Thursday, July 31, 2008

SEC Preview

30 days and counting down. Ladies and gentlemen, it is football time in the southland!

I, personally, cannot friggin' wait til leather meets pigskin. Each year holds the promise of great things to come but I believe 2008 has the potential to be a very special year in college football.

Before we predict the finishes in the greatest conference in the country check this link out.

Saban's main tool of discipline.

Have you heard of the A11 offense. Some weirdo out on Texas started this and I am not quite sure what to say about it. Unconventional, yes, weird, yes, for 8 man football, yeaaaaaaah.


As well, write your congressman, Barney Frank is a great American.

On the to Conference of Giants....

First the SEC East...

1. Florida 2. Georgia 3. Tennessee 4. South Carolina 5. Vanderbilt 6. Kentucky

Now the West...

1. LSU 2. Auburn 3. Alabama 4. Ole Miss 5. Mississippi State 6. Arkansas

Florida is my pick to win the SEC East because they are seeking absolute, deathstar revenge over uGay for storming the field like a naked man wanting to get on TV. For as good a person as Macht Richt is, he is an imbassal for ordering his troops to storm Alltel Stadium last year. Number 1, he ordered something against the rules of the sport, 2 he could have started the greated brawl in Cocktail Party history. This year the winner of the East will be whoever leaves Jax with a W.

I expect Tennessee to be better than most people think....and they will payback Bama for the drubbing last season. University of Concrete in Knoxville wins 9 games. South Carolina is in line for 7-8 wins. If the offense matches up with the D then they have a chance to knock off any of the above 3.

Vandy will flirt with bowl eligibilty but in the end....probably won't make it. Kentucky = Is is roundball time yet? The Wildcats simply lost to much off last years team and their QB is pulling a John Parker Wilson, getting a DUI.

The West is the Best...Hoody Hoo!!!

I guess there are toolbag fans on all sides.

LSU will win it in the trenches. Not saying, but I kinda am saying, they have the best combo of offensive and defensive lines in the country. With all that talent, Haaaarvard only has to manage the offense and not be an idiot. Auburn will be right behind them and has a realistic chance of winning the game in September, just don't forget the Volunteers from the concrete campus are coming the next week. Auburn is gonna be goooooood, LSU might be a tad bit better. Thank heavens Brandon Cox is now selling orthapedic devices!!! Auburn will still beat Bama but won't have to worry about the horrendous INT's under the QB just runs out of it.

Stay classy, Alabammer.

Bama is back....haha...just had to say it again. No, really, no, I would be impressed if they won 8 games considering the complete lack of depth on defense (especially the front 7) and brand new recievers....oh yeah, JPW is still QB, and he is worse than Brandon Cox ever was, now that is saying something. If Bama wins 8-9 it will be an exceptional season.

Ole Miss could be the most improved team in the SEC. They have a great front 7 on defense but the worst backfield in the SEC. On the offensive side of things, they now have a QB and RB who might be above average. I still can't decide who is crazier: Nutt or Miles.

Missy State will not win the Egg Bowl again...that billboard will get rubbed in their face. Definitely a bowl team but it may be Shreveport.

Arkansas: See Kentucky, lost everyone, but the new offense could be great. Petrino is simly a POS individual though so who cares.

And then Florida wins it all and wins the MNC.

There you have it, first edition of Wilbur Picks of 2oo8.

DFF that my friends,

Wilbur Churchill Out

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