Thursday, March 01, 2007

Make it Rain to Barry Bonds to Lil'Bo

As I lay here to excited to sleep my thoughts wander over what I have seen the past week or so in the media. Big day tomorrow. It is time for WC to step up to the big leagues.

*Anna Nicole should be buried in the Bahamas, or with Elvis or James Brown. And Larry is the father not could also be Nation for all we know.

*Barry Bonds has grow
n from a size 7 1/8 hat to 7 1/4, cleat size from 10.5 to 13 and a jersey of 42 to 52...nah, he never juiced. In Tennessee, they tax you for it.

*"Makin' it rain" is expensive and I vividly remember $ disgusted comment about it. 81k is f'n expensive to make it rain. Apparently that is what Pacman Jones was showering the strippers with at Minxxx in Vegas. This set off a frenzy that resulted in shots fired and a bouncer paralyzed. And he allegedly bashed a strippers head into the stage as well. So much for the Titans drafting based on character. Wholesome dude. I will be watching over my shoulder next time I travel to the Pony.

*Lil' Bo is back at tailback and Mario Fannin is returning punts for Auburn. Music to a Tiger's ears as Robert Dunn/Shimmy Shake Tre Smith were woeful returning last year. If Brad Lester does not win the starting tailback job outright, he might be relegated to special teams and irrelevant. Give the ball to Tristan on powers and sweeps and let him run downhill. Run Ben Tate at F-back with Carl Stewart with Enrique & Lester bringing relief. Please, heavens, allow Auburn's offense to return to its previous glory of the two years before.

I am ready for next weekend. I'm ready to see my boys. I have been sober as a judge for a month and that is about to end. It is on. Young Trappy and Donaldo will be a welcome site. Maybe I will make it rain at Bourbon Street!! Peace out!!


Dr.Feelgood said...

I would butter antonellas bread.

tigernation said...

^^^^^^^^^^^3:32 AM = Late night drunk post before checking out some sweet porn?

Dr.Feelgood said...

Definitely a drunk post. Was all prepared to Maj a kingdom or shakes length post. Unfortunately I was watchin this evenings TiVo'd ides and got distracted

Give me about 10 min and I will add some sweet porn to the inbox

Dr.Feelgood said...

I hate sure type on the phone. Make not Maj.

Also keep in mind nation I am an hour behind blog time. That 2 to 3 difference is a huge one in nights on the town

tigernation said...

That is true. I realized that after i posted this morning.

Still up pretty late for a school night DR. We might need to talk about an earlier bed time for you during the week. Don't want your grades to slip.

King of Tigerland said...

looking like the king will stay in atl and will know for sure tomorrow.......all drunk posts are welcome here!!

Did you find a new bar, Dr??

King of Tigerland said...

when will diddy return??