Sunday, March 18, 2007

Weekend Oberservations

Saban's new ride is spotted at the football center in T-town.

While working at the pub this weekend, I realized how commericalized and similiar to prom St. Patrick's Day has become. It is another American excuse to get drunk. It is amatuer night like prom. People who go out 3 times a year go out March 17. Cinco de Mayo and New Years. And those can be considered Guiness, Corona & Brut National Holiday's. It takes someone special to get hammered on a Tuesday or random Sunday.

The race on Sunday was an exercise in disapointment as Tony Stewart was passed by Prettyboy to lose. I can't believe. I am beside myself.

Brandon Cox played well as he hit Diddy's brother in law for one of his three touchdown passes. Apparently, A Day was the most promise the team has showed offensively this year so far even though the D was handcuffed to base again. Cox, keep taking your calcium pills to avoide brittle and breaks.


lola said...


( i should be a contributor)

the tigers of death valley (the new all purple wearing ones) take on ole miss in the nit round 2 tonight. home court advantage. we are 3-0 against the sec this year. i don't know what happened to this team but tonight will be the night. all the picks out there say ole miss will easily cover 5.5 and very well could win.
not tonight. if you watch espn, you'll see a clemson team who rebounds its butt off, is hitting their shots, and nailing those damn free throws. anyway, that's my prediction.

good lawd, football season is a long ways away. willy korn will be starting by the third game. harper will start and tribble reese might get a couple of plays. let's hope the injury plague moves to florida this year.

i picked oregon to win the ncaa. when they are on, the quack attack can beat anyone. i like the midget guard. (cousin larry, you should be watching the ducks!)
he ain't scared to put up shots in the paint. they almost look underhanded. i heard an announcer say "well, he's been shooting like that all of his life." where do they get these guys?

i can't get over how few cops i saw on the road saturday night. between spring break, st patrick's and can-am days, the beach is quite busy. lots of golfers as well. usually i pass about 6 on my way home. (cops not golfers). e.r. is a lot busier though.

well, i guess i've babbled long enough. hope you guys don't mind.

tigernation said...

King: post this vidoe pleae?

Dr.Feelgood said...

SO are we ripping off now King??

Just got my account set back up with the blog, so I will be posting again soon.

If you have home court advantage against the Rebels I would take Clemson straight up. Ole Miss has not been to terribly hot on the road.

Speaking of Ole Miss, My roommate seriously bragged to me about Ole Miss "almost" beating Vandy in baseball Friday night. Almost wins are bragging rights for Ole Miss fans. Unbelievable. This is the shit I have to put up with up here.

Be around all afternoon

King of Tigerland said...

actually, they ripped it off a few other sites and somehow the other 4 pics did not show up.......saban was suppose to be at the bottom.....not sure what is up.......dont be defensive bc we have better kickers!!

Dr.Feelgood said...

Nation good to see you posting these days. I am around today, and hopefully in the next week or so, I will be back to the good ole days to being online, blogging my job away.

Good news, got rid of one of the last houses in the North Creek subdivision this weekend. This should play big for me getting out of the shitter at work.

All I have been hearing about today is how the 3 major universities of Tennessee are in the Sweet 16. I guess since 2 are SEC schools and I actually like the other one, its not to bad.

tigernation said...

Yeah i'm cool with the Tenn. schools. Always been a Memphis fan in b-ball for some reason. Vandy has lots of pale-skinners and UT's coach is insane (orange body paint and all).

tigernation said...

I hope everyone had a good St. Patty's. I know i had my fill of green beer.

I ended up going out with TwoBits and 4 of her friends. Only guy with a pack of chicks can be good and bad but in this case it was good.

I think the green food coloring may have affected my tummy though. And the ladies are even complaining about some green poop. Ha ha

Dr.Feelgood said...

Pearl is a clown, but at this point I have to give it to him that he can coach.(Alot better than the Original deer in headlights coach Mark Gottfried)

Clemson is -5 now Lola

lola said...

i hear ya screaming, dr. best line yet. damn i babble in those late night posts.

tigernation said...

4:37 am huh lola?

Must have been a good nite