Friday, July 25, 2008

Mental Picture: Big Al Laying on the Therapist's Couch

"We've had meetings. We've done different things," cen ter Antoine Caldwell said. "We realize how important it is that we have an image and a reputation we're trying to uphold for this team and this university. My heart goes out to Jimmy and what happened and his family, but you've got to make good decisions."

Saban said he employed the Pacific In stitute — a company that describes itself as "Culture Transformation Experts" — to teach 12 classes this summer to Tide players in topics like "self-actualization" and "mental conditioning."

"What!? You can't picture yourself catching the damn ball??!?"--Sabear
"We're certainly never pleased when we have someone who embarrasses our organization," Saban said, "but our philosophy has always been, we're there to help people make good choices and decisions about what they do, and we invest our time and energy in programs that help them do it. ... We changed a lot of habits. I'm not saying they were bad habits, just the way you want things done."

Really?!?! Is that for real? Did Saban really bring in a mental coach for the Bammers. OMG, this is great, first the team is a complete head case and is lead by Napolean who seems to think the SEC is western Europe circa late 1800's. What is the Pacific Institute bringing to the table that Alabama cannot do itself.
Back in therapy,
Pablo Bryant, Jr.

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