernation said...

Man shit, i don't know what to do. I need to be here in the morning for just a little while so i guess i'll just come down tomorrow.

I think i need to go out to the bar here tonite and get into some trouble. I haven't been out as a single man since last summer so it might get interesting. Jacob's lady won't be in town till tomorrow so we might just end up with the brenau ladies at the house again.....actually that is a very big possiblity

Daddy said...

Dr., how were the shows?