Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Midweek Update

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I hope I find all well. I have been enjoying all the Windy City has to offer the last three nights as I am slowly but surely falling for another great American city. The distinct accents are being noticed on both sides of the conversation. A blonde asked everyone at the table where they were from, two replied Indy and she cut me off before I could answer. "You are from the South" so I told her, "I am a blazing yankee!" A blatant lie but she was blonde.

A few observations......

-the buildings go on forever, a commercial brokers dream. It is like a canyon of concrete going on forever.
-people are much friendlier than expected, not quite the South though
-I am not a big fan of a ten minute lunch and not leaving the 28th floor from before 8 til after 6
-getting your RE license in other states is a joke...45 hours?!?
-no college football talk, only Da Bears!! and some think Rex Grossman is the next Brett Favre, ie: "their stats throught the first three years are identical"...seriously??
-cabs are sooooooo cheap and sooooooooooo worth it
-had a great steak tonight(bone in filet w/ broccoli) and the last time I had a truly great meal was Memphis...Wild Fire Grill and the had a signature drink, the Wildfire Manhattan with Basil small batch bourbon, terrific...actually handed the Bramble its butt

Nation & Carl, please post over this rambling space filler. All, have a great week and we shall see you soon!


Wilbur Churchill


tigernation said...

daddy - you should get kigndom to let you post. But this might turn into the gayest football blog on the world wide web.

I say give daddy a test run. On the condition that he post that mustache pic on the front page

Daddy said...

I got the invite to post a while back, but just havnt yet. That is why I havnt posted yet, so it wouldnt turn into a free for all.

If I do post, the stache pic will be there.

tigernation said...

I meant turn into a gay blog because your posts would be so queer.

Daddy said...

My posts would win the pulitzer.

tigernation said...

or the golden boner

Daddy said...

anyone bloggin today

tigernation said...


Daddy said...

Boring day today. I am having trouble staying awake.