Monday, March 05, 2007

Desert Island

After a quiet Sunday at the Churchill abode taking in "Departed", "Thank you for Smoking" & a few episodes of the Office, we shall play a little game. Desert Island, if you could have three items on a desert island to bide the time til rescue, what would they be?

Wilbur Churchill is gonna go with....drumroll please....a Sharapova!!

Crown Royal XR, since beginning employment at the pub, the alcohol intake has increased a bit. Crown XR(Extra Rare) is the last batch of the famous whiskey from the Waterloo distillery before she burned to the ground. Johnny Walker Blue is well know, so is Middleton's...but XR is terrific with hints of vanilla and caramel, and definietly smooth. Ice is a plus!

My ragged Rainbow flip flops, no matter how old, ragged or mangled, they are so damn comfy...and I am not gonna pull a Tom Hanks here.

Tabasco Sauce, the greatest condiment ever. You might have expected Grey Poupon but no! Tabasco is where its at! And since I will be foraging and hunting my own food...why not? It can cover the taste of anything!!

Peace out! I shall return after the errands are run and the bills are paid.


tigernation said...

Twobits' 3 desert island items:

1) cell phone for texting
2) "Rambo" her cat
3) never ending supply of tigernation's home made broccoli/chee casserole.

Nation's items:

1) cheeba w/ bowl
2) sun screen (spray on is the best)
3) huge machete

King of Tigerland said...

not bad, nation...I like the inclusion....I am def a broc & chee man myself, might have to get the recipe since I usually rely on the frozen blue package

I am also down with your #1 but since I really havent done it lately and the island grows its own, I left it out.......I am out there today! Where, not really sure?

King of Tigerland said...

and if I win $370 mil at Mega Millions I will buy an island and name it the Daily Football will have a never ending supply of squeef,satellite football, and many other necessities

tigernation said...

I'll be winning that purse my friend. Sorry to burst the bubble.

The broc/chee we make is awesome and we do it about twice a week. Great with any grilled meat.


20oz bag of broccoli. Boiled and drained.

Block of Velveeta melted and mixed with broccoli in a pan.

Top with a few crumbled Ritz crackers.

Put in oven for about 5 min.

Remove, stir, and cover with another layer of crumbled Ritz.

and thats it! Pretty freaking simple, but soooooo addictive.

Feel free to mess with the amounts for more or less broc/chee. Sometimes we'll double it up so we can eat it for a couple of days. It's even better on the reheat.

Daddy said...

1) Sneat w/ lots of seeds
2)gun and ammo

I would also try to sneak a volleyball and paint a face on it for company.

Matthew said...

Alright girls,

Won't be around for the rest of the week. See you all in Auburn for the "beginning of a new era".

Dr.Feelgood said...

I have no idea why it says Matthew

Anyhow, till Auburn

Carl Montgomery will be there

lola said...

1. shrimp sauce
2. one of those make your own beer kits
3. a raft. you guys can wait if you want.

Cousin Larry said...

1. midget
2. bicycle
3. striped socks

Dr.Feelgood said...

I love Mondays when I wake up still hungover

Enjoyed the weekend. It might put my out for a weekend though. Still feel awful

Should have a chance to be around the internet all day today

tigernation said...

I am actually not feeling any ill effects of the alcohol but the damn time change f'd me up royally.

I've learned now, after this weekend, that i don't need massive amounts of hard liquor to have a good time, beer does the trick. But the Zanny i took on saturday was awesome so that may have helped. ha ha

It was one of the best wedding receptions i have been a part of and i enjoyed seeing everybody.

Especially you DR, rolled up in the bed like a big burrito in the DGAF room. Actually smelled like Fromunda-chee and mouth wash on sunday morning in that room. So funny. (you didn't stink, just the air in the room had a hint of a funny odor)

I got a couple of funny action shots of Kingdom and Trap the Tornado that i will email around.

Do y'all know how to put a picture in one of those inspirational things with the quote on the bottom? I have about five that need some type of funny caption.

Daddy said...

Great weekend. The time change got me too, I am a little sluggish today.

I got a bunch of good pics too. We will have to email everyones pictures around.

Dr.Feelgood said...

As the day goes by I am thinking I might have gotten a little tinge of that stomach bug that went around.

And I forgot last week. My three things

1. Fishing pole

2. Tara Reid

3. Whiskey still

I loved the solo shots of Churchill at the wedding

tigernation said...

yeah those are some prime time action shots of the king. rare form to say the least

King of Tigerland said... is the web site, nation.

ladies, enjjoyed this weekend waaaaaaaaaaay to liver gave its two weeks notice.....I luv it!!

tigernation said...

Ha Ha ok everybody check the email. Just added some captions to the pics of King and Trap. I don't know if they are funny but i had fun making them. I'm also taking suggestions for the captions so feel free to be creative with your cut-downs.