Thursday, May 25, 2006

World Record Hammerhead

A new world record hammerhead shark was caught in Boca Grande Pass off Port Charlotte in the southern Gulf of Mexico Wednesday. The

14.5 foot 1262 lb. shark dragged the 23 ft. boat 12 miles offshore during the 6 hour struggle. It was caught with live stingray.

What the hell? This new "blow out" rule by the Connecticut high school association infuriates me. Newly adopted, if a team beat another by more the 50 points then the winning coach is suspended the next game. Bob Jones football coach Frank T. Sadler used to say that if you don't want us to blow you out then don't let us score. It is your own fault if you get blown out. I see this as the dumbing down of competitive athletics and a form of game fixing. Have they not sent people to prison for fixing games? Any thoughts, gentlemen?

I do love Elisha.


Daddy said...

Thats a big o' fish.

Daddy said...

Anyone doing anything fun for Memorial day?

tigernation said...

Going on the lake tomorrow. Should be fun.

Big sale on Monday....BIG sale

King of Tigerland said...

heading to BB's place at lake chatuge on the nc/ga border......

wish me luck fellas.....hopefully Wilber will be employed after 4 pm today

the post got messed up with that many pics but I had to get that hammer on htere

King of Tigerland said...

all have a good one!